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Goddess Voice Academy® Programs

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What do you want to open to?
Do you want a method to RECEIVE that works?

Participants in this program have received cars, relationships, success, peace and re-alignment to their purpose.
The throat centre is an incredible vessel to call in life and love.

  • If you're a healer or coach who longs to share her services and receive recognition and recompense.

  • Or you need to receive greater confidence and clarity to communicate your unique message.

  • Or you need to let your guard down so you can receive incredible love.

Wouldn't you love to have the right feminine-based resources to achieve your dreams?

Get your life flowing.

This is an emerging feminine wisdom method to receive love, security, belonging, deep rest, wellness, home, energy, growth, time, money, confidence and meaning.

Or perhaps more freedom, magic, clients, adventure, a life partner, the work you love... and EPIC self-expression.

I invite you to invest in

"the Art of Feminine Receiving".

As a woman who has spent 25 years on the international stage at the highest levels,  it would be my delight to show you a unique voice-based path to receive abundantly from your soul and the world, and shine in a bigger way.

In The Art of Feminine Receiving you'll unlock sound and language tools to create a fulfilling and powerful life.

This is the ancient and modern alchemical 'Receiving Toolkit' that allows you to receive the riches you are destined for.

What if you had the skills of RECEIVING the things that matter to YOU?
Starts 5th July
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The Ultimate Feminine Sound Healing Kit
A comprehensive 8 Week Training to understand how to use feminine ancient wisdom, sound and voice to build your business.

If you've you ever wondered about using your voice for personal or client healing, but didn't know where to start...�​

"The Intuitive Healing Voice Course" is a unique method with 8 Sound Healing Toolkits that teach you to use your voice to heal with sound and to unlock the power of intuition in your voice.

 Discover the physical and emotional power of your sacred voice!


During these 8 inspirational weeks, you'll:

  • Find your ‘healing tone’ to use with clients and groups.

  • Open up your connection to the plants, animals & mineral kingdom.

  • Become confident with self-healing and techniques to heal others.

  • Understand how to use vibration to create change in your physical and energetic bodies and your thinking.

  • Discover how to manifest with your voice.

  • Reclaim your ancient wisdom lineage!

Vibrational healing with the voice amplifies ALL your healing modalities.

I invite you to join me to tap into the frequencies that exist only in your voice.

 Train in the fundamental ‘sound healing’ practices that build a new confidence in your voice and your gifts.

 Complete your healing kit with sound healing, ancient spiritual wisdom and empowering your voice.

"Subconscious Sound Manifesting"
Heal and reprogram your subconscious patterns with sound and voice.

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Sound Healing Programs

The Goddess Voice Academy has three dedicated sound healer trainings.
Become confident with the ancient tool of feminine based sound healing to add value to your practice. These trainings are uniquely based in powerful feminine skill sets needed to become a healer with sound and voice.


ELOHIM: Guided by light  Sound Healing™
Practitioner Program

A 12 week Certified Practitioner  Training - Be an Elohim Practitioner


Women's Mastermind to
Create Your Signature Soul Program

12 Weeks to Create Your Signature Soul Program to Accompany or Bring Through your Book 

Create the 'Soul Inspired' Signature Program of your dreams to be a beautiful and powerful part of your funnel as a healer and heart-led coach.

Learn the 5 different forms a Signature Soul Program can take and move through the 12 Primary 'Spiritual Designs' that hold a program together in a way that makes sense to both client and creator.

The Art of Intuitive Toning
A magical 5 week training to confidently use soul toning, frequency, and voice to heal with the "3-Fold Soul Structure"

The complete feminine frequency receiving toolkit. 

10 Master keys to RECEIVING as a complete system.

The 10 Modules are designed to clear emotional and psychological blocks and open up your ability to receive purposefully and significantly.

In ancient times receiving with the voice was taught as part of creating and manifesting.

The voice was magic - especially when connected to the inner feminine and her magnetic frequencies.

This feminine power has been lost or become quite unconscious. 

Unlock the key levels of your natural state of receiving.

Goddess based Programs

Discover Ancient Feminine Wisdom and Modern Techniques to Develop your voice as a gateway to confidence & Manifesting Purpose


A Heart Connection and Healing Blueprint

A goddess-inspired, practically structured training to tune to the Voice of your Soul in the Chambers of the Heart to bring healing, Impact and Change.

The  Medicine Wheel of the Heart

The Heart Chakra Voice Course guides you to work with the Heart as a balance point for the Seven Levels of Self.

 The Medicine Wheel of the Voice

Words, Sound and the Elements are Guiding Stars in your business.

  • 5 Elements

  • 5 healing Invocations

  • 5 Tones and 5 Heart Chakra Voice healing gestures

  • 5 Goddesses to address these 7 levels of Self

Zoom calls, PDF guides, healings, and goddesses.


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Priestess Voice 
The Circle Holders Toolkit


Discover the ancient tools of the Priestess Voice to enhance your workshops and circles .

The Art of Feminine receiving


The throat centre manifesting tools to call in life and love.

Warrior Goddess Voice


Empower your voice with the Warrior Goddesses

Elemental Goddess Voice


Learn the elements of a Goddess Inspired Origin Story

Chakra Voice


Discover the hidden voice codes in the chakra system to strengthen the energetic foundation of your communication

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