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Atlantis... Lemuria... Angkor Wat.

Their names chime throughout legend.

Are you a seeker of wisdom?

Share the elemental knowledge of the shapeshifting tribes of Lemuria. Learn the secrets that lay deep beneath the crystal temples of sophisticated Atlantis. Feel the deep green peace as you speak the language of trees in the Priestess and Druid groves of Avalon. 

As you uncover the secrets of each Lost Land, you will remember your connection to their ancient wisdom and mysteries. Awaken your gifts, your life’s purpose and discover past life lessons of great power and import.

Lemuria represents the Feminine Principle and restoring our gentleness, loving and nurturing a connection to the Earth and all beings.

The archetypal Goddesses and the Moon belong to those principles.
Atlantis represents deep thinking, action and technology. The Mystery streams began in Atlantis.
We will take a journey back to our past lives in Lemuria and Atlantis to affect our inner and outer world today.
We will seek to heal wounds within your soul’s memory, open dormant memories, gifts & talents and unlock within you the ancient wisdom that will help you to live your purpose more fully. 



Catherine Bullard - Natural Health Practitioner

The Lost Land’s Workshop was nothing short of magical, taking us on a journey to reclaim our ancient knowledge. Dominique’s beautiful voice, in harmony with the crystal bowls resonated through my whole being, carrying me ever higher to activate deeper insights and greater memory than I’ve ever experienced in meditation. 

As I now come back to earth I hold clarity and focus to bring forth my gifts.  

Thank you Dominique

Leanne Dal Pozzo

“I couldn’t find the words to explain or understand fully what my gifts meant. Now I can see how my vibrational work is anchored in love through Lemurian and Atlantean energy. I can no longer deny my purpose. I am not apologetic for being me. I now have a desire to increase my voice. I really enjoyed how the information was shared in a gentle and mutually expressive environment. I was told by my ‘team’ they had been waiting for 7 years for me to be willing and present for what Dominique would activate. I am so very grateful Dominique"

Annabel Meyer

Gateway to Healing

“In this workshop, pieces of myself that no longer served me fell away. I was so moved by the meditation. I feel I have gained clarity and a deeper connection to my strength and sense of purpose and the wider view of how to navigate the waters of my journey ahead.
I am so grateful for Dominique’s beautiful presence and holding of space. Her grace and love and willingness to share. The voice and singing bowls were magical, amazing and transformational






Hi I'm Dominique,


My work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation, inspiration and earnings.

I'm an intuitive coach, voice expert and professional international singer. For over 25 years I have performed throughout the world. My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and inspire from the stage.
I have also studied yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, body language, spiritual healing, Steiner teaching and was raised in the theatre. And I am a mum.

Join me for a deep and beautiful exploration of the wisdom of these times that you carry within you still. Unlock your voice and your purpose.


Songlines of the Goddess


Explore the realms of ancient Feminine Power from Atlantis and Lemuria to the modern day through sound, meditation and teachings at one of the great temple complexes of the ancient world. 

Experience the return of the Mystery streams and ancient wisdom. 

Reclaim the power of the 7 Inner Goddess Codes held in the stones themselves at these ancient places for your life and business.

Your body holds the vibrations that were present in ancient times. There are particular places and practices that open up your memories and unseal your gifts and talents and weave them through from the past to the here and now so you can reclaim them and use them.


Do you want to remember? 
Do you want to reconnect with your magic? 
Journey on a retreat like no other along the Songlines of the Goddess.


We are in a time of extraordinary spiritual rebirth. Connect gently and within a pure container so we can integrate this vibrational shift in the best way possible.


Sacred Priestesses, Healing Temples, The Language of Nature, Clairvoyance, Elementals, Ley Lines, Sacred Sites, Sound Healing, Your Cosmic and Earthly Origins, Soul aligned Success


We're jetting off to Angkor Wat in November for:

✅  Daily goddess sound healings
✅  A whopping 5 hrs of spa treatments (because #selfcare!)
✅  Workshops that will support you in stepping powerfully          into your energy, productivity and vitality
✅  Delicious and nutritious food


At the end of the retreat, you will experience remembering, healing, unblocking and transformation. You will also learn techniques to ground this rebirth so you can confidently walk away as more of your true and magical self.

The Juicy Details

When: 8-15 November 2020 
Where: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Investment: From $4899AUD
Payment plan: Available. Lock your slot in with a $500 deposit!

Sound like what you need? Comment below or PM me.

Questions? Ask away! If I can't answer it, my wonderful retreat coordinator Liesel will be able to help 

A Glimpse in

A Glimpse in

A glimpse into our EPIC experience:


  •   7 Night and 8 Days in a secluded, eco-chic, luxury resort 

  •   Impeccable space holding and masterful coaching sure          to create breakthroughs  

  •   Core healing and lasting inside-out transformation

  •   Elegant service that elevates you as the Goddess you are

      Experiential activity such as Breath-work to “make it real”

  •   Sacred ceremony

  •   Spaciousness for self-care and spa time


AMAZING, right??!!!

At this point, your Soul must be super excited.


It recognises an answer to a prayer, a longing to be at the centre of your business and expression. To BE embodied as a clear and confident expression manifest in the realm of fulfilment.

But wait! There's More?

Ha! Yes! Here’s what else you can expect from our truly once-in-a-life time gathering:

  • Discover the 7 Pillars of embodied Feminine Power     

  • Deepen your understanding of your ancient lineage for greater freedom, authentic power and leadership effectiveness

  • Step into next level integrity, confidence and service as a new paradigm leader

  • Discover principles and ways of being of the Divine Feminine and how they apply to your success  

  • Be enriched by healing, magic and liberation of experiential activity and ceremony 

  • Study and apply feminine wealth consciousness teachings

  • Goddess-mind with kindred, resourceful, high-achieving women to advance you

Oh, and did I mention... 



That’s some major amplification power. 


Let’s call in your most cherished desires!


This promises to be an unforgettable experience that will create the necessary 

transformation for your next up-leveling.

Your Accomodation

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