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Getting Visible on Your Terms

By Dominique Oyston

Many women are afraid of visibility. For generations, we have been told to sit down and be quiet. And thanks to the tall poppy syndrome we have across society today, speaking your truth loud and proud is still looked down upon. Others might try to tear you down instead of building you up.

But visibility is really about how it feels. If it feels good, you’ll do it! And being visible is non-negotiable – in fact, it’s crucial to your success.

It’s time to make a plan about how you want to become visible and how you want to feel.

Step 1: Remember you are energy first

As Albert Einstein reminds us, everything in the world is energy, vibration and frequency. We all have a unique frequency, and you can teach your signature frequency to expand beyond its current confines. Imagine your vibration is travelling a little bit further every day and every week. By taking baby steps and letting your energy flow into this expanded space, you can drop out of your mind and relax. This allows you to get visible as you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Know your own voice

Your voice is the place where your inner self expresses and manifests to the outer world. It’s where you amplify who you are. If you want to work on becoming more visible, your voice is a vital place to pay attention to.

How well do you know your own voice?

Here are some questions to get you thinking about your voice and who you are:

  • Do you express your thoughts and feelings, so others understand?

  • Is your voice clear and resonant when you speak?

  • Do you believe you have the right to make choices for yourself that empower you?

  • Are you a good listener?

  • Do you lie in order to get your way?

  • Do you have a good sense of timing and rhythm?

  • Is your head and your heart going in opposite directions?

  • Are you sharing who you are?

  • Are you telling stories?

  • Are you building your voice as pathway to visibility little bit by little bit by practising?

  • Are you allowing being triggered by fear to STOP you? Or are you looking for a way through that feels better?

You can see from answering these questions that your voice will lead you to so many moments of self-awareness and personal empowerment.

Step 3: Be aware of your nervous system

To be visible with power and presence, you have to be ready to be magnified. But blocks from the nervous system can prevent this. Your voice will amplify all your beliefs, your vulnerabilities and your strengths, it can be quite scary! This fear triggers the nervous system.

If you think about it, your voice is part of your nervous system’s survival mechanism. If you get a fright, you’ll squeak, scream or yell and run away. If you think someone is in danger, you’ll yell out to them. And if you hide from a predator, you silence your voice, minimise your breath and keep still. Your voice works with the movement of your body to keep you safe.

You cannot prevent your nervous system from protecting you. But we have to learn to not be scared of our own nervous reactions. Managing your nervous system response is crucial to allow you to use your voice and get visible.

Step 4: Step into your personal power

Have you ever been in situations where the balance of power is not quite right? Maybe you’ve felt like you’re powerless, or you say yes when you mean no. Or maybe you’ve given your power away and feel stuck.

If you don’t feel powerful, you won’t step forward and become visible. If you feel too powerful, you might not stay visible. So, every moment of every day, make a choice. Make a conscious choice about how you want to do this.

Choosing makes you more powerful. Even if you feel a little shaky, you’ll build up your ‘choose’ muscle over time.

Remember – you’re not actually being papped by the paparazzi! You have the power to decide how you get visible.

Step 5: Use your primal feminine instinct to connect

Women are natural connectors. Instead of seeing visibility as pushy or showing off, see it as connecting to your friends. Stay receptive and open to other people. Imagine having, being and doing everything you want with ease and grace – including becoming visible.

Here’s a little ritual to help you step into your feminine authority

Tap on your heart


I reclaim my feminine receptivity - my innate superpower is to be open and receptive.

I connect in the way I want to, and I love this.

Step 6: Realise your value

Your inner critic is being harder than you than anyone else is. Wanting to be good at something is great, but you become good at something through action.

Women need to allow themselves to feel valuable so they can flourish. It’s important to see yourself as worthy of receiving value and valuing yourself just as you are. Once you are clear on your value, it becomes easy to become visible so you can share that value with others.

If you are ready to trust your voice and share your truth, I invite you to join my fb group for passionate women, healers and intuitives who have a message to uncover. Join the Divine Feminine Goddess Circle here…

We have regular transformational Sound Healings with the Goddess archetypes.

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