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Welcome to the

Heart Chakra Voice

Practitioner Mastermind

A powerful new modality to add a profitable and fulfilling sound healing voice method to your coaching practice which brings together all your teachings and wisdom into a high value package and keeps your clients coming back for more. 


What it is

Heart Chakra Voice is a SOUND HEALING and FEMININE POWER SYSTEM to increase the potential in your HEALING GIFTS

The Sounds of the Heart in the System reconnect power, presence, gifts and memories and up level your services in your business.

They support you to feel more confident to become visible to your ideal clients and make the kind of income that makes your life a more loving place to be.

The Heart Chakra Voice System is a WOMEN-CENTRED COACHING tool that focuses primarily on supporting women, healers and coaches to shape their business directed from the Voice of the Heart to experience magnetism, manifestation and love on levels they've never experienced before.

The Map

Receive a Map of the Path into the Heart with Sound.

The System supports you AND your clients to know where you are on the Heart Journey, what to look out for, and the Medicine that is needed when Challenges arise.


Then you know that you and your clients can relax and enter more deeply into the process of transformation.

Feel supported to write your story, love your voice, clear your deep invisibility blocks so any sense of failure ceases.

Build the frequency of love into your services, business, speaking or workshops.

Gain confidence in how to grow your own voice and sound healing skills.

Get the scripts to guide your clients deeper into their hearts adn the scripts to receive sound in a nurturing way.

Be excited to get started and move forward into the magical world of sound healing.


Heal the three primary blocks for women:


💚 Invisibility ("I'm not seen and heard")

💚 Not enough ("I can't have this or do this")

💚 I'm alone ("It's too hard to do this alone - I'm exhausted")



🔥 Comfortably grow your radiance in your relationships, life and business.

🔥 Spontaneously magnetise the 8 expressions of love on a level you've not experienced before.

🔥 Speak up and speak out knowing your heart's purpose

🔥 Be the ripple of love in the world you are born to be

🔥 Conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back.

Success comes more easily when the soul qualities are expressed

 unhindered by negative emotions or thoughts.

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Misty Slopes
This training is for you if you want to:

Inspire in your communication

Accelerate the emergence of your gifts and purpose

Access deeper levels of your intuition and healing ability

Connect your voice to your heart

Speak your truth with ease

Heal emotional blocks that keep you silent

Become more magnetic

Get your purpose flowing

Learn a magical Feminine Wisdom System which benefits both you and your clients


Discover which heart frequencies, qualities and elemental energies in your voice are your greatest power source.


Heal, learn professional speaking and toning skill sets and set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose in a safe and loving way.

Picture This:

  • 10 weeks of intense and joyful supported action.

  • Learning and applying advanced performance and creation strategies.

  • Strategically building a success plan for the Voice of your Heart... AND integrating that with your existing  programs

  • Learning and practicing advanced creation and 'manifesting'/'bringing into being',  techniques.

  • All in an easy online format

  • Masterminding, mapping, implementing – with a small, select group of  heart-centred women


Walk away as fully qualified Heart Chakra Voice Practitioner with your visibility platform mapped, aligned, created, ready to go.

Complete with pitch, interview questions and story to sell it so you can  be on your way to a successful product launch.


  • Have a partially formulated idea of what your business needs to be to be more magnetic but haven’t been able to ‘land’ it yet?

  • Want additions to your products and services to be 100% soul aligned and radiant?

  • Long to be able to confidently, clearly and dynamically market this service/product with your voice?


  • Your coaching business isn't working as well as you know it could

  • You want an additional tool in your coaching or healing toolkit

  • You want to uplevel the results and engagement for your existing services

  • You feel called to deliver your message with greater presence and impact and step into the full expression of your heart

A targeted soundhealing tool can lead the way!


Work with Dominique Oyston, Creator of the Heart Chakra Voice System for your Mastermind Journey.


Add a simple and magical sound healing voice method to your coaching practice which brings together all your teachings and wisdom into a high value package that keeps your clients coming back for more.

Mastermind Inclusions

10 x Live Group Mapping the Heart Calls on Zoom (90 minutes)

  • Recordings, Voice Skills, Confidence and Visibility Training, How to Guide your Clients, Igniting the Miracle Zone
  • 5 x VIP 1:1 60 minutes calls to integrate the Heart Resonance System into your business

Weekly Live Abundance Alignment Sound Healing meditations:

  • Eg Align your temple, Align your finances, Align your message

  • Bonus Recorded Guest Expert Trainings:

  • ‘Working with Guidance' Masterclass

  • 'Launch Your Workshop' - Masterclass

  • 'Sales Pages that Sell' - Masterclass

  • 'Money Mindset Skills' - Masterclass

Exclusive Practitioner FB group

  • Previous Practitioner Training Library

  • Support Material: PDF's and Workbooks

  • Working with Goddesses

Personal Experiences with this System
  • Hearing someone say I love you for the first time ever

  • Expanded self-trust and self-acceptance

  • Being wrapped in a lovers arms more deeply than ever before

  • Random people coming up with heartfelt compliments (when wearing super scruffy clothes, hat and hair)

  • Having negative defense walls come down after decades of hiding

  • Feeling more harmonious and having kinder and more curious conversations with their children

Pregnancy Yoga
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The Mastermind Program


STEP 1 Introduction to the power of sound

raise your vibration & succeed

All ancient cultures used sound and the voice to heal and change reality. 

It empowers your ability to get visible and speak your truth. Sound is a super manifestor. It unlocks the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower selves co-ordinate and work together. You can feel your intuition becoming streamlined and focused.

  • The three big reaons why sound will change your life

  • How ditching talking alone will lead to faster results

  • The way to shift from doubt to certainty with sound

  • Cultivating the optimal conditions for love to thrive

The heart has the largest magnetic field of any organ in the body.

Your unique frequency becomes more magnetic the more heart connected it is. 

Your can then use this heart frequency in your voice to heal, transform and manifest your destiny.

You'll learn how the power of the healing voice works in YOU to heal energy blocks and increase your intuition.

STEP 2 sounding the heart

raise your vibration & succeed

  • The voice is an amplifier You have an innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called. Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.


Section 1 - Getting Started with Sound

  • If information alone solved the worlds problems you could just point your clients towards Google. They need to FEEL the shifts. The Heart Resonance Sounds and System do this safely.

  • Experience how to attune, align, and open up the creative space of wisdom

  • Clear the fear

  • Set intentions

  • Be guided by the HEART to your most light-filled work, people, experiences and life.​

  • Map the big picture

  • Visibility Set up

  • Tune to guidance

  • Vibrational strategy

  • Get magnetic

  • Why this method allows you to experience inner transformation with ease and clarity

Professional Client Experiences with this System
  • Expanded self-trust and self-acceptance

  • Landing the product/service which creates more income

  • Greater truth speaking

  • Inspiring their clients to do more of what they love in their life

  • Perfect clients appearing out of the blue

  • Seeing the value spot for clients in their services more clearly

  • Having negative defense walls come down after decades of hiding

  • Shifting core relationships

Woman Surfing

Section 2 - The Goddess Modules

STEP 1 hearing the voice of the heart

receiving from your heart

Your heart is a vibrational platform for your voice.

Hear the voice of your heart in a completely new way.

Before reaching out in your business you must have clarity in your own heart. Because it is YOU,  your vibe that is being expressed in your business.

This weekly training alone will change your results forever.


STEP 2 cellular ignition

Tune in to your own spirit


Ignite your Life Force

Heal doubt and shame and write the new story of your destiny. This Heart Tone ignites the full potential of your Heart Footprint in your body.

Balance your human nature with spirit.

Align with your own personal spiritual force and stay in integrity with that. Be orientated by your spirit light and stay motivated by your own spirit force.

Light the spark of your true potential.


Understanding the 'Heart Footprint Frequency'

Travel deeper into the Wisdom Voice of the Heart

Weeks 3 - 4

  • 90 minute group sessions

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Voice marketing strategy

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • FB group support

  • Prepare pitch, story and selling strategy

  • Readiness magic

  • Continuing visibility strategies

  • 'The Power to Perform' Training


How the Heart takes Action

Travel deeper into the Wisdom Voice of the Heart

Weeks 5 - 6

STEP 3 the heart footprint in action

Foundation: Reset Your Inner Compass to Confidence and Support


Set self-love into action.

Reconnect with your deep belonging to Mother Earth. Feel completely loved exactly as you are. Discover your true strengths.

The tone of the heart supports you to move past fear, speak confidently, maintain your energy and ground your voice in a safe zone where you can attract your tribe who appreciate you and will happily spend their money with you.

Clear your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears.

Learn how to embody your voice and access power and authority in your tone, range and presence

STEP 4 into the heart of your emotions

magnetic Connection:

The Art of Radiating Confidence

Find the HARMONY flow, in your hearts connectivity that naturally switches on attractor energy.  This helps you become visible to the clients your soul needs.

The Heart Footprint of the Goddess of Love helps you FEEl your radiant, feminine self—without

dimming down your power—so that your clients will

recognise you as the coach or healer that they are seeking

and be inspired by your light.

We all have masculine and feminine

qualities.  The heart harmonises these

so you're in balance with all elements of your self-identity.


More than Mindset: The Brain on Sound

step 5 The heart footprint of the mind

connecting heart and mind

Clearly see the unique soul design of YOUR communication.

Align your heart and voice with your purpose and natural gifts and clear the thoughts that stop you loving your path.

Unlock the inspiration factor in your communication.

Learn the Consciousness Key to motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.


Clear Energetic and Emotional  Blocks with Sound


  • Getting stuck speaking your truth

  • Struggling to ask for the sale or being overcome with nerves

  • Wondering where your clients are?

  • Having difficulty believing that you could be good at public speaking

  • Always criticizing your own voice

  • Putting off doing videos and fb 'lives' or beating yourself up after you listen back to them

  • Feeling that 'BLOCK' in your throat again!

  • Fearing to fully express your soul work

  • Procrastinating or sabotaging your visibility plans

  • What if you didn't hold back your true potential and light?

Your throat centre holds the unique blueprint for your success

  • 90 minute group sessions

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Selecting first messaging ideas and related authority platform material

  • Voice marketing strategy

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • FB group support

  • Prepare pitch, story and selling strategy

  • Readiness magic

  • Continuing visibility strategies

  • 'The Power to Perform' Training

healing with colour

the auric tool


Discover the symbolism, history and diagnostic  tool of colour.

Light is considered the Yang force in the universe, colour its Yin (or feminine) counterpart.

Science is now verifying the emotional and psychological effects of colour on the human condition.

Colour is a non obtrusive therapy accompaniment to sound that heals, energizes and revitalizes.

Learn how to work with the colour rays that further enhance the Heart Resonance system results.


Practitioner Scripts to use the Tones

In each Module you're provided with comprehensive "SCRIPTS" for how to use the Tones with clients, what questions to ask and how to start and resolve the session.

On the 1:1 calls and in the FB Group you will take this script and personalize it.

The scripts make it easy to say what you want effectively about everything from finances to divine visioning. 

The Heart Resonance Sounds are keys to clarifying your message, coming out of hiding, making sales in your business and taking on the speaking opportunities that you desire.


They provide the vibrational magic.

They come with a 'script' for success.


Section 3 - Practitioner Business Integration


  • 90 minute group sessions 

  • Scripting with clients

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Consolidating the creative process

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • Visibility strategies

  • FB group support

There's no need to stay stuck with feeling that marketing is not for you.

Discover which heart frequency and which goddess style works for you.


Section 4 - Speaking from the Magnetic Heart


  • 90 minute group sessions

  • 1:1 heart speaking to connect to clients

  • Voice marketing strategy

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • FB group support

  • Prepare pitch, story and selling strategy

  • Readiness magic

  • Continuing visibility strategies

  • 'The Power to Perform' Training

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Single Payment
(SAVE $1,000)

$2457 AUD

Part Payments


5 x $497 AUD


Understanding Toning & the Healing Voice

Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve and fulfill your gifts.


But the voice is NOT just language, it is also sound.

Sound works in the brain and energy body to create change.

The voice is the most ancient and powerful transformational and healing tool.

Add the Heart Resonance System to your own life, your client work, and your business to increase peak emotional experiences and persevere through the challenging moments along the path to healing with more calm, confidence and clarity.


With Heart Resonance System you'll discover the ancient skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them to effect positive transformation.

These are life skills which can change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You can be the enchantress of both your own and your clients lives.

"I have been practicing toning throughout the last two days and I can feel the difference already - looking forward to doing more!" Annabel

"I feel so much joy and power" Bek

"Boom! This is great. So many things dropped in." Donna


Receive Healing and Activation

"Dominique's voice is medicine for my soul" - Connie

"Your voice is like nectar from the Goddess" - Martha

"The toning and guided meditations make me feel super safe"- Tina

"I felt a gold light at my heart drawing up through my throat and turning into a rose at my mouth, like speaking flowers" Sarah

"I felt so resourced, with so much energy restored" Amy

In the Heart Chakra Voice System training you will not only learn to GIVE wonderful vibrational healings but you'll also RECEIVE regular sound healings and guided meditations.

Dominique is a Master Song Healer. Her long career as a professional opera singer with an internationally celebrated voice, brings power and magic to the art of sound healing that is unique in its luminosity.

Her voice reaches softly into your soul, mind and body to nurture your transformation.

Her healing voice vibration accelerates your personal growth and intuitive abilities.


Discover how to "Presence" with your Voice

You don't need to be a singer to awaken the healing tones in the voice.

Be guided by a world class vocal expert to learn how to flip the presence switch in your voice so anytime you feel the self-doubt or voice of the inner critic speaking up you can flip the switch and experience the deeper power and presence you long for with your voice.

Access the key life changing techniques to create simple and powerful tones.

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Bonus 1


Guest Masterclasses

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 12.35.06
Lizzie Moult
Trina Lucas
LaChelle Amos
Ruth Haynes


Lizzie lives off-grid in the rainforest and is devoted to helping other entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential and achieve their own dreams.

She is dedicated to awakening the wild side of women in business to stand in their power, to confidently be more visible while making a big IMPACT.

Lizzie's expertise is showing you how to communicate authentically while being a complete badass at running your business with a soulful strategy, leaving you feeling powerful and in full alignment of your vision.


LaChelle is a dedicated facilitator of the peace process. As the founder of Silence of Sound Yoga retreats she combines her leadership expertise as a country director of international conflict resolution with her Sound Healing and Yoga practice. LaChelle's work explores the bridging of inner and outer peace. She creates an intelligence space for inner awareness – listening into the silence between sounds to hear the true voice of the heart speak. When our heart is not conflicted we can see and know the correct path forward to build a life of empowered peace and achieve our dreams.


Ruth is an adventurer who lives in the wilds of the Yukon sharing her grounded knowledge of how to create an independent, financially stable life with her clients. Her solid financial training is made more powerful with her soul alignment clearing healings and shamanic practices.

Ruth unmasks her clients money stories and uses her energy work to clear the emotional charge of guilt, shame and fear attached to debt so old beliefs can be set free . She shows you how to be the boss of your money and your emotions. And she makes it easy!


Trina can enable you to incorporate your unique spirit healing capacity into your personal health and well being practices and/or professional skill set. You may be feeling blocked, stuck on repeat with an outdated pattern, cut off from your intuition and greater self, unbalanced, or off track. Share in Trina’s wealth of knowledge and experience of working consciously with spirit daily for decades. Trina’s spirit healing team have spent years teaching her an incredible framework to safely hold and interpret accurately, with discernment, spiritual healing experiences.

Bonus 2


Weekly Abundance Meditations

"Discover Your Purpose"

"Create Your E- Course" 

"Create Your Signature Course" 

"Discover Your Zone of Genius"

"Signature Storytelling for Intuitives" 101

"Signature Storytelling for Intuitives" Advanced

"The Intuitive Voice Map - Discover your Clair

"Abundance Journaling"

"Turn Your Passion for Service into a Profitable Business"

1 (1)_edited.jpg
 Your Mastermind Mentor 
Waterfall in nature
WEB ONLY 2048 (8)_edited.jpg

Dominique Oyston's work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.


She offers breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation inspiration and earnings.

She's an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and professional international singer.  For over 25 years Dominique performed throughout the world. Her coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential and learn how to authentically serve and inspire from the stage and on camera.

Dominique also studied music, yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, body language, spiritual healing, Steiner teaching and was raised in the theatre. (Her father was an acclaimed International Theatre and Film Director)

1 (1)_edited.jpg
1 (1)_edited.jpg
Single Payment
(SAVE $1,000)

$2457 AUD

Part Payments


5 x $497 AUD


I have had the divine luck to be working with Dominique in her potent Mastermind program to bring our Signature Soul creations into the light. It is something incredibly special. 

It has been a journey of highs and lows, laughter and tears, and of profound gifts and insights. This is a program that takes you within, turns you inside out and shows you what you are really made of. Dominique is there right beside you all the way, shining her light, helping you navigate the birthing chaos of your wondrous creation. At the end of our time together I have created the first iteration of my signature program, plus another supporting program, I'm working through my messaging and I have developed a much clearer understanding of what my role is.

If you have a yearning to step up, to fulfil your potential, to make a bigger impact, then I highly recommend this program.

If you know it's time to bring forth the deepest truth of your being, shape it into something that can take on a life of its own, and to set it free into the world then you need to create your Signature Soul Program with Dominique.

Do it now! You won't regret it.


Linda Emslie

Communication Specialist, Transformation and Wellbeing Mentor at  


Teresa Fino

Vibrational Medicine Intuitive

To the divine goddess that is Dominique Oyston for her fabulous course which she has lovingly crafted with passion and generosity of spirit. 


Her knowledge is truly deep and I am continually being WOW’ed and confronted each and every week. My voice has been released to be more visible and heard in the world, layer by layer, and it’s getting stronger by the day. I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m feeling a powerful energy rising up within me, propelling me forward, with a powerful voice to match it. 

A deep bow of gratitude to you Dominique for having the courage to heed the call to gather us for this vital work on the planet. 


Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer Music

 To Dominique Oyston and the Academy which is growing, blossoming, mushrooming into an amazing space of transformational power. It’s a wonderful, fun, dynamic group that’s going places, both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

 It is so much more than I was expecting - and I get out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted in the Facebook group. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique. I’m still very much a beginner, but already some things will never look (or sound) the same.


Heidi Hosking

Awakened Parenting

To the wisest voice Goddess herself, Dominique Oyston!

I am only just getting started on her Goddess Voice Academy and already I am really just amazed at Dominique's wisdom and what I can learn from her (even when I had a gut feeling she'd be good..!).

I've been learning about the maiden voice and the mother voice within my business and so much ancient wisdom about the voice and femininity that is important for us all to know. It's far more than just speaking or singing.

And not to mention the toning which has been so great to have a reason to use my voice and for good reason.


I highly recommend joining her programs!!!

Enquire Now
Enquire Now
Email me below to book a conversation
to see if this is right for you.


Success is a frequency that is unique to you.

It is a symphony of intermingling frequencies that move from inside you into the world...

When you understand how to create your "signature" vibration of success and which tones are most important to you then you can move freely through life.

Don't create a business that feels like a prison.

Or a relationship...

Or a life...

The Heart Resonance System is a key to inner harmony, being authentically seen and heard, coming out of hiding, making sales in your business and self-knowledge


It provides the vibrational magic to create freedom and success.

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