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Chakra Voice

Energy Foundations
for Heart Centred Confidence,
Visibility and Presence.

Welcome Change-Makers to Chakra Voice.


You are here because you sense your voice is the key to lasting change and freedom. 


You know that change at an energetic level will make this so much easier and potent.

And you want strategic change that specifically impacts your voice.


Imagine taking your voice into each energy centre to anchor, ground and earth into that centre and have the benefits of that energy flow through into what you are expressing at ALL times.


Imagine being able to TAP INTO and DIRECT EVERYTHING that sits in your subconscious and unconscious that flows through your voice, to achieve success, call in your dream clients and properly monetise your business.


Imagine your communication being magnetic and easy.

Imagine showing up without the fear and the blocks in your throat. At last!


Imagine feeling energy move through you so you open and step forward instead of contract and retreat.


What flows through your voice is not just words. 

What comes through your voice comes from all parts of your body and being.

An Energetic Answer to Being Seen and Heard


Chakra Voice ensures the resonance and vibration produced through your words is in alignment with the energy of your unique chakra system and your core power and essence.


Chakra Voice helps give an extra depth to the words and communication that flow through your voice.


Chakra Voice gives you the tools to gain the full confidence of having your voice work for you and be 100% aligned and truthful in what you say.

When you align to the ACTUAL truth then you start to get the responses you are hoping for in your communication.


You are probably using 10% of what your voice could be and do.

Uncover your greater capacity to bring it into an alignment that actually serves your truth to create the life you really want.

Your voice starts to serve more powerfully without even having to change your words when you connect to the Chakra Voice Codes.

There is so much more to you that can tap into to direct your power and presence through your voice.

You do not need to let ancient fears stop you.

You can connect to the voice codes in the chakra system to make it easy.


Welcome to

The LightWorker's Voice


You are your business. Marketing, promoting, pitching, requesting, asking, singing… your outcomes of these actions rely on empowered speaking.

Understanding and using the energy field of your voice is a powerful key to effective communication, connection and conversion.

In ancient times it was well known that the practice of toning could harmonize the energy field of the voice and focus it's ability to manifest and master the material world.


Your voice is the path to manifesting a more affluent and cohesive business.

But your voice is much more than just the words you speak.

It is energy too.


Empower your speaking by healing, cleaning up and enlivening the chakra system of the voice so you are backing yourself and your creations energetically to be




Voice Codes

For Conscious Women to up level their Frequency, Intuition and Manifesting to Speak with Confidence and Create Extraordinary Presence and Impact


Rewrite your story 
understanding the voice of intuition and energy
set your compass to success & support
Co- Creating
feeling, creativity & Magnetism
the art of self confidence & connection
Love with your voice
Free your expressive
Clarity, Clairvoyance and direction
ignite your purpose
and Exercises
Crystal Healing
and the voice
Plant Healing
and the voice
the power of affirmation

Chakra Voice Introduction: Rewrite Your Voice Story

Open the door to the Voice Codes to give yourself the power to release limiting beliefs so that you can open up to receive the life that awaits you and let go of your old patterns so that you don’t recreate restricted self-expression dynamics from the past.


Chakra Voice Code #1: Foundation: Reset Your Inner Compass to Confidence and Support


This Voice Code will give you the power to move beyond your fears and ground your voice in a safe zone where you can attract your tribe who appreciate you and will happily spend their money with you. You understand how your ideas about your voice may be blocking you at the root cause level.

Chakra Voice Code #2: Feel your Creative Magnetism


This Voice Code will give you the power to raise your feminine creative frequency so that you are magnetic to high quality clients. This Voice Code will enable you to become visible as your most radiant, feminine self—without dimming down your power—so that your clients will recognize you as the coach or healer that they are seeking and be inspired by your light. It allows you to easily harmonise your sacred selling voice with your authenticity, so they are in balance.

Chakra Voice Code #3: Connection Magic: The Secret Art of Radiating Authority

With your magnetic frequency raised you’ll switch on your attractor energy. The next Voice Code will give you the three “voice super skills” of Authority, Individuality and Personality, so you can navigate your new creative flow and magnetic visibility with confidence, joy and personal power. You will unlock the Warrior Goddess Voice who can safeguard your boundaries and provide a strong container for your wants and needs.

This Voice Code ignites the fire of the I AM to set you on your path to action and speak up.

Chakra Voice Code #4: Rewrite Your Love Story with your Voice


This Voice Code will give you the power to release old pain and grief so that you can open up and ALLOW the bliss of generosity and giving and receiving love in all your communication to flow. You’ll learn how not to hoard your gifts and instead experience the generosity of the universe and all beings when you speak your truth through the heart field. This is where your sacred service and your courage come together rerouting your intuitive intelligences to be magnified by the strongest magnetic field in your body.


Chakra Voice Code #5: Activate Your Expressive Power


This Voice Code is governed by your inner artist, your expressive light, your soul voice. It will enable you to become freely visible to speak your truth. Your authenticity on all levels manifests here and you become a super manifestor of your visions and intentions, unlocking the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower chakras co-ordinate and work together. The pressure valve of your non-permission to be who you truly are is released with trust and confidence.


Chakra Voice Code #6: Direct your Voice from the Command Centre


This Voice Code gives you the power to navigate the early stages of visibility as your core self and forge the bonds of lasting, lifelong, fulfilling clairvoyance and clear thinking. You access your command centre for the bigger picture of your life and unlock the memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages. The masculine and feminine polarities of your brain speak to one another to bring about union and clarity in your mind, so your imagination is unleashed.

If you have ever been restricted in your creative endeavours, connecting this centre to the sacral through your voice will unleash a torrent of creative power in your business.


Chakra Voice Code #7: Tune to your Purpose


The seventh Voice Code fully activates and aligns your purpose with divine Will. It opens a pathway for divine intelligence to become part of your conversations and manifestations. It connects and protects you and allows your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears. 

It unlocks the inspiration factor in your communication, so you find yourself motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.

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If you're facing energy blocks in your voice you'll experience:


  • Getting stuck speaking your truth

  • Struggling to ask for the sale

  • Wondering where your clients are?

  • Difficulty believing that you could be good at public speaking

  • Persistent self-criticism of your own voice

  • Putting off doing videos and facebook 'lives' or beating yourself up after you listen back to them

  • Feeling a 'block' in your throat that is physical or energetic

  • Fear around being fully expressed in your soul work

7 Chakras to Empowered Speaking:

Becoming and being an empowered speaker through the tools of sound healing is easy with your business.

Each chakra represents an energy centre and an opportunity of empowerment to express your business message and share your soul gifts.

  • Base – Grounding, Safety, Money and overcoming Fear

  • Sacral - Speaking from your magnetic power and creativity

  • Solar Plexus - The power within; know thyself, Personality

  • Heart - Heart Speak, Emotion, Radiance and Freedom

  • Throat – Presence, Impact, Truth and the Distribution Centre 

  • Third Eye - Intuition, Clear Messaging

  • Crown - Everything has a voice, Connected: mind-body-spirit-voice, Flow


The Chakra System Offers a MAP to Empowered Speaking

  • Each chakra represents a particular aspect of your experience where your mind, body and soul unite.  

  • Linking each chakra to your voice empowers your capacity to articulate all your experiences.

  • ​Once activated, this makes it SO much easier to clarify your message, come out of hiding and make sales in your business or take on the speaking opportunities that you desire.

  • Procrastinating your purpose becomes a thing of the past and you can speak effectively about everything from finances to divine visioning. 

Unlock your intuition and the power piece in each chakra for your voice.


Perhaps you already find your intuitive insights are strong but not always flowing through to your voice.

You get intense flashes of insight for your clients but when you go to share it you can’t find the words or they get jumbled up.


Perhaps you sense your gifts and abilities but don't quite trust that you have that much magic and wisdom within you.

Perhaps you ask yourself "Who am I to be that powerful?"


Chakra Voice makes it easy.


If you learn to truly love your voice and love with your voice any sense of failure will cease.


You can speak, inspire and resonate with the power and authority of the skilled woman that you are.


Convert your experiences, gifts, potential, beliefs, soul, self and all things that you are into wisdom. 

Be recognised as love in the form of inspiration, guidance, leadership, imagination, knowledge and intuition through your voice.

Results from connecting the centres


  • Personality – You trust yourself and have confidence in your authenticity, your style and your range

  • Inner Power – You develop your authority voice and rock solid confidence 

  • Breathe to Speak – You understand energy flow, vitality and how to access peaceful power in your speaking

  • Heart Speak – You become a loved leader or practitioner in your field. People feel your message

  • Impact – You present and express your true self without eliminate fear and you get noticed

  • Intuition – You are attuned to knowing what to say, when to say it and how powerfully to express your idea

  • Mind Body Spirit Voice – You ignite and embody your own unique frequencies and presence.

"This program created miracles in my life."

Tina Koch - Manifesting coach

Your investment


$1397 AUD


5 X $155

5 x

$297 AUD

Chakra-Points_edited (2).png

The energy system of your voice determines the life force, flow, presence and ease of your communication.

The etheric body of your voice exists through your entire being and manifests as different qualities and abilities of expression/communication faculties in each specific energy centre.

Your larynx itself has an etheric counterpart.

When you understand how to work with the energetic presences or ‘voices’ in your energy centres, and how they set free your practical, physical expression, you uncover a unique confidence to your speaking.


There are three primary voices or ‘codes’ in each of the energy centres that can be activated to empower your business, relationship and spiritual communication.


In the Chakra Voice program you will discover how to unlock each of these voice codes and direct them through your words, sounds and body language to create extraordinary impact.


You will be guided to fully embody these energies and codes so that your entire being is shape shifted. This is because your voice is an expression of your entire and authentic core self. It is inseparable from who you are and it is designed to fulfil your purpose. Your full expression can be activated.


Consciously connecting your etheric voices to your everyday communication sets you free in a way you could not imagine. You connect to the very life force of your expression and the real you is renewed and unleashed.

Your Course Includes 


Nine weeks of intense and joyful supported action.

Learning and applying advanced performance and creation strategies.

Building a success plan for your voice… and integrating that with your existing programs and service.

8 x Assignment Workbooks.

8 x 60 minute Live Q & A and practice calls to discuss and practice.

An easy to follow curriculum designed to get you visioning and manifesting with your voice in 8 weeks.

Discovering, empowering and implementing – with a select group of heart-centred women in a private FB support group.

Expert Guest Masterclasses


Total value: $5,497



Walk away with your voice, vision, value and confidence aligned and ready to go.

Picture This:


The Confidence Package

A Five Module Training to create confidence for women speakers.



The Goddess Voice Success Meditation


In this meditation you will meet the exquisite divine

feminine creator energy of Mother Mary.

She will guide you to travel deep into your inner landscape

of self to heal and tune your energy centres to your most

potent creative energy and your authenticity.

You will be guided to align your soul gifts and clairvoyance

in each energy centre with the greatest success that is possible.


Your Empowered Voice is your tool for Business Success. 


Your voice is a vibrational tool uniquely attuned to serve your soul purpose.


We all have a voice that longs to be seen and heard.

You are MEANT to use the potential in your voice to fulfill your unique calling. Embodying the energetic power of your voice unlocks your potential to create a path of wisdom, action and joy.


Activate and heal your voice and become an Empowered Speaker

with 'Chakra Voice' 

About Your Guide

Dominique has a unique combination of expertise in transformational coaching. She is passionate about helping women to step into their space of personal confidence through 'The Way of the Voice'.

"Your voice holds the potential for manifesting your dream life. Through understanding the signature of your voice you can increase your wealth, love, personal power, creativity, intuition, realise your purpose, empower your advocacy, improve relationships and choose a heart centred business or career.

Dominique has a rare ability to attune herself to the person and the energetics of their voice. She pinpoints blockages and offers effective solutions. Through her professional training she assists people to discover their voice’s full creative potential. For over 25 years she has performed throughout the world with award winning acts and now runs coaching programs to build leadership, confidence and authenticity in relation to vocal expression.

This training is for you if:

  • You wish to use your voice to manifest clients

  • You need to develop your skills in sound and voice

  • You are curious to learn practical skill sets and energy techniques used in the best voice schools in the world

  • You are seeking to understand the foundations of all confidence practice

  • You're feeling the call to empowerment as a teacher, healer or coach

  • You're ready to connect up the amazing pathway from your intuition to your voice 

  • You long to find your unique healing tones

  • You long to speak your truth with authority and generosity.

  • You need to show up on fb lives, selling and podcasts with impact and energy

  • You want to unblock sharing your value and excellence

Chakra Voice

Becoming and being an empowered speaker through the tools of sound healing is easy with your business.

Each chakra represents an energy centre and an opportunity of empowerment to express your business message and share your soul gifts.

  • Base – Grounding, Safety, Money and overcoming Fear

  • Sacral - Speaking from your magnetic power and creativity

  • Solar Plexus - The power within; know thyself, Personality

  • Heart - Heart Speak, Emotion, Radiance and Freedom

  • Throat – Presence, Impact, Truth and the Distribution Centre 

  • Third Eye - Intuition, Clear Messaging

  • Crown - Everything has a voice, Connected: mind-body-spirit-voice, Flow




$1397 AUD


5 X $155

5 x

$297 AUD

Here’s some testimonial love from my clients

"THANK YOU! Dear Dominique, for holding the space for me to fully emerge as a sound healer. Your course has opened me up to the gifts that reside within me and taught me how to release my ability to heal with my voice with grace, love and joy! 
You hold the space and set a wonderful example of living in the true space of healing. You are true Sound Goddess & Priestess and inspiration to me. Thank you for coming forth and ushering me onto a new level healing as a client and practitioner. I am truly grateful to you! Much Love, 

Elizabeth Knudson - Healer


I felt if I found my voice, relationships and business would be easier. I have gained more strength in connection to the natural world and the continuing possibilities that presents for my work.
Training with Dominique is supporting me to seek my own strand of wisdom instead of trying to find it in other peoples, through a fully embodied process. 

I created my first video training last week and received glowing responses.

Sarah Hargreaves - Faerie Plant Patterns Creator Café Owner


Working with Dominique is not like ‘work’.  It’s like having a fairy godmother who helps make your dreams come true. Dominique helped me to reclaim those essential parts of myself, and supported me to realign with who I really am, step by step.  The feeling of coming home to myself is indescribable. I now feel excited about my business, and have a much better understanding of the benefits my clients receive from working with me.  I’m working on a new marketing strategy and can see a clear way forward.  The best part is that I only have to be myself, which clears away the frustration, overwhelm, self-doubt and indecision. Together, we realigned the whole structure and brand of my business so that the thought of it brought me immense joy, excitement and motivation. I enjoy being myself and tweaking my lifestyle and business in celebration of my strengths, talents and skills.

Tina L Koch - Sensory Alchemist


'Dominique is really amazing. Doing work that nobody else is doing. Energetic shifts as well as physical shifts and she's such a gorgeous soul too.'

Lisa Foley - Heart Sentient

'Dominique has a unique ability as facilitator. She is a delightful group leader, open, affirming and encouraging. Her depth of experience means she encompasses participants’ different aims and needs, and gets results.'

Helen Martineau - Author

'Life changing! I am so grateful to have found Dominique and the Empowered Voice Healing Academy.'

Teresa Fino   Healer


I loved my sessions with Dominique! Her capacity to invite you to open up in really gentle ways and support you in that process is amazing. She makes you feel like an absolute goddess and like you have the worlds most incredible voice. She holds such beautiful gentle space.

Emma McAnn - Coach


'Having a massive inspirational breakthrough with regard to my broader vision thanks to the amazing Dominique Oyston!!! She brings out the missing pieces to my own personal puzzle. If you're not working with her yet, DO it! Highly recommended not only for improving your voice but to gain total clarity on your message!'

Helene Weiss - Coach

'I will be eternally gratefully for Dominique's guidance in this program. Her assistance has been monumental in so many ways, more than I expected. From clarifying on my talks and my approach, to so many layers of how to present myself and I can't wait for the next session for her guidance for my talk. I feel so much more confident now. Thank you Dominique. I will thank you more on the stage when I'm famous!!'

Anita Bentata Author - 'The Wolf in a Suit'


'What an work with this amazing woman, musical dynamo and to have had some vocal coaching too... Dominique Oyston fixes voices. If you want help - she is a phenomenal teacher!'

Priscilla Silcock – Sapphira Burlesque Entrepreneur


'Thank you to Dominique Oyston for the amazing, exciting, challenging journey in her program. It was so much more than I was expecting - and I got out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique.  Things will never look (or sound) the same.'

Alice Bulmer - Ukelele Expert

'This woman is AMAZING!  I had a session with her this week to help me with my voice and she truly was out of this world when it came to explaining what was going on. She could see it just by looking at me! 

If you want to work improve your voice in any way or form Dominique is your lady. Such a nurturing way about her. She knows her stuff... loved it!'

Melanie Midegs - The Business Chakra System


'Thank you for the gift of freeing my voice! When I signed up, I was in the middle of recording meditations for an App I was producing. I had already recorded and edited 3 of the 8 meditations. I imagined using your training to help me speak about my App once it was produced as part of the promotion process So I attended online, and listened and learned and went about my business, continuing to record and edit my meditations. Once I was done I listened to all of them again, just to make sure they were up to standard and to my amazement, I found my voice had changed so much I hardly recognise myself from those first few recordings. My voice went from squeaky, high and breathy to rich and full with a deeper resonance and more control. Of course, I recorded them again!!!! So thank you. In 30 days my voice matured 30 years. I don't know the technical terms to describe the changes but I do know that with your help, guidance and support I now have another tool (my voice) I can confidently use to grow my business. Thank you from the bottom of my throat chakra!!!!'

Emma Skeggs - Intuitive Reader

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