Awaken Your Voice


Virtual Retreat & Workshop

Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Seekers.

Discover Seven Transformational Keys to Speaking from Feminine Power 

Free your true voice!

Let's Imagine

You can express yourself freely and in a way that feels true for you.

You love knowing what to say and when to say it.

Your communication is generous.

You feel you have abundant value to offer.

You Create Impact

You speak fearlessly from the heart.

You're in touch with your intuition. You make affirming life choices.

Your sense of purpose is deeply aligned with your sense of self worth.

Your Voice is Authentic, Courageous

and Loving


'Awaken Your Voice' teaches the steps you will need to find, claim and set your voice free from fear and doubt.

You'll be shown how to make effective changes to your self worth and liberate your communication.
Your voice is a gateway to your true power. 


It's time to Awaken Your Voice

Here's What I've Included!

This Is For You If:

Fully catered morning and afternoon tea and delicious vegetarian lunch.


Creating Sanctuary circle and 'Mini' Vision Quest


7 Steps to create confidence and set your voice free.


The No.1 key to 'Finding Your Authentic Goddess Voice'.


Balancing feminine and masculine qualities.


Voice and movement exercises to free the natural voice, access resonance, find volume, strength and confidence.


Crystal Bowl and Voice Energy System Sound Healing meditations.


Breathing techniques to relieve stress, dispel fear and energise the voice and physical body.


Strategies to empower your inner dialogue and beat the Inner Critic and Saboteur!


Access to one on one feedback and the 30 years of experience Dominique brings as a leading professional singer, writer, creator, strategist, international adventurer, actor, workshop leader, teacher, business owner and intuitive vocal therapist.

You feel your voice has been shut down in some way and you long to reclaim it.

You are ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone.


You want a mixture of practical, hands on techniques that you can integrate into your daily life mixed with creative, blissful, unfolding experiences of the Self.


You are interested in understanding how the patterns of self value or lack of have impacted upon your communication.


You long for the authentic you to emerge.


You have a specific goal regarding your voice in speaking or singing and you want expert advice.


You are excited about sharing this transformation in an exquisite nurturing environment.

"When I did this workshop I realized I had a powerhouse within me and loved learning how to relax and sense the path of the breath through my body to achieve this. My favourite parts were the amazing meditation, Sound Bath and sharing"

Summer Reece

Awaken Your Voice
Time is TBD
Virtual Retreat

Join Dominique Oyston for a nourishing and uplifting Virtual Retreat

About Your Guide

Dominique has a unique combination of expertise in transformational coaching. She is passionate about helping women to step into their space of personal confidence through The Way of the Voice.

"Your voice holds the potential for manifesting your dream life. Through understanding the signature of your voice you can increase your wealth,

love, personal power, creativity, intuition, realize your purpose, empower

your advocacy, improve relationships and choose a heart centred

business or career.

Dominique has a rare ability to attune herself to the person and

the energetics of their voice. She pinpoints blockages and offers effective

solutions. Through her professional training she assists people to discover

their voice’s full creative potential. For over 25 years she has performed

throughout the world with award winning acts and now runs coaching programs to build leadership, confidence and authenticity in relation to vocal expression.

Healing and clearing the old allows the new pathway to reveal itself.


You need time to nourish and restore your sense of inner harmony. The retreat experience provides a loving container for you to relax and emerge with new confidence and clarity.


You get to nurture yourself with yummy, life giving  food and connect with positive feminine energy.


Then you can create some real magic from your place of peaceful power.


Nature is also a mighty ally in healing. 

At the retreat centre you are surrounded by an environment that is loved and shares its bounty in return.


If it is a LONG while since you took time out, then remind yourself that above all it is essential to self nurture.


It is vital to give and receive in balance.

And it is exhilarating to learn strategies that strengthen your Spirit and self expression.

Creating Sanctuary


Our morning session will focus on bringing your mental, physical and emotional bodies into balance.


Module 1

This is where you find the No.1 key to discovering your 'authentic voice'.

You will be taken through a mini Vision Quest to find your most purposeful direction at this time.

You'll see which of your ‘feminine’ yin qualities you have been devaluing and how to shift this to access your authentic feminine power.


Morning Tea


A nourishing morning tea is designed to aid with clearing and switch your nervous system back into a natural healthy state of calm.


Module 2