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Heart Chakra

Find the True Magnetic power of your Mission and Message and heal the heart of your Great Work


The Love Makeover for your

life & business

Welcome to
 Heart Chakra Voice

For spiritual women coaches, healers & Authors to increase their confidence and charisma, come out of hiding, and become magnetic to their clients and audiences.

Are you a woman who wants to take her message and service to the world?

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to experience a 7 week feminine power system to heal and open your voice and heart, and move towards the authority platform you were born for, so you can flow out with fierce confidence and beauty to touch the hearts of others.


In the Heart Chakra Makeover you heal three primary blocks for women:

Invisibility ("I'm not not seen and heard")

Not enough ("I can't have this or do this")

I'm alone ("It's too hard to do this alone- I'm exhausted")



Grow radiance, power and presence in a fraction of the time

Spontaneously magnetize with the 8 expressions of love

Speak up and speak out confidently with stunning results while living your hearts purpose

Be the ripple of love in the world you are born to be

Conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back with 5 goddesses, sound and a system for deep and lasting change.

The secrets to your life's purpose are hidden in your heart.

Raising the vibration of the heart sets the voice of your purpose free.

Get the EXACT process, templates, strategies, skills and sound healing that fast track connecting the Voice of your Heart to your body, spirit, emotions, mind, mission and soul to bring more love into your life.

Personal Experiences with the HeartResonance™ System
  • Hearing someone say I love you for the first time ever

  • Expanded self-trust and self-acceptance

  • Being wrapped in a lovers arms more deeply than ever before

  • Random people coming up with heartfelt compliments (when wearing super scruffy clothes, hat and hair)

  • Having negative defense walls come down after decades of hiding

  • Feeling more harmonious and having kinder and more curious conversations with children

Pregnancy Yoga

Embody 5 essential frequencies for you to be magnetically seen and heard and experience the HeartResonance miracles in your body, business, creative purpose, and personal relationships 

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