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Learn To Love Your Voice

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

By Dominique Oyston.

Learning to Love Your Voice

Some people may find their voice sounds strange when it’s played back on video or audio. But for many women, even their everyday voice is something that they dislike or even hate. As we know, the voice is an incredibly powerful tool for healing and intuition. So, disliking your voice can impact on everything from your confidence and how you present yourself to your business.

If you can’t stand your own voice, you’re not alone. But there is one simple thing to look at when it comes to learning how to love your voice.

The Keys to Loving Your Voice

Combining the following two keys will guide you to loving your voice.

The first is the path of the heart. The second is the path of practice.

The problem with our modern society is that we are trained to not give our hearts what they want.

Speaking the truth of our hearts out loud is rare – some may never speak their truth. But the first key to loving your voice is through the voice of the heart.

The heart shares love and makes moral decisions, both for the good of your soul path and the good of all. If we let love and the heart’s intelligence flow through us, we become more confident and clearer in our decisions and our message. To speak the voice of the heart is to speak from love. When you allow yourself to truly radiate love from your words it aligns you with all that is good and authentic within you. You begin to feel your voice is a true gift.

Using the Voice of the Heart

A voice that you love gives you confidence in what you have to say in your life and in your work. Therefore, if the voice of the heart is the key to empowering the voice, how can you use it? Here is a simple ritual to ignite the voice of your heart.

Step 1:

Set up a little ritual space that you love. It might be outside, in the sound and space of nature. Or it might be an indoor space that makes you feel focused.

Step 2:

Breathe deeply into your belly and close your eyes.

Relax the muscles in your tongue, your jaw, your neck, your eyes and your shoulders. Let the throat become still and peaceful and allow the lower ribs and solar centre to do the work.

Step 3:

As you sink deeper in with your breath, imagine yourself in an ancient time. You might be in a temple, or out in nature. It might be 10,000 years ago.

In this time, the oracular presence is strong within you. The Goddess presence is strong within you. The Priestess presence is strong within you.

You begin to hear a sound. It moves through you, and your heart responds. Give voice to this sound from your heart. Even the smallest sound is fine – there is no wrong or right sound.

Tune your heart with this sound. Allow it to heal and bring in the light.

Finally, let the sound move out into the future with love.

Your voice is taking you forward. It is healing the times of silence. It allows you to become confident and visible as the shining being you truly are.

Step 4:

Affirm to yourself, out loud:

As I use my voice, I bring light.

As I use my voice, I bring healing.

As I use my voice, I restore my soul.

As I use my voice, I create miracles.

I am intuitive, and I am free!

This process can realign you with your truth and free the magic of your voice.

Sound has the ability to activate the ancient knowledge that is encoded into our DNA. By following these steps, you can free the knowledge and empower yourself through the heart voice.

By using the voice of your heart, your soul gifts and abilities will be amplified, and your work will feel more fulfilling and joyful. You will ignite the confidence for your heart to be seen and heard, allowing you to be your most authentic self. Being yourself means that you will learn to love your voice and the power it brings you.

The path of practice

The second key leads to voice mastery. Mastery allows you to deeply approve of yourself in honour of the substantial work you have done to achieve that mastery.

In any modality, if you pursue a ‘path’ of practice rather than just focusing on the endgame, you enter into communion with the skill set at hand. You understand yourself more deeply through this skill set. You connect to the mystery within you that shines a light on who you are as a soul; where you have been and where you are going. This is deeply healing.

And on a practical level, if you are practicing with your voice as a business skill, for example learning to podcast. After a year of delivering, listening back, realising where you can improve and doing that work, you start to love your voice. It seems to be inevitable.

People who use their voice and consistently listen to it, stop rejecting themselves. They accept what is and as they develop the skill set required they begin to love.

You can track it in the conversations people have about their voice. The ones that don’t use and listen to their voice, doubt themselves.

The ones that use, listen and practice, blossom.

It is a fascinating thing.

I encourage you to approach any dislike you have for your own voice with these two ideas in mind. Let me know how you go!

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