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The Goddess Voice Academy


Visionary Voice Coach

Divine Feminine Ambassador

Best Selling Author

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FREE WEBINAR: Discover the 5 Archetypes every woman needs to experience to step fully into the power of their Voice

On this powerful webinar you will learn:

* Why Sound Healing is so important for the LightWorker of the future

* The origins of Sound Healing

* Techniques that amplify and bring your voice into full resonance, power and presence.

* How to connect your voice to your intuition.

* Connecting to the plants, animals & mineral kingdom with your sound

* Self healing and techniques to heal others

* How sound vibrationally influences your physical, energetic and mental bodies

* Sounds from the ancient healing and Mystery schools in Greece, India, Egypt and Celtic Britain

* Channeling and manifesting through sound

Time: Feb 22, 2023 10:00 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

If you are an energy worker, light worker, healer or facilitator who is developing your skills with dedication…

If you are beginning to experiment with using your voice and other sound modalities to heal…

If you are curious to understand more about your voice as a key part of your feminine power ... this webinar is for you.


Join international opera singer and founder of The Goddess Voice Academy Dominique Oyston to discover how sound healing can change your healing practice and energetic presence.

Which Archetype is YOUR SuperPower?
Upcoming Trainings Below


The "Intuitive Healing Voice"
A Personal & Practitioner empowerment Journey for women

Begins March 20th 2023

This unique training is designed to take you from 'held back' to 'harvesting the potential' of your gifts as a healer and evolutionary woman.

 The practically structured series of initiations and skills tune you to the Voice of your Soul through Sacred Geometry techniques, personal transformation teachings that bring accelerated healing, impact and change.

Experience this 8 WEEK transformation that unlocks your healing voice and untapped gifts to set you on the path to being a powerful sound healer.

You'll also prepare your own body, heart, emotions, soul, and mind, through 7 initiatory steps, to make room for a new light and magnetic energy to radiate through all your work.

And then watch the magic unfold.

Heart Chakra Voice

Experience a Heart Makeover for your Life and Business

Next round begins MAY 2023
Click on the graphic to view the training


The Warrior Goddess Transformation Program.jpg

Warrior Goddess Voice

Unlock the Power Codes for Confidence and Speaking your Truth

Next round begins july 2023
Click on the graphic to view the training


Elohim Banner eg_edited.jpg

ELOHIM Sound Healing™ Certification
"Goddess Guided"
with Dominique Oyston and Trina Lucas

next round begins July 2023


Speaking and Healing from the Stage

ext round begins July


Eka Terrina

When Dominique works directly with you, it's pure magic. Her love and connection to divine opens you up in ways you never thought possible. I am forever grateful to have been able to embark on this course with Dominique. I would highly recommend it to anyone willing not only to experience their voice in an entirely new way, but also to expand their sense of self and being in the world.


Melanie Midegs

I had a session with Dominique this week and she is amazing! The couple of techniques that she showed me and explained for me has been so powerful. I'm still practising my voice techniques and I can't recommend her highly enough if this is something that you want to work on and become more comfortable with.


Niamh Cronin

I am really stepping out of late with speaking on video podcasts and online and I really needed help with clearly articulating my speech so I could remove the stuttering and the "umms". My session with Dominique was so amazing and I learned how to breathe as I speak so that I speak with power and clarity but not only that I speak with feminine embodiment. Thank you, Dominique.


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I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the goddess in their voice and story.

I stand as a thought leader on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening. 
Our voices are needed.


Women are seeking to embody their voices, they are seeking to be free and unique.

My work is at the forefront of supporting the emerging voice of the Feminine in the deepest way possible.



with International Opera Singer

Visionary Voice Coach

Divine Feminine Ambassador

Best Selling Author

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