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Unlocking The Power Of Prayer With Joan Of Arc

Updated: Jun 5

When we think of Joan of Arc (Jehanne in the French) we think of a radical young woman, with banner unfurled, rallying her troops, inspiring and leading them into battle. She brings a heroic and astonishing energy to the table.

Joan didn’t just wake up one day and decide to gather an army. It was through prayer and conversations with God that the strength she needed to fulfill her purpose came into being.

These directions from Spirit led an illiterate peasant girl to become a 17-year-old teenage icon who ordered the English armies out of France and changed the course of history in Europe! And, she gave her orders with a passion and conviction that many of us long for today.

When we work with a divine feminine spirit such as Joan of Arc, they aid us in unlocking our goddess qualities. These are the qualities that are epic in nature, and full of innate wisdom.

Working with a light such as Joan’s helps you to uncover more of your own heroic nature.

The parts of self that are filled with light, and are more goddess-like are revealed to you and then shine through to dazzle or inspire others.

Joan was all heart and all purpose and the brilliance of that purpose shone through her words. One way in which Joan of Arc calls us to connect to our mission or purpose is through using our voice in prayer.

Uncovering the power of prayer with Joan of Arc

We know that the voice is a tool for manifesting things into form. Out loud prayer is no exception. “Ask and ye shall receive” is the Biblical version of “Abracadabra” the magic word. But prayer has become so small minded, materialistic and focused on ‘give me what I want’.

The original nature of prayer is epic –like Joan herself. It’s a way of becoming open to the future and reconciling the past. It lights up the inner space, filling it with the conversation that reveals the nature of your soul.

Joan’s light reminds us that prayer is essential if you want to connect with Spirit and your own inner nature. Its stillness allows your soul to bathe in light. When you are still, your soul can see into the past and perceive what it has not been, and look into the future to see what it can become.

You can prepare yourself spiritually just like you prepare for your day.

Prayer is like getting dressed or brushing your teeth – it sets the tone. Having a conversation with the Divine will set the tone for your entire life.

The prayer of the soul

How can you do the work that you’re here to do if you don’t wake yourself up and find out about your soul? To pray is to awaken the soul, then seek its knowledge.

The prayer of your soul is targeted – it is an intentional practice to discover more of the world of your unique essence. It is a request to converse with the divine and to see more of the divine nature. You’re asking to illuminate the qualities of your soul through Spirit. And you need to take time to receive the answer. If you don’t awaken to the intelligence of your soul nature, how can you fulfil your purpose here?

Prayer can come into meditation, but during meditation, we often just let our consciousness wander around and let whatever arise.

The request of the divine to experience greater connection and knowing is very specific, saying ‘my soul is the focus that must awaken and become conscious’.

Uniting the human and spiritual natures

You have come to Earth for a purpose. This was decided pre-birth when you were in the spiritual realms. But when you don’t listen to your spiritual essence – your god/goddess self – through prayer and surrender to a greater knowing, it’s easy to go off-track.

Your human condition might say ‘I don’t like the term prayer’ or ‘I don’t want to surrender my sovereignty by praying’. But Joan shows us that you can pray without stripping away your sovereignty!

You can embrace the kind of prayer that enables your sovereignty and your unique purpose. Converse with the divine within, the goddess that sits in your own nature.

Joan’s approach to prayer

Joan’s guiding spirit Archangel Michael told her “Pray and love God.” Joan was the total embodiment of the heart and soul of being human because of her prayers. This embodiment of her personal truth gave her extraordinary certainty and lit up her communication. It made her eloquent and compelling.

To engage your voice in meaningful prayer anchors it in a space of spiritual and earthly potency.

Joan was certain about her purpose and her actions. She knew ‘I am certain because I’m conversing day and night with my guides and God. I am constantly reassured by Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret. This gives my voice command, authority, potency.’

Past and Future

There are two specific and unusual forms of prayer that you can do to uncover your soul potential and purpose:

Prayer to the past – seeing what you were, reflecting on your soul qualities back then and what you need to bring into this lifetime

Praying to the future – seeing the future that Spirit envisions for you and humanity, and surrendering to the greater knowing and purpose

By using past prayer, you can bring all the pieces that were realised and unrealised into this moment, to bathe them in the light of the divine. Through praying to the future, you can embrace the divine wisdom of future events.

These forms of prayer allow you to become a receptacle for the Divine. You begin to intuitively see, know, feel, think and be. Joan’s light will take you into the heart of the divine voice, where the true messages of the soul from the past and future can arise within.

Joan shows you that prayer is an art form of the heart that leads you to know your soul.

By using these two forms of prayer, you can become conscious and activate the highest potential of your soul.

The Maid of Orleans says to us, ‘Yes, I know you can be weary from the battle but know that you are loved. Know that you have chosen to do this work. Know. That your heart will guide you. And know that you are a light in the world. So shall it be.’

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