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Speaking Your Truth Without Fear

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

By Dominique Oyston

Speaking Your Truth Without Fear

Many of us want to speak our truth with confidence. You are driven by a message, a purpose, a vision. Your mission is to explore and manifest your greatest potential. But when you go to speak about it, something holds you back.

You might feel shy, constricted or even terrified. You hit a wall of resistance. What is holding you back and keeping you small?

Your voice is a divine creation of both physical and energetic substance. By strengthening your presence in the physical body and stepping into your power, you can prepare yourself for speaking your truth with confidence.

The Power of The Voice

When your voice is flowing and generous, you feel more confident. When it is free, you speak kindly, you laugh and you sing. You reach out to people, embracing them with your wisdom and clarity.

Sharing your thoughts with others becomes easier. If you are in business, you can write, speak and market your services without a hitch. It becomes natural and effortless to follow your purpose, walk your talk and believe in your value.

Ideas and creativity flow from your mind to the outside world. You can move freely between your inner and outer self. Most importantly, you are able to express and follow your dreams.

Truth Speaking & Spirituality

Speaking truth is a spiritual aspect of self. In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, truth was held by gods and goodness – Thoth, Isis, Anubis, Maat, Aletheia and Veritas. Aletheia had held truth until we were ready to remember our power. Now is the time to let it stream out through our voices of the feminine once more.

We have the opportunity to rebirth our soul truth and spiritual self.

By following our inner compass to divine truth, we can transform our selves and souls.

But there is little understanding of what it takes for a spiritual woman to feel in charge of her authority and her own voice. A woman is rarely taught what it takes for her to the queen, the heroine and the goddess that she is.

People have forgotten what an empowered feminine voice even sounds like! Many don’t realise that a woman can embody the feminine and speak with authority at the same time. But when a woman speaks from her truth, she becomes a leader who can guide others through whatever her purpose may be.

Are You Forcing Yourself to Be Visible?

I see too many women who are trying to become visible and confident, but they aren’t able to feel their owner power. These women are forcing themselves to step up, but they still feel like a piece is missing – which it is.

The missing piece are the so-called ‘soft skills’, which allows the inner feminine to bring charisma, magnetism, confidence and trust in the journey being made. When we connect to these skills, pathways develop that enable the voice and personal expression to become smooth, fluid and confident.

This flow does not come from a place of pushing or forcing yourself to be something you are not. It is soft, gathering radiance by removing the layers and veils. When you enter this state of flow, you will truly feel magical!

Embracing Your Divine Feminine Voice

The feminine voice has been silenced for over 3000 years. Women need to hear that it’s time for us to reclaim our essence, because only then can they truly start to embrace their power once more!

Building self-confidence takes time and effort. If you go from barely speaking aloud in a room with one stranger, you shouldn’t try to jump on stage in front of thousands of people the next day. If you do, you’re likely to hit fear and blocks that will cripple you and make you feel ashamed – and will likely never speak again.

But as you build up your self-belief and confidence, you travel deep into the wisdom of your body, and into the brilliance of the cosmic intelligence that flows through the voice.

Only when you catch a glimpse of your inner power will you bring that power into your voice. And only then will a deep truth-speaking begin to emerge.

Your voice is a gift.

This gift is made for giving.

The gift is a true message – that of Love.

Are you ready to share your truth with those who need it most?

If you are ready to trust your voice and share your truth, I invite you to join my fb group for passionate women, healers and intuitives who have a message to uncover. Join the Divine Feminine Messengers Circle here…

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