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Sound healer awakening

the Intuitive Toning Master toolkit

7 Secret Tools to Awaken the Magic of  your Healing Voice

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Sound Healing Mastery is a 7 step process to awaken your identity as a Sound healer, align your sound with your purpose while accessing a unique spiritual and toning toolkit to immediately uplevel your skills or set you on the path as a Sound Healer.

You'll learn thousand year old and uniquely created sound healing practices to align your sound with your soul

welcome to
Sound Healer Awakening
the Intuitive Toning master toolkit

A 7 week Guide to the Ancient Art of Sound Healing and Soul Alignment with your Voice.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to learn the 7 fundamental steps to catalyzing your identity as a Sound Healer with your Voice.

Intuitive Toning supports you to use your voice to connect to your lineage of wisdom, increase your intuition, and be unerringly directed from your authentic knowing.

Learn the secret foundational soul systems to heal yourself and your clients with sound.

"Music Therapy Market to generate revenue of $4.42 billion by 2028.

Over 50% of businesses in Music Therapy are less than 5 years old". SkyQuest Technology

Sound healing is trending RIGHT NOW.
Get ahead of the game and learn to use your voice as a sound healing tool anywhere, anytime.

Be guided through this revolutionary training to unlock your unique tones and use your voice consciously as a gateway to vibrational healing.

Healing with the voice is a spiritual gateway to manifesting divine magic.
The LightWorker's Voice: Sound Healing Academy

The Goddess Voice Academy is teaching women to remember and awaken the spiritual lineage of their voice as a vibrational healer, oracle, spiritual guide, chantress, truth speaker, nature whisperer and priestess.

This is what members are saying.

"I gained so much from you. THANK YOU! Dear Dominique, a sincere thank you for holding the space for me to fully emerge as a sound healer.

Your course has opened me up to the gifts that reside within me and taught me how to release my ability to heal with my voice with grace, love and joy! You hold the space and set a wonderful example of living in the true space of healing.


You are true Sound Goddess & Priestess and inspiration to me. Thank you for coming forth and ushering me onto a new level healing as a client and practitioner. I am truly grateful to you!

Much Love"    Elizabeth Knudson Healer Soul Song Ascending

"The Art of Intuitive Toning with Dominique was a fabulous experience.

On every call, I learnt more about toning, different sound healing structures and myself.I discovered how I can tune myself to heal, what is revealed through my own voice, and how I turn up in my life and this world.


I highly recommend everyone learning and being introduced to toning, for healing, for self development and learning.

Thank you for holding this space and sharing your gifts. It was such a pleasure...a wonderful short course, just perfect."    Alexis Qld Australia


It's time to unlock the intuitive presence and magic  of your sacred voice!

Be guided through SEVEN POWERFUL IMMERSION LEVELS with weekly inspirational lectures and practical techniques by a highly experienced performer, practitioner and sound channel.
Enjoy an online community with other healers, practitioners, leaders and lightworkers who will support you to succeed in truly expressing the intuitive flow and healing frequencies of your voice.
Vibrational healing with the voice amplifies ALL your healing modalities.