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Why Your Voice Is Your Most Powerful Healing Tool

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

By Dominique Oyston.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a healing tool you could take anywhere you go? A way to heal and transform others, or even yourself? The good news is that you have one right inside you – your voice. Today, we’re going to explore how your voice is a tool that can be used for healing.

The Core Principles of Sound Healing

To understand the voice as a healing tool, I would like to share with you 7 essential principles of sound healing. These will help you to see how sound works on both a physical and energetic level to transform.

These sound healing principles will support your healing work even beyond sound healing. They are keys to universal knowledge.

1. Everything is vibration

The universe is held together by frequency and vibration. The form of anything exists because of the unique vibrations of its molecules. Even our thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions are vibrations. Your voice can change the vibration of things.

2. Sound amplifies intention

Frequency is not fixed, and vibrations can be altered. These can be changed not only by physical influences, but also energetic influences. As science shows us, a thought is a thing.

Intentions, or directed thoughts, can be amplified through sound and vibration. It seems that many ancient cultures understood this power within sound and within the voice. Think of mantras, toning and chanting that were common to all traditions of healing and transformation of consciousness.

When we tone to heal or to invoke a frequency, or when we speak an intention out loud, the power of that intention is magnified.

3. We all have our own unique frequency

There is no such thing as a sound that can cure all. Different spiritual cultures have their own systems and traditions of sound healing.

As humans, we are all individual. Among the billions of people on the planet, no face, no fingerprint is the same. We all have a unique frequency. This personal frequency is responsive to vibrational influences, so to heal through sound and particularly the voice requires an individual approach. This means that intuition is an important part of using sound as a healing tool.

4. Your voice is the most powerful instrument for sound healing

I spent 5 years training to become an intuitive sound healer. Throughout this journey, I learned that the voice of the soul can heal almost anything. It was clear that the voice is an exciting channel for Source energy, allowing us to share our own rainbow of self-expression.

My teacher, Karina, put it best:

“To be heard is our true nature. To sound is to come back to the original language where everything begins and exists; to awaken the primordial self and touch the very core of our being, which is beyond separation.” Karina Schelde, Soul Voice International

5. Silence and sound balance one another

If sound is Yang, silence is its Yin. Silence receives, while sound gives and creates action. Silence moves inward, and sound moves outward.

Both have their place in the balance of the universe. This is the same for your voice. When you are silent, and direct your attention inwards, you come into contact with the embodiment of your god/goddess self. You can surrender to your inner world and the flow of life moving through you.

Taking time for silence is just as essential as creating sound for the purpose of healing.

6. Sound changes the world

If we can direct vibration and frequency through our intention, our voice and expression, we can change the nature of things. If enough of us combine the power of sound and intention, I believe we can change the vibration of consciousness itself. We can wake up, we can heal the planet, and we can heal ourselves.

7. Every cell in your body is a resonator

Each cell can respond to a vibration, whether it be from within or from outside ourselves. The same goes for groups of cells such as organs or body systems and for our emotions and thoughts.

When two or more objects or ideas have the same frequency, it is known as sympathetic resonance. This allows people or systems to come together and achieve a purpose or goal such as balance and healing.

On the other hand, when there is a lack of harmony between two or more, it becomes forced resonance. Forced resonance will allow the strong vibration to be transmitted to the other. A common example of this is peer pressure and the ‘herd mentality’. But it can also be seen when an inspiring speaker lifts your spirits.

Often, we will collect energetic debris because of the lack of harmony between ourselves and these influences. But we can use sound to cleanse ourselves of the energetic chaos.

Sound is both sacred and science

Cultures across the world show that there has always been a link between sound and the Divine. In many creation myths, things did not come into being until they were named or sounded.

Sound has been used as a healing tool and a way to communicate with the Divine for many thousands of years. The Ancient Greeks were first to explore the scientific properties of sound. Their relationship with the Divine meant that they also understood sound’s role in healing, attuning to the earth and oracular knowledge.

Reclaiming the Healers Voice

Sound healing with the voice has an ancient lineage that has evolved and changed through the centuries. It was denied to women over thousands of years with the rise of patriarchal dominance in the healing fields.

Many healers are exploring this heritage as they embrace the reawakening of the Divine Feminine. And as women reclaim their voice, they find they are far more powerful than they realised for this amazing ability to heal and transform lives within the voice.

We can reclaim a mighty piece of the Self when we reclaim our voice and its miraculous abilities.

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