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Become An ELOHIM Sound Healing™ Practitioner

BE Guided by Goddesses


If your Healer Self is calling out for a Vehicle for Expression

ELOHIM Sound Healing™

is a Vibrational, Guided by Light Healing Modality - Channeled from Spirit, working with the Goddess Realm.


This powerful modality offers you a SYSTEM which enables your Healer Self to speak to your clients soul to soul.

You can support the growth and development of your Healer Self and your skills with this easy to use modality that creates therapeutically targeted healing vibrations for your clients.

If healing with sound and vibration speaks to your heart and you’re ready to learn how to work with the healing qualities of sound and voice...

ELOHIM Sound Healing™ is that next level for healers and coaches who wants that next level.


Next Practitioner Training Round begins 20th July 

EarlyBird Price on NOW

Super Earlybird Special
SAVE $700


Course Investment

4 x Part Payments



Course Investment

Single Payment

$2497 AUD


What if you were healing, guided by a team of goddesses?


What if your sound and vibration could be Spirit guided to create alchemical change in the body of your client?


Step deeper into your calling with clarity, structure, and goddess support.

Elevate your healing practice with sound as guided by spirit.


Connect to 4 powerful goddesses to deliver high vibrational change.

The ELOHIM Sound Healing™ Guided By Light Practitioner Training guides you to use your voice consciously as a gateway to vibrational healing.
Upon completion of the training and certification sessions you will receive your certificate and have the confidence to step forward with the physical, intuitive and emotional power of your voice in alignment.

Add this exciting modality to your healing toolkit today.

Next Practitioner Training Round begins 20th July

Meet the Elohim Goddesses

🔥 If you would prefer not to rely solely on your own intuition for healing outcomes or to expand your healing/coaching business Elohim Sound Healing™ offers you this opportunity.

🔥🔥 Step right now into a fully channelled, vibrational modality that allows you to start practicing with total confidence immediately WHILE it supports you to grow into your intuitive channel.

🔥Elohim is a Spirit Guided - Practitioner Sound Healing Modality you can addto your practice today.

In this Practitioner Training you will be connecting to 4 Healing Goddesses to direct the vibrational component of your work.


Elohim Sound Healing is Spirit directed.
The healing will 100% work no matter where you as a human person are at internally in any given moment in time. IT WILL.
To trust this requires faith.
The 4 Goddesses work their skills through you for the healing to be delivered in the way that it has been downloaded.

You are the vessel. You have your own set of skills.

All the ego needs do is trust and surrender in good faith to the fact that when you follow the healing steps in their entirety, the healing will 100% take place.

We are all growing and learning when it comes to intuitive work.

Elohim Sound Healing is Spirit directed.

It has been downloaded from 4

Wherever you are in your intuitive journey, it empowers you to take a step beyond relying on your own skill sets alone.

Elohim Sound Healing makes it easy as you are set up to work with this specific vibrational stream that is differentiated from universal energy.





The Elohim goddesses are mighty creator goddesses.

They guide the light flows, the movements and circulation of the original nature blueprint vibration. Connection to this light can be forged through connection with these creative beings and the instructions in the method.

They each work with a musical/sound principle to bring the original nature blueprint energy to the client through you.

The Elohim Guided by Light Sound Healing™ Content