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Channelling the Power of the Solar Plexus through Voice

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

By Dominique Oyston

Have you ever given away your power?

Many women have given away too much at one point or another. We are trained to do so from a young age.

This leaves us with a void in the area of the solar plexus. You might find yourself with limited breath and shallow breathing. You might feel like your belly muscles are drained and collapsed, or you might be holding your tummy in tightly, constricting the solar plexus.

But by stepping into the power of the solar plexus, you can step into your own personal power.

The power of the solar plexus

Within the solar plexus centre is the energy of the Will, the Self, and Personal Power. It is associated with the colour yellow and the energy of solar radiance.

It is the solar plexus where we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and establish our boundaries.

The solar plexus is an incredibly sensitive and dynamic energy centre. It’s the transfer station, where the higher and lower energies cross over. It’s also here, that we combine the voice of intelligence and the voice of intuition and instinct and get fierce with both.

The sign for the solar plexus is a downward pointing triangle. It’s open at the top, allowing all the energies of our thinking to come through and be transferred into the lower body. We digest our experiences and our feelings in the solar plexus. We assimilate the intuitive insights, thoughts, actions and choices we make.

In the solar plexus, you are powerful. You are fierce. You fight for truth, justice and wisdom. You are heroic.

The challenge of the solar plexus

For the solar plexus, the main challenge is to use your personal power in an appropriate manner.

There are big energies that move through the area. You might feel frightened or confused. Roaring with fearless conviction about what is right takes practice.

One of the tasks of the solar plexus is to clear and purify your emotional field, allowing energy to flow through to the upper chakras without flooding them. Some of these emotional charges are huge, even epic. If we don’t find a way to transmute them, they can cause us to lose our forward momentum in life and business, becoming stagnant.

You’ll find yourself facing trials within the solar plexus. It is personal. It’s the Self you meet there.

But that’s why access to wisdom makes a difference. Your solar plexus is a centre of intuition that responds to universal truth. Taking strategic action will build your personal power, adding to your sense of freedom. Self-love and appreciation strengthen you, and believing in your own value will build your light.

Working with the solar plexus

When you work constructively in the solar plexus, you will see the incredible value of who you innately are. When you light the fire of your belief, you create the pathway to your heroic life.

One of the best tools for digesting and assimilating the emotional stories that can overwhelm us is the voice.

This might be through ‘noble’ conversation, toning and sounding, singing, reciting inspirational poetry or dram, or role-playing dialogues out loud.

‘Breathe to speak’

‘Breath to Speak’ is a technique I created that allows you to access the power in the voice.

Imagine your rib cage is your breastplate. It is strong and protective. The diaphragmatic membrane, which is the great muscle of the solar plexus, controls the breath. It moves the life force of the breath, through the entire body to energise and power up your voice.

The breath is always being moved through the body. When we learn to activate and strengthen the solar plexus in an expansive movement, rather than a contracting gesture, we gain access to a huge store house of energy and physical strength that moves with the breath. And the breath of course, is the foundation of the voice.

Most of us breathe high up in the chest, meaning the throat works too hard and we have less access to our true vocal power. It’s uncomfortable to use the throat in this way. Remember, the throat centre is the artist, the purifier, the exchange station, not the engine.

The trick is to focus on opening the lower ribs and expanding the belly while keeping the upper chest and throat peaceful.

You can learn to let go of holding on to fear in your belly and then speak ON the breath. This invigorates your solar plexus, helping it move big energies fluidly from upper to lower centres. And you sound like a Goddess!

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