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I'm an international opera singer, visionary voice coach and best selling author.

I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the Goddess in their voice and story. I stand as a thought leader on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening.

Our voices are needed.

Women are seeking to embody their voices; they are seeking to be free and unique. 
My work is at the forefront of supporting the emerging voice of the Feminine in the deepest way possible.

I am a  teacher of the Ancient Mysteries of the Voice and the modern realities of using your voice to become visible and have impact.

I teach you how to make speaking, sounding or singing magical and I have elite technical training in my field.
As an awarded professional opera singer, I've travelled internationally for 25 years in 30 countries.

I have trained as a Yoga teacher, Steiner teacher, Sound Healer, spiritual healer, dancer, actress, energy worker and advanced Angel Intuitive. I am mother of 2 boys and my mothering underpins all my work somehow.

My expertise lies in the areas of feminine empowerment, all things voice, story telling to magnify your business outcomes, keynote speaking and performance magic, sound healing, ancient Mystery School Wisdom, archetypes and creative visioning.

Art Songs cd

After many requests for recordings, I'm excited to offer my first solo cd recorded live at the Rudolf Steiner Art Show and Soiree. You may either buy the whole album for $15 AUD or $1.69 per track.