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Embracing the Voice of The Warrior Goddess

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

By Dominique Oyston

Have you embraced the warrior goddess within? Without a warrior on our side, we can give our power away. You might find others are pushing your boundaries to get their way, or that you’re struggling to stand in the power of your voice and your gifts.

But when you learn from the warrior goddesses, you can build your personal power and speak with authority in your business and your life.

The lessons of Athena, Warrior Goddess

‘You are power, you are light, you are Might. With your wisdom you stand strong’

The warrior goddess archetypes will go happily into battle against evil or those who disagree with them. These goddesses show us how to fight for our will, power and purpose. One such goddess is Athena.

Athena stands with the masculine and the feminine. She teaches us that there is a right time for power.

Compromise is not about giving away power – as many of us have done at some point or another. You might feel this as a void in the solar plexus, limited breath or shallow breathing. You might hold your tummy in tight, restricting the solar plexus, or feel as in your belly muscles are drained and collapsed.

Athena herself allowed the patriarchy to believe they ruled with her blessing because she was waiting until the time was right for the balance to shift.

Athena shows us how to choose with wisdom in power in combat. She shows us how to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and set clear boundaries. With her guidance, we choose who we empower with our gifts and energy, as well as how and when we do this.

There is no need to hide or apologise for being powerful. Athena teaches us that we can be wise with our voice and our power – we can stand with our might and shine. But we can also offer guidance to those who will listen, support them on their own heroic journey.

The Goddess Coach

Athena’s voice is perfect for motivational and transformational coaches. She encourages your self-esteem, but stops you from judging and criticising, as it will weaken your power.

But she will also remind you to refrain from any criticisms towards yourself. Athena is no Healer archetype - she will tell anyone wounded to go elsewhere until they are ready to fight for their own destiny.

Her task is to bring the light of illumination through wisdom and intelligence to all of civilisation. If your message is aligned with the good of humankind, arts, crafts, democracy, balance, fairness, finding the hero within, empowering the self or uniting the masculine and feminine – she will be there!

The power of the feminine

There is no bravado when it comes to feminine power. It is deeply rooted in the earth and self-love. Feminine power shows empathy, communication and patience. Although it is fierce and passionate, it seeks power over the self, rather than over another.

This power is beyond intimidation, withholding or abuse. It is deep female wisdom that combines the cycles and rhythms of the earth with the intellectual and heart-centredness of the self.

The power is within you right now. Embracing it will give you the wings to fly like Pegasus. You can fly free from the past into your future, with the wisdom of the goddess flowing through your veins.

Speaking with the power of Athena

When we allow Athena to guide our voice, whether in business or life, we can be intimidating to others. We have lined up our intelligence, brilliance, intuition and power. We become aligned with a fully realised Goddess.

That’s pretty awesome. So, let’s get brave enough to step into that much power!

To speak or sound with the frequency of Athena will help to ground your mental body in the physical. This provides a luminosity, presence and radiance the central column of your energetic body.

The power in the voice does not come from the throat – it comes from the belly. Most people breathe high up in the chest. This forces the throat to work too hard, giving us less access to our true vocal power. Remember, the throat centre is the exchange station, not the engine.

Athena knew this – her battle cry terrified her fellow gods and goddesses! Release the fear in your belly and allow the might of Athena to expand your inner power. The trick is to focus on opening the lower ribs and expanding the belly while keeping the upper chest and throat peaceful.

Once this is done, speak ON the breath. This allows your solar plexus to move big energies from the upper to lower centres. And you will sound like a goddess!

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