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A message from a friend.


Many of us are sharing environmental messages at this time. And nature is speaking with us in signs and symbols when we meditate. This is from Jocelyn Mercado who share my longing to tune in to Nature and honour her.

It was a windy, rainy morning. I felt called to the forest. As I left my backyard, I became entangled in a thornbush, and in passing through its prickly branches, I understood that I was crossing the threshold from everyday reality, into the Dreamtime, the realm that is accessible to all of us, where our deepest memories and knowings run free and unshackled.

I walked deeper into the forest, seeking a tree that would call my name. One tree did, and I lay on the ground beneath it, and began to drum for my journey. My spirit guide met me beneath the surface of the Earth and we emerged into the deep blue ocean.

We swam out into the center of the ocean, and went as deep as we could. A blue whale and her calf joined us. I looked around and saw that many more whales, humpbacks and sperm whales and narwhals and also porpoises and dolphins, were swimming toward us from every direction. 


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They came close to us and began to form a circle around us, an enormous circle of brilliance and intelligence, encircling us, swimming slowly, and peering at us with their huge sparkling eyes that were facing toward the center of the circle.

There were layers and layers of whales and dolphins, as far as the eye could see in every direction: up, down, and concentric circles going out & away from us, larger & larger as they got further away, and all of them were circling around us slowly and carefully. My spirit guide and I were at the center of them all.

Then from within the circle, all of the young ones, the baby whales and porpoises and dolphins, broke through the circle of adults and swam to the center. They gathered there, close to us, playful, smiling. Suddenly then they all dove, all at once, deep beneath us, and then gathering speed they swam toward us from below. They met us and it did not hurt, they were so gentle, they pushed us up and up and up toward the surface of the ocean. We breached with them, leaping up above the top of the water, and then on our descent back toward the water, my spirit guide and I each grabbed a hold of one baby whale and so our re-entry was smooth and we glided along with the great mammals, back down into the depths.

We stayed deep with the babies protectively around us, and watched as next, all of the adult whales and dolphins charged toward the surface, hundreds of them all at once, breaking through waves into the sunshine, leaping up into the air and crashing back down to the sea with their huge, powerful bodies. Bubbles and waves crashed together with them. It was quite a sight from below. I can only imagine what it must have looked like above the surface.

Then the adults came back down and began circling the babies and my spirit guide and I again. The adults were protecting us and the babies. The babies were also protecting us. We were encircled in love, intelligence, and compassion.

The baby dolphins & whales & porpoises began to speak to us. Here is the message that I received from them:

Your little children need your help.

The little children who have been born within the past 5 years, and those who will be born in the future, have been sent to your world with souls from the stars.The human mothers who birthed them, opened portals from the stars at the time of their conception, and these babies who are being born into your world now are the ones who will welcome a new time of peace & creation into being. They have the power, and they have agreed to accept the task, to shift the entire world in which you humans live.

But they are only babies now, or toddlers, or not yet born. They need time for their strength and power to grow and develop. They need you, all who are adults at this moment. They need you to halt or slow the destruction of the planet in every way that you possibly can.  They need you to stop the large corporations from doing more damage. They need you to prevent the drilling of oil in the rainforests, the Arctic, and other critical areas of the planet. They are depending on you to shut down the building of pipelines and to convince the energy companies that fracking and shale mines and tar sands operations must all end immediately, or it may not be soon enough.

This is not an easy task. But you, the generations who are walking the planet as adults at this time, have received a call from deep within Gaia and from the furthest reaches of the stars. This is a call to drop everything that no longer resonates with your heart & soul, to quiet your mind and open up to accessing the Dreamtime. Search there for the answers from your intuition and from the universal consciousness, the Anima   Mundi. Search there and you will know what to do, to assist in this great effort, to pass along to our star children, a world which can still be lifted to a time of peace and magic and creation, like the time before time, before human civilization began, when the humans were one with the animals and with the magic of the cosmos. We can return there, and not too long from now. But everyone today must do their part, without delay, and with full confidence in their innate abilities to change the world.

Furthermore, the little children who are babies and toddlers or not yet born, must be allowed & encouraged to spend time outdoors, must not watch screens that will dull their senses, but instead must be in communion with nature so that they will know that intimate connection with the animate world. The ones who gain this knowledge as little children will be better equipped to welcome in the new time of creation. So send your little ones outside to play, once they are old enough; take them into the woods; find teachers who know the medicinal uses of the plants, how to build shelters and fires from natural materials; how to decipher the meaning of birdsong and animal speak; and let your children spend time with these teachers until they are one with nature. 


Let your children run wild, at least part of the time, so that they will have the wisdom & innate knowledge they need when their time comes and they are the leaders of the world. If we teach the little children now to respect and honor nature and all of life, then someday they will be the leaders, and the world’s decisions will finally be made by those who understand the sacredness of all things.


Note: I received this message on a powerful New Moon day. It is clear to me that this message is meant to be shared by the collective of all humanity. If you feel inspired to do so, please forward this email on to your friends & family who may be interested: Most especially any families who are awaiting the birth of a new little one; or families who have had babies born to them within the past 5 years or so.


Peace and love to you. 


Jocelyn Mercado

Sacred Planet ​​​​​​ ​

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