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The Deep Connection Between Your Voice and Your Lungs

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

By Dominique Oyston

The voice is connected to and impacts so many vital parts of our health, our body and our energy. Recently, someone asked me about whether there is a connection to consider between the voice and the lungs.

Are the lungs crucial for a powerful voice? Absolutely. Without breath, there is no voice. The breath needs to move through the vocal cords and create vibrations. The only way we can speak is by breath moving through the vocal cords from the lungs.

The power of the lungs

The lungs are one of the most powerful organs in the body. On the physical level they are responsible for circulating life giving oxygen and vital energy or chi throughout the body, ensuring it spreads throughout the entire system.

On a metaphysical level the lungs are a boundary between the inner and outer world. At this boundary, vital materials enter the body, and waste materials are removed. This includes oxygen and carbon dioxide in a physical sense. But it also includes the ability to say yes or no when we want to, and to welcome good influences while screening out influences that don’t serve us. We breathe in life and exhale what is not wanted.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs represent grief. Often, people with chronic or recurring lung issues will have underlying grief that was never dealt with.

In the ancient myths of Egypt, the lungs are the domain of the Isis, goddess of the moon. Isis is a moon goddess and the lungs take the round white shape of the moon. The myth of Isis contains a story full of incredible grief – the feminine journey of mother, wife, lover, loss, birth and magic. She is the holder and keeper of the secret and sacred magic of the language.

Healthy lungs are vital for the voice to flourish and fill with vital power. But the singing, speaking and expressing can also be used to strengthen the lungs.

How to strengthen your lung energy

The lungs are nourished primarily through breathing. This means that any activity that brings in fresh air, increases the physical capacity of the lungs or brings awareness into the breath is a good starting point. Even something as simple as a brisk walk in the fresh air or a few minutes of deep breathing will help to build the lungs.

One of the places we can resolve body issues, especially organs such as the lungs, is the voice. The voice is like a pressure valve, helping energy to move through the organs.

Through sounding, you can release some of the stagnant energy and grief that can build up deep in the bottom third of the lungs. Use your voice to release any residue through expressive sounds.

You don’t need to get emotionally attached or worry about the feelings that led to the build up. Sound clears and rebalances energy without having to go over the story of the trauma or block. Simply set the intention of clearing what needs to be released. It might not feel like you’re doing anything beneficial for the lungs. But afterwards, you will start to feel the difference.

The breath can also help to cleanse the energy of the lungs. Here is a breathing technique you can try:

  • Fill your lungs (through your nose) to capacity. Do this a few times and really connect your awareness to your physical lungs in your chest. As you exhale, tilt your head back with teeth loosely clenched, tongue pressed gently to the roof of your mouth.

  • Exhale while making an 'sssssss' sound. It is like the ‘s’ in snake. Repeat at least three times. Do as many times as you wish, but always in multiples of three. You are breathing out the toxicity, grief, sadness and any negative energy in your lungs.

  • You can do the same with 'vvvvvvvvvvv'. This gets the energy moving dynamically and engages the body fully.

  • You can then bring in some sounds with a slight emotional quality to them. A gentle low, sad growling sound is nurturing. Finish with the 'sssssss' or 'vvvvvvv' to bring it back to clearing in a more neutral emotional state.

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