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A Healing Method to Transform with Sound, Elemental Teachings, and Forgotten Secrets of the Divine Feminine Voice .

Welcome to the
Elemental Goddess
Sound Healing method 

An Uplifting and Beautiful Method to Heal and Empower your own Voice with Goddesses, the Ancient Wisdom of Sound and the Natural World.

Feminine Healing With Sound, Voice, and The Elements

Attune with the sounds of the earth and the cosmos to awaken the foundational power of your voice.

Blossom into your authentic abilities with new skills.


Transform your own throat centre at the level of your cells.


Powerful knowledge of your true self lies deep within the actual elements of your physical body.

Sound and voice have always been a path to unlock this knowledge.


Sound Healing is trending


"The Music Therapy Market is set to generate revenue of $4.42 billion by 2028.

Over 50% of businesses in Music Therapy are less than 5 years old".

SkyQuest Technology


be part of this marketing opportunity


Sound healing yourself and your business is the NOW strategy to leap forward into the future.


Your wisdom, skills and experience need to be backed by a truthful resonance to attract customers.

Effective marketing requires that you prioritise healing and activating strategic frequencies within you for confidence, self-belief, abundance, and the joy you long for.


Practically set up your voice as a uniquely intuitive tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.

Service providers need to share a message which connects.
Make your own message 'sing' with sound.

"Elemental goddess sound healing" makes marketing and reaching people easier.

Tuning your voice and story to the rhythms and creative energy in the earth increases your ability to speak up with ease.

Harmonising with the fundamental frequencies of the earth and cosmos empowers your voice and your message to ring loud and clear like a bell.


Stop wasting time trying to create and market without tuning into the Earth and her vibration.


You can improve results in your business by making your voice a vibrational match for your authentic nature.

 Your higher self frequency must shine in your message to have the success you seek.  This happens naturally when you share from your foundational frequency. Your elemental nature holds the key to accessing this frequency.

Market from your deep down essence, accompanied by the riches of your life experience through your sound.

You won't need to push when you can flow from a magnetic presence.

You can build a goddess-based vibration and let that sell you.


Sound Healing with Nature


Do your or your clients need grounding and relief from the stress of living a busy life?

press the reset button on your relationship with nature

Sound and Vibration are at the Foundation of all Life and all Creation.
Hidden within your DNA and your cells are the gifts you can share with the world.
Sound and voice bring forth the hidden skills and creative abilities into manifestation.

Elemental Goddess Voice offers a perfect framework to tune yourself Body, Heart and Soul to the Rhythms and Harmonies of Nature to Clear Stress, Activate Abundance, and Bring Harmony into your Life.


Take a deep dive into the connection between the elements, manifesting, and your voice.

We are currently in an incredibly important time for recreating a connection with the earth that breaks new ground to leave the past behind.

Knowledge of the creative forces in your own voice are a vital key.
Unlock your own ancient lineage of gifts.


Sounding with the Earth

  • Grounding

  • Connecting to the Earth

  • Songlines, ley lines and earth chakras


Sounding with Trees

  • Tree beings

  • Tree breathing


Singing with Stones

  • Crystal bowls

  • The mineral realm

  • Stone circles and pyramids

 The elemental voice​

  • Sounding with nature and the nature spirits

  • The Elemental Voice Mandala

  • Sound and Water

  • Sound and Fire

  • Sound and Earth

  • Sound and Air


Sound and the Realms of Nature

  • Mineral realm

  • Plant realm

  • Animal realm

  • Soul Singing with Trees

Speak or sound with the elementals, connect to the frequencies of earth, stars and your own signature frequency. It's time to unlock the intuitive presence and magic  of your sacred voice!
This Goddess Voice Academy® Training is focused deeply on NATURE PRACTICES.
If you love the idea of singing the songlines or toning with trees this is the program for you.

Vibrational healing with the voice amplifies ALL your healing modalities.
As you tap into the vibrations in your channel you'll learn the fundamental ‘sound healing’ practices that empower your connection to nature and "interspecies" communication..​

  • Magical Toolkits to use anytime and anywhere

  • Easy to follow curriculum designed to get you RECEIVING purposefully in 6 weeks, complete with videos, audios, handouts, and more 

  • A new feminine empowerment training 

  • Inspiring accountability exercises to practice what you're learning 

  • Continued access to the Course Content online course even beyond your  6 week training 

  • Life changing healings to clear  your throat centre

  • A complete system with opportunities for personal feedback

  • Downloadable, done-for-you, step-by-step exercises, handouts, checklists, visualisation scripts and more 

  • Bonus Recording  on Communicating with Guidance 

  • Exercises to practice what you're learning 

  • Bonus ‘Yin/Yang Empowered Masculine and Feminine qualities’ handout

  • Bonus 50 top speaking ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’t’s checklist

  • Amazing support to help you breakthrough the inner barriers

  • Goddess Voice Academy® inspirational feminine wisdom teachings for the voice

  • Vocal training from an international expert


Creating with the goddesses


Why goddesses?

Deep healing or transformation requires you to hold a pure vibration in your body and voice.

We are a balance of Yin and Yang.
But the healing vibrations of feminine intuition have been suppressed for centuries.
It is time to activate and harmonise the feminine light in your voice and your nature to open new pathways of expression.

The ancient Goddess archetypes and stories are perfect to rediscover your true nature and then amplify that in a goddess like way.

In the Elemental Sound Healing Method 5 Goddesses of the Elements provide the energetic framework to reconnect your voice to its vibrational healing power.


The Elemental Goddess Modules

When you use your voice people recognise instantly if you are shy or confident.

They know if they want to work with you or not.

The more you embody your voice, the easier it is for them to hear you and to say yes to working with you.

Goddess energies open up exciting qualities in your communication that make it easier to be seen and heard.

Introduction To Healing, Intuition & the Etheric

Understanding the Etheric World is fundamental to Elemental Healing.

And knowing how to differentiate between intuition and guidance is fundamental to working with the Earth Goddesses.

In this introduction you learn the key components of Intuition, Soul, Guidance , Breath, and the Etheric.

Receiving through Sound and Vibration

Sound Receiving through the body is needed to work as an Elemental Healer.

Be introduced to broader spiritual and energetic systems for healing and transformation.

Then be introduced to the 'Elemental Sound Healing Method' to experience either personal transformation or  gain a Certificate of Practice so you can use this system to guide your own clients through the "Elemental Sound Healing Method".

1: EarthSound - The Joy re-set

Set in Motion the Rhythms of Self-Love in the Body

For many people - their earth connection has been compromised. This leads to stress, anxiety, digestive issues, dizziness, not being grounded, feeling lost or confused, lacking purpose or feeling in a void.

How good does it feel when you feel solidly yourself and your body feels vital and calm?

persephone 3.png

EarthSound Teachings

In this Module you'll discover how to use your voice to reset the natural rhythms of the physical body to anchor confidence and greater access to your natural resources (often unrecognised or blocked).

The Sound of the Earth (in Nature and in your Body) brings calm, cleansing, restoration, balance, and connection.


Your voice is the real tool of change if you use it wisely.

The EarthSound gives your thinking and communication natural rhythm and connection to the deeper intelligences within you so you can perfect your communication as a coach and/or a healer in your sessions.

The Persephone Teachings

Meet the first Elemental Goddess in this Method, the Goddess Persephone, daughter and queen of Nature, and experience her joyful exuberance and the healing voice secrets of growth, abundance, fertility, and creativity.

The Persephone teachings bring you closer to your true path and your true nature to keep your life on track. They offer tools to reconnect you to your optimism, your love for your body, your ability to grow through change and feel the connection to spirit in your body.

tethys: Water Healing & the emotional Life

The Power of Emotional Connection. Tethys, daughter of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky), is the Titan goddess of the primal font of fresh water which nourishes the earth, the source of all life.

Connect to your feelings and get the techniques to set the 'Tone of Life' flowing through your body.

Water healing is an ancient tradition. As a performer with 25 years on stage I can tell you -don't even bother if you aren't weaving feeling through your expression and message. Tethys’s Goddess Voice Code shows you how to express the power of your emotions safely and wisely so your core resonance can flow out to others.

This goddess of the ocean is so powerful, just as your own emotions and feelings are so powerful when you use them to connect.


Aphrodite: Air healing & the Clear mind

Aphrodite is all sparkle and magnetic light.  She is the Goddess of Harmony and Love.

Her sounds aid you to raise the magnetic frequency in your sound and body and you’ll switch on your attractor energy so that you are visible to high quality clients.  Your thoughts can be light-filled or dark and your mind must be in harmony with your soul.

There is no visibility without reconciling your body issues. Aphrodite teaches you to love yourself and rejoice in the harmony of body, mind, heart and spirit that you are.


Connect with nature to create harmony between your mind, energy, and your intuitive nature instead of pushing. This is flow

Become seen and heard as your most radiant, feminine self—without dimming down your power—so that your clients will recognise you as the coach or healer that they are seeking.

Learn how to balance the masculine and feminine polarities within your voice so you can access both skill sets to bring a super sexy magnetism to your messaging.


Pele: Fire Healing - Motivation & creativity 

Pele  is the Hawaian Goddess of Fire. A shapeshifting red-robed Crone Goddess of volcanoes, volcanic fires, domestic fire, inspiration, magic and the regeneration of the dead. She is the essence of earthly fire; the great creative force of the earth.

Every woman on Earth is connected to primal creative fire. 

Being creative requires energy, dynamic energy.

You can raise your feminine creative frequency without burning out.

With Pele you can create anything you wish, ask for anything you want and say what you need. Work with your fire energy and channel it.

Pele grounds you into the earth so you are rock solid and shows you how to create at the ground level.  Volcanoes create landscapes. You are here to co-create your life.

Fire also unlocks the inspiration factor in your communication, so you find yourself motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.

You are here to create. learn the fire healing tools to crate from a raised vibration in a way that warms and lights up the world.


Brigid: being a container: integrating the elements

Brigid was a Seer, one of the most powerful Seers the Celtic Mysteries have known.

In this Module you see the truth of who you are.

You begin to heal your story as an intuitive gifted woman, ignite the light within you, to be the speaker of earth wisdom that you are.

Receive support to return your voice to the world after thousands of years of being hidden. 

No wonder women struggle to speak up. 

Shape-shift your message and stay relevant regardless of the change of environment or consciousness. Manifest the gifts in your voice.

Unlock the permission to be YOU, safeguard your boundaries and build your business to be a strong container, a magical river for your wants and needs.

Brigid's light holds the elements in your body in a harmonious, powerful and balanced way so you can  see the way to create your path.


Nature Intuitive: Song Healing & Voice Magic

Your voice has magic in it. You can use it to heal, transform and manifest your destiny.

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration.

Chanting and toning raise your awareness of this signature vibration and help to heal energy blocks. 


You have an innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called. Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.

 Healers and wise woman used to heal, initiate,and  connect to the divine and  the land.

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Healing Voice

2021 gva logo burgandy.png

Elemental  Healing Voice

4 x 187

Find Your Niche =
Natural Abundance 


Find Your niche
Focus Your Voice
Create Abundance

Get ready for a niche discovery


Uncover "The Elements of Your Niche" with each of the Elemental Goddesses.

Then find the "Voice of your Niche" to get sparkling clarity.

Your voice then becomes a focused conduit for converting curious bystanders into clients.

Your skills can change the world but the right words must be cultivated and nurtured.

This framework takes you into the core of your service with the building blocks of nature - the elements.

This is a unique process to clarify your wisdom, skills, and how to focus them towards what is needed right now in your business.

You know the saying "The money's in the niche".

It's true.

So...if you're unclear about your target market, or struggle to describe your exact services, or need to bring through a new offer, the"Elements of Your Niche" framework helps you get clear.

For many women entrepreneurs, finding their niche is part of the development of their soul work.

A niche will naturally evolve with you, but to make sales you need to capture it from moment to moment.

The elements and the archetypes of nature are ancient keys to answering the eternal question of "Who Am I?" and "Who Do I Serve?"


The answers lie within you.


This system is Super Fun!

"Sound frequencies are at the center of the latest developments in sound research and innovation. Sound is powerful enough to demonstrate clear scientific impacts on DNA—the building blocks of all life. Emerging sound technologies will revolutionize entertainment, healthcare, retail, the workplace and beyond."

Forbes Magazine


The Power To Heal
With The Voice


I invite you to discover ancient sound healing techniques, toning & voice magic to up-level your practice & your service.

You'll gain the confidence to use a whole new repertoire of healing sounds for your meditation and your sessions. 


The Elemental Goddess Voice Expansion includes a healing journey for your throat centre.

Working with sound in nature will change the vibration of your communication as will working with goddess frequencies and the elements.
The fourth 'element of your throat centre healing is receiving and/or learning toning and sound healing meditations with Dominique.


Dominique has been channeling goddess energies since she was a little girl writing songs for the flowers, beings and elementals in her garden. It took her decades to understand how to bring this out into the open.

Her live calls include guided voice activation meditations.


Many of us can trace our ancestry back to times where women were medicine women, herbalists, shamans, priestesses and more. We carry the power of this in our DNA.


The Goddess Voice Academy is a high frequency sanctuary where the goddess awakenings are a core part of your experience.

Dominique's long career as a professional opera singer and Intuitive Sound Healer with an internationally celebrated voice, brings power and magic to the art of sound healing that is unique in its luminosity.

Her voice reaches into your soul, mind and body to nurture your transformation. The vibration is the equilibrium that brings balance and accelerates your personal growth and intuitive abilities.


"Before the Goddess spoke, she sang."

In this program you will rediscover the priestess skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them.

These are life skills that will change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You will be an enchantress of your life.

Song Healer

You have magic in your voice. Learn how to use it to heal. 

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration.

Chanting and toning raise your awareness of this signature vibration and help to heal energy blocks. 

Unlock Your Ancient Gifts

  • Sound healing traditions and history

  • Activating your own lineage and gifts

  • Unsealing your voice magic

  • The ancient power of the voice

  • Sound Healing in the Mystery Streams

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 10.35.34

Heal your Throat Chakra

Benefits of throat chakra healing:

  • Healing old wounds

  • Releasing the pain and grief from being disconnected from the earth

  • Opening up to giving and receiving love in all your communication

  • Finding your service

  • No longer hoarding your gifts

  •  Speaking your truth from your heart

  • Rewriting the story of your power

  • Becoming more physically, emotionally and vocally powerful

  • Feeling comfortable with visibility as your core self

  • Becoming more intuitive, imaginative and inspirational

  • Unlocking memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages.


If your throat centre is blocked:

  • You get the shakes

  • You don't trust yourself

  • You procrastinate or sabotage your big visibility plans

  • Your message is muddled, half baked or not in flow

  • You hide your full potential, your truth and your light

  • You are not making enough money from your work

  • I know. I've been there too...

Sound is a powerful  healing tool.

Heal your throat centre and you find your unique blueprint for success.


About Your Guide

My work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation, inspiration, success and earnings.

I'm an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and award winning professional international singer.  For over 25 years I have performed throughout the world.

My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and

inspire from the stage.

I am a life-long student of yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, 

body-language, spiritual healing and Steiner teaching.  I was raised in the

theatre and I am a mum to two boys.

                        I am in service to your divine voice.


Your Course Includes

shutterstock_1708879189 copy_edited.jpg

Live Calls

Goddess Energy Immersions

Sound Healings

Creating your Origin Story

Group Singing, Toning and Chanting sessions 

Voice Skills

Confidence and Visibility Training 
Goddess Guidance Meditations 



FB Lives

A Supportive FB Group for the Journey

shutterstock_1708879189 copy_edited.jpg
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Healing Voice

2021 gva logo burgandy.png

Elemental  Healing Voice

4 x 187

Times and Dates


receive support and attention

Elemental Healing Voice is delivered by the Founder of The Goddess Voice Academy® Dominique Oyston.

Dominique is an international singer, speaker, best-selling author and voice expert.


"The level of support and personal attention is INCREDIBLE"!


Call Times:​

Tuesdays: 90 Minute Goddess Theme Healings & Trainings 10.30 am AEST

Includes Sound/ Meditation and Transmissions (Melbourne/Sydney time)

Thursdays: 60 Minute Sound Healing Training 10.30 am AEST

Chanting, Toning, Vocal Warm Ups & Q and A (Melbourne/Sydney time)

7 Weeks - Begins July 1st
2 Calls Weekly
This is for you if you wish to:

Embody inspiration and authority in your communication.

Focus the emergence of your gifts and purpose

Access deeper levels of your intuition and healing ability

Understand how to raise your feminine frequency 

Speak your truth with ease and confidence

Understand natural cycles of confidence

Ground your power in nature

Unlock the elemental strengths of your voice

Work with the Goddesses of the Earth

Get clear on your niche

Learn unique sound healing practices


Use the System with your clients




*  7 Week Group Training

*  2 Live Calls Each Week

*  Sound Healing Tools

*  Goddess Framework


Certificate Upgrade Option

$697 AUD

*  7 Week Group Training

*   2 Live Calls Each Week

*   Sound Healing Tools

*   Goddess Framework

*   4 Weeks Extended Training


Certificate to use the Elemental Goddess Voice System with Clients (By Application)

$1,111 AUD


Love From The Members


"Everyday there are sales pinging in. My business is now in healthy surplus."


I am quite tearful and overwhelmed to see the money coming in from my own business that is in healthy surplus and so many income streams are now triggering each other. I now have a sales funnel!

With my new online program I'm teaching burlesque in the USA, Finland, Poland and Amsterdam!! This is huge for my profile.

People are now enrolling to learn burlesque classes online with me, people enrolling online are buying my book, or enrolling in my festival. People from the festival are enrolling in the Boost courses!

The Goddess Voice Academy training unblocked that final plug!

Everyday there are sales pinging in. I'm earning more than I did in my job. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Priscilla Silcock - Sapphira - Boost your Burlesque
World Burlesque Day



Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer Music

 To Dominique Oyston and the Goddess Voice Academy, which is growing, blossoming, mushrooming into an amazing space of transformational power. It’s a wonderful, fun, dynamic group that’s going places, both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

 It is so much more than I was expecting - and I get out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted in the Facebook group. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique. I’m still very much a beginner, but already some things will never look (or sound) the same.


Teresa Fino

Vibrational Medicine Intuitive

To the divine goddess that is Dominique Oyston for her fabulous Goddess Voice Academy which she has lovingly crafted with passion and generosity of spirit. 


Her knowledge is truly deep and I am continually being WOW’ed and confronted each and every week. My voice has been released to be more visible and heard in the world, layer by layer, and it’s getting stronger by the day. I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m feeling a powerful energy rising up within me, propelling me forward, with a powerful voice to match it. 

A deep bow of gratitude to you Dominique for having the courage to heed the call to gather us for this vital work on the planet. 


Heidi Hosking

Awakened Parenting

To the wisest voice Goddess herself, Dominique Oyston!

I am only just getting started on her Goddess Voice Academy and already I am really just amazed at Dominique's wisdom and what I can learn from her (even when I had a gut feeling she'd be good..!).

I've been learning about the maiden voice and the mother voice within my business and so much ancient wisdom about the voice and femininity that is important for us all to know. It's far more than just speaking or singing.

And not to mention the toning which has been so great to have a reason to use my voice and for good reason.


I highly recommend joining the Goddess Voice Academy!!!


"If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't be opening up this quickly."


"I can honestly say if it wasn't for this work I wouldn't be opening up this quickly. I am so grateful for this huge opportunity to expand into my expressive abilities.

You are a ray of light in the way you bring this program through. It's gentle, seductive, practical, magical, delicious, reflective and a journey into believing that we not only can, but will fly into our true potential." ~

Ruth Haynes - Alaska

Money Mentor and Wealth Creation Coach at Unconventional Wealth

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