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Priestess Voice

activate your work with the sacred power of sound and voice

For Workshop Leaders, Healers & Circle Facilitators

If you are called to activate your lineage of healing, magic, wisdom or service in your workshops and coaching...

This program reconnects you with the lost tasks of the Priestess Voice so you embrace your intuitive gifts and awaken memories as an oracle, healer or priestess.

It is time to heal the energy blocks in your throat centre.

  • Do you get stuck speaking your truth? 

  • Have difficulty believing that you could be good at public speaking?

  • Do you criticize your own voice?

  • Put off doing videos and Facebook 'lives' or beat yourself up after you listen back to them? 

  • Do you feel a 'block' in your throat?

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The tasks of the priestess voice included invocation, healing, oracular guidance, chanting and enchanting, divine translation, space holding, speaking the sacred words, toning and so much more.

We can return these to the world or re-awaken them in new form.

In three powerful modules learn how to ignite and unseal the ancient lineage of the priestess gifts in your voice and being.

You'll learn:

  • The best transformational tools of the Priestess Voice for holding space

  • Connecting body, mind and voice for accuracy and presence

  • Truth speaking, motivating and inspiring

  • How to awaken and use your unique gifts and abilities

  • Authority speaking

  • Voice magic

  • Connecting to the light of the goddesses for support

  • How to comfortably deliver elite performance skills

  • Bypassing nerves and self-doubt

Unlock the true and ancient power of your intuitive voice


You are highly intuitive, skilled in your field and gifted BUT you lack the dynamic confidence to express this intuition as part of your innate leadership. Your voice is not used to streaming the full power of your sacred self to an audience who is ready and longing to hear you.


Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve, guide and fulfil your gifts.

It is a gift. Grasp this tool and learn to wield it to do what you are born to do, say what you are truly here to say and step into your goddess self without fear or hesitation.

When you train your Priestess Voice, you up-level your skills in the new paradigm of feminine leadership.

  • Define your energetic container and hold a sacred space to inspire and motivate others as you really see them. 

  • Activate the hidden power inside YOU and throw the lid off your potential.

  • Step into your divinely aligned self. Become fully balanced in the masculine and feminine powers of authoritative and connected communication.

  • Deliver your mission and your message with impact and the full vibration of your soul light. 

  • Feel it moving through everything you say and do.


If you learn to truly love your voice and love with your voice any sense of failure will cease.

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13 MOON Modules 

The Priestess Voice

Circle Facilitator, Voice, Intuition & Leadership Training


5 Payments

5 x $297
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Healing, Leadership & Intuition 


Mary Magdalene Journey

  • Grail Priestess Initiation with Mary Magdalene

  • Rebirthing your Sacred Voice

  • Unsealing the Throat Chakra

  • Becoming a Sacred Container

  • The Five Mysteries of the Priestess

  • Sacred Toning

  • The Song of your Soul

  • Sacred Body, Sacred Voice, Sacred Self

  • Prayer and Affirmations


  • Confidence and Creation

  • Navigating Cosmic Connections

Aphrodite Journey

  • Harmony Priestess Unification with Aphrodite

  • Emotional connection

  • The Song of your Soul

  • Being Magnetic

  • The Alchemy of Raising one's Pure Vibration

  • The Frequency of Love