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The Voice Of Arianrhod – Your Companion In The Dark Times

By Dominique Oyston

Many are feeling lost in the dark times the world is going through – the time of the deep warrior. Dense energies are lifting from the earth. We have two choices – to believe that we are merely human and surrender to our fears, or to rise in our spiritual faith to meet and transmute these energies.

You might be feeling alone. If you need support as you make the changes needed, you can call on the Goddess. You have been suffering, and you don’t want to suffer any longer, so you must make deep changes and be ready for what is to come.

The Goddess Arianrhod offers spiritual companionship in the times of darkness. She reaches deep into your psyche, to be your companion throughout all of the places where you have struggled or felt lost.

The Goddess Arianrhod

Arianrhod is the Celtic goddess of fertility, rebirth, death, magic and the weaving of cosmic time and fate. She lived in Caer Arianrhod – the Spiral Castle. Her name is translated as ‘silver wheel’ or ‘silver circle’ – a symbol that represents the moon and the ever-turning wheel of the year. Arianrhod is a Goddess who is owned by no man.

Through times of difficult initiation or transformation, Arianrhod offers you a special gift for your journey. She offers you spiritual companionship.

Companionship of the Goddess

Arianrhod has an ability to reach into the very depths of your being. She helps you to see and fac the parts of yourself that are difficult, lost, neglected, painful or broken, and stays with you while you give those spaces a good clean out.

You are not left alone as you do the work within. She goes with you into the dark places with her warrior tenacity and courage.

The Intuitive Warrior

Arianrhod is both an intuitive far seer and a Warrior Goddess. Arianrhod takes her warrior self into battle for your soul.

No matter what happens, and how difficult it gets, she is there as your battle companion.

She doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff! She stands as your companion as you clear your psyche, allowing your most powerful intuitive gifts to unfold deep within.

Being true to yourself

Arianrhod’s second Goddess Gift for you is the power to be true to yourself. Her warrior woman will fight to the death to ensure that people stay true to themselves. She herself stayed fiercely true to herself in the face of the rising patriarchy.

Being true to yourself means:

· Speaking your truth

· Trusting your natural voice and qualities

· Knowing you are divine as well as human

· Being loyal and brave

If you need spiritual support to grow as a teacher and a wielder of magical energy during this time of isolation, call on Arianrhod. Her path is that of a quiet intuitive warrior. The deeper you go into your mystical power, the more influence you will have when it is time to step up. Listen for her voice.

Tuning in to Arianrhod

To hear the voice of your soul, enter the quiet, and call on Arianrhod’s light. Tune yourself to her companionship, feel her warrior strength and her support.

This Goddess can walk with you anywhere in the inner realm you wish to go.

You can travel into your inner nature, to the places where you might have felt it too lonely to go alone. Lean on her and listen for her voice. She will stay with you until you emerge knowing your true self and prepared to lead and guide others.

Arianrhod’s Voice will support you to:

· Feel safe

· Speak your truth

· Know the voice of your soul

· Say the right thing at the right time

· Heal with your voice

· Be artistic with your voice

· Cultivate your inner gifts, making magic with them

· Increase your psychic learning

· Remember that you are magic and divine

· Stop plugging into the outside and reduce your exposure to noisy environments

· Anchor into the spiritual arts of the voice - prayer, blessing, invocation, affirmation,

channelling, intuitive guidance, reading, being an oracle, toning and chanting, healing, magic, shapeshifting, enchanting and speaking with nature.

Become quiet

When you are quiet, you can hear and see what is within, and you can move towards your goal of surviving the dark times as a sacred journey.

This kind of quiet is not as simple as not using your voice - you are already comfortable with that. This is the kind of quiet where you might meet the deeper things that make you uncomfortable, but this is also where the magic exists. You will find both – and both are treasures.

In the quiet, you will enter the cave of your hidden treasures. In the quiet, you will settle the demands of your ego, and be receptive to your true destiny unfolding. Meditating on the Goddess.

Over the next few weeks, tune in with Arianrhod’s light for 5 minutes each day. Call her name, and imagine your body being filled with her light. The light will enter like the warrior through the chest and ribcage.

Breathe with her, and listen.

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