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Experience the “5 Day Healer Self Bootcamp” - Step into the heart of your healing potential


You know you are a healer. There’s a part of your soul which has learned to be a healer. In the “Healer Self Bootcamp” you deepen that knowing of yourself as a healer. 

Empower your Healer Self to step up, step forward and be an even more flourishing, light-filled part of your identity.

The Bootcamp is a 5 Day experience to unlock the heart of your healing potential.

Your Healer Self is all the parts of you that can create transformational change.

Join the alchemy now!


What’s in the Bootcamp?


On Day 1: Meet the soul/spirit “Healer Self”

On Day 2: Discover the power in your healing voice

On Day 3: Finding structure and the right modality

On Day 4: Being a healer and a spirit guided healer

On Day 5: Alchemy and understanding original nature healing


Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd


  • Daily fb lives

  • Your questions answered

  • Healings and guided meditations

  • Deepening your ability to connect with spirit

  • Increasing confidence, personal authority, and capabilities in the energy healing space

  • Contributing positively to health and wellness.



🌸 Be trained by 2 highly experienced professionals. An International Expert in Sound, Voice, and Goddess Archetypes. And a 25+ year Psychic Spiritual Healer, Channel and Spirit Communication Expert.


Does relying SOLEY on your own intuition for healing outcomes make you hesitate to start or expand your healing/coaching business?


  • You’re a healer or coach who wants that next level.

  • Healing with sound and vibration speaks to your heart.


Join the Bootcamp to experience a greater connection with the healing qualities of spirit, sound, and voice.

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