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Goddess voice

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Welcome to a Goddess Expansion for Intuitive Introverts

You're irresistibly called to share your message and your gifts but... you're struggling with your natural quietness and stillness to charge up your voice and stay visible to achieve the results you need in your business.


There are hidden skill sets that Intuitive Introverts need to embody to create the authority platform they are born for, reach their ideal clients and establish a consistent income.


It starts with creating your Origin Story, the story of your superhero self, that is rich with your magnetic essence, to finally land the clients you long to work with.


Your power source is there. The knowledge of your true self lies deep within the actual elements of your physical body.






To speak up easily, firstly, you have tune your voice and story to the rhythms and creative energy in the earth.

Accommodate the frequency of the Earth so your voice and your message can ring loud and clear and you can confidently deliver.

 You waste so much time trying to create and market without tuning into the Earth and her vibration.


Secondly, to get results in your business you have to make your voice a vibrational match for your own nature.

 Your Highest Self frequency must shine in your message to have the success you seek. This happens naturally when we share our superhero Origin Story.


Thirdly, Intuitive Introverts have to market from their deep down essence, and the key the stories in their life experience.

Why go out there and push when you can flow from a magnetic story?

Craft a goddess story and let that sell you.

Everyone has this story.

be ready for a marketing epiphany

An Origin Story is especially beneficial for Intuitive Introverts who do not naturally speak up and out.

It's a strategy  to leap forward into the future that you can't do without. 


Your wisdom, skills and experience need to be shared in story form to attract.


Create Your Magnetic Marketing Story

Intuitive Introverts need a Superhero Story!


In this program you will learn the five elements of the magnetic Origin Story that help you get comfortable with the right kind of attention and call your clients to you.

Walk away with marketing copy, podcast interview material, social media copy increased self-knowledge, a spiritual toolkit and your origin story.

While you are creating this you'll heal and activate strategic frequencies within you for confidence, self-belief, magnificence and fulfillment you long for.


Practically set up your voice as a uniquely intuitive introvert tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.

Create your Story with the Goddesses


Why goddesses?

A magnetic Origin Story story, requires you to open up, and hold a soul aligned vibration in your body and voice.

Goddesses have this ability. They align you with your true nature and then amplify that in a goddess like way.

Six Elemental Goddesses will guide you on this journey to reconnect your voice to its power.


Persephone: Cycle of confidence

Ancient feminine wisdom teaches that confidence and visibility are cyclic and rhythmic. They are not meant to be pushed like a slave to relentlessly perform.

Speak when it is right and needed to heal and connect.


Pele: Create your life

 Connect to the primal creative forces in your voice. Learn to let them warm your enthusiasm. 

Experience the epic creative power at the foundation of your being and set if free.


Tethys: Emotional power

Be the goddess of your emotions. Use them like tidal waves or gentle swells with your audience.

Grow into your full self by understanding your feelings and moving them through your story.


Song Healer: Nature Intuitive

Chanting and toning opens up your intuition.

It flows like music.

All ancient cultures used the voice to heal and connect with the Earth.

Discover its power again in YOU.