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Unlocking The Goddess Voice Within You

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Dominique Oyston

Do you dream of embracing the powerful woman deep within? Of standing strongly in your own truth, manifesting your desires and sharing deep wisdom? This is where the goddess voice comes into play.

What is the Goddess voice?

This multi-faceted voice is the fluid expression of the feminine nature within us. It is freely expressed through the throat centre.

‘Goddess’ is the counterpart of God, a co-creator. Together, they represent all consciousness and existence.

The Goddess has many names throughout many cultures, changing with the ages. Mother Mary brought a similar purpose to Isis, simply in a different time.

For 3000 years, the Goddess has been sidelined in many religions and societies. Because of this, the world’s culture is out of balance. You see it in the abuse of nature, the devaluing and rape of women, the push of business and constant competition.

It’s time that we alter that balance – you and I.

Together, we can reclaim the many luminous qualities, the nurturing and the receptivity of the Divine Mother. This is where the Goddess voice comes in.

You as the goddess

Those of us who are doing the work of the Goddess refer to each other as goddesses, acknowledging our search for the light of the Divine Feminine.

So many of us are the representatives of the Goddess. We walk, we talk, we teach and we live through being and expressing. Each of us seeks to represent a teaching of the Goddess who inspires and calls us.

Our purpose is to connect with our own Goddess nature, to honour the divine feminine through our own lives and to awaken and expand the consciousness of society.

You might ask, ‘who am I to call myself a goddess?’

Is it overtly sexual? Is it self-glorification? Do I need to participate in Pagan rituals? Am I worthy of this title?

The Goddesses are the representative of the vast spectrum of the feminine. They encompass all of earth’s creations. A Goddess was rarely perfect. She expressed an essence, a spiritual and earthly truth to guide the people who worshipped or connected with her. The Goddess concerned herself in helping people understand the goddess-like qualities inside of themselves and forming relationship with them.

No matter what your niche, field of work or interest, you can find your way home into the arms of the Mother if you embody your wisdom and essence.

What happens when you work with your Goddess Voice?

Every woman is different, and has a different role to play when stepping into her goddess voice. Let’s look at some of the things your goddess voice might bring forth:

  • Inventing your own life or creating your own vision based on your inner motivations

  • Having the courage to go against your childhood programming and speak your own truth. Courage originally means to speak from the fullness of one’s heart.

  • Seeking no one’s permission, approval or validation around who you are or how you should speak.

  • Acting upon your inner authority and trusting your voice and what you have to say, without explanation, excuse or the need to impress.

  • Offering wisdom and healing through your voice to soothe and accelerate transformation in others.

  • Having love for your voice and your body as the physical vehicle of your communication. You might rest, nourish and delight in your body and voice, so your voice can sing with the joy of life on earth.

  • Trusting your intuition and inner knowing when you communicate.

  • Speaking up for the earth and all its creations. Using your voice not just for the now, but for the wellbeing of future generations.

  • Being able to speak of love and light, and of shadow, death and surrendering to destiny. Talking of the cycles between life, death and rebirth from a place of power.

  • Honouring others with your voice. Knowing that there is enough for everyone, so you express generosity. Acknowledging when your sisters shine so everyone can benefit.

  • Sounding your emotions fully – the rage, despair, exhilaration, might, passion, ecstasy and laughter instead of suppressing your feelings and becoming numb to your vital feminine expression.

  • Taking the path of manifesting abundance with your voice. Choosing to surrender any need to impoverish yourself emotionally, financially, energetically, physically or spiritually to please others. Instead, filling your own cup and sharing from a place of plenty.

  • Standing your ground with conviction. Speak up for your boundaries, asking discerning questions and having no need to use your voice for control or manipulation

  • Calling forth peace, unity and a love of all life.

These are not to hold you to a standard of perfection – the Goddess herself is not perfect. Your expression, talents and inner gifts of your voice are unique to you and important. Instead, let it guide you as to how to feel about your voice, and decide how to bring the best of yourself out with the voice you were born with – the voice of your destiny.

Part of the destiny of my voice was to become a singer. Before the Goddess spoke, she sang and the song or chant voice belongs to all women regardless of its level of skill or ability. It belongs to you.

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