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 "business success" sound healing meditations

Welcome to the Business Success Expansion Meditations
with Goddess Voice Academy Founder Dominique Oyston

Use the Business Success Meditations to get results in your business.

Become a vibrational match with the highest level of success available within your own destined path of service.

 Let your Higher Self frequency shine in your message and marketing.

Sound healing is an amplifier of the vibrations that will bring you into your easiest state of alignment.


Sound evokes imagery and memory.

It stimulates ideas and inspiration.

Guided sound healing meditations can connect you to your spirit light, open up soul gifts, natural resources, and hidden wisdom to catapult your focus and purpose.


There are hidden frequency tools that you can use to embody success, create an authority platform, reach ideal clients and establish a consistent income.


Your power source is there. The knowledge of your true self lies deep within you.

It is awakened by the sounds that speaks to your soul.



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The Business meditations are part of the Create Your Signature Program Mastermind. They are designed specifically to support the birthing of programs and a successful soul inspired business.


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The Business meditations are part of the Create Your Signature Program Mastermind. They are designed specifically to support the birthing of programs and a successful soul inspired business.


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The Business meditations are part of the Create Your Signature Program Mastermind. They are designed specifically to support the birthing of programs and a successful soul inspired business.

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What's in the Meditations?

Connect to goddesses

Enter the crystal cave in the earth

Connect to your Higher self, or divine feminine abundance

Gain a higher perspective on the soaring wings of an eagle

Soothe your nervous system

Create your Origin Story

Find your superhero self that is rich with your magnetic essence

Land the clients you long to work with.

Tune to the rhythms and creative energy in the earth.

 Market from your deep down essence

Reconnect with the power of your voice

When you market from your deep down essence there's less push and more flow.

Let your vibration sell you.

be ready for a marketing epiphany

Vibrational alignment is a strategy  to leap forward into the future that you can't do without. 


Your wisdom, skills and experience are enhanced when you clear your inner  blocks and create the space to make micro-choices moment by moment that work.

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Business Success Bundle 1


Business Success Bundle 2



Business Success Bundle 3



Heal your Throat Chakra

Be inspired to join in with the sounds.
The Business Success Meditations offer a healing journey for your throat centre.


Song Healing to activate Your Expressive Power


Before the Goddess spoke, she sang. To fully express the frequency of the Goddess you must conquer your fear and honour your own innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called.

Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.


This Voice Code is governed by your inner artist, your expressive light, your soul voice.

Use sound to become a super manifestor of your visions and intentions.

You can both receive and/or learning toning and sound healing meditations with Dominique.


Dominique has been channeling goddess energies since she was a little girl writing songs for the flowers, beings and elementals in her garden. It took her decades to understand how to bring this out into the open.

Her live calls include guided voice activation meditations.


Many of us can trace our ancestry back to times where women were medicine women, herbalists, shamans, priestesses and more. We carry the power of this in our DNA.


The Goddess Voice Academy is a high frequency sanctuary where the goddess awakenings are a core part of your experience.

Dominique's long career as a professional opera singer and Intuitive Sound Healer with an internationally celebrated voice, brings power and magic to the art of sound healing that is unique in its luminosity.

Her voice reaches into your soul, mind and body to nurture your transformation. The vibration is the equilibrium that brings balance and accelerates your personal growth and intuitive abilities.


"Before the Goddess spoke, she sang."

Be inspired to rediscover the priestess skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them.

These are life skills that will change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You will be an enchantress of your life.

Song Healer

You have magic in your voice too. Learn how to use it to heal. 

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration.

Chanting and toning raise your awareness of this signature vibration and help to heal energy blocks. It opens up your intuition. It flows like music. All ancient cultures used the voice to heal nad connect with the earth. Discover its power again in YOU.

Benefits of throat chakra healing

  • Healing old wounds

  • Releasing the pain and grief from being disconnected from the earth

  • Opening up to giving and receiving love in all your communication

  • Finding your service

  • No longer hoarding your gifts

  •  Speaking your truth from your heart

  • Rewriting the story of your power

  • Becoming more physically, emotionally and vocally powerful

  • Feeling comfortable with visibility as your core self

  • Becoming more intuitive, imaginative and inspirational

  • Unlocking memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages.

This is for you if you wish to:

Deliver authority in your communication.

Accelerate the emergence of your gifts and purpose

Access deeper levels of your intuition and healing ability

Understand how to raise your feminine frequency 

Speak your truth with ease and confidence

Understand the cycle of confidence

Ground your power in Nature

Unlock the strength of your voice

Connect to Goddess Wisdom 

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My work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation, inspiration, success and earnings.

I'm an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and award winning professional international singer.  For over 25 years I have performed throughout the world.

My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and

inspire from the stage.

I am a life-long student of yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, 

body-language, spiritual healing and Steiner teaching.  I was raised in the

theatre and I am a mum to two boys.

                        I am in service to your divine voice.


 To Dominique Oyston and the Goddess Voice Academy, which is growing, blossoming, mushrooming into an amazing space of transformational power. It’s a wonderful, fun, dynamic group that’s going places, both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

 It is so much more than I was expecting - and I get out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted in the Facebook group. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique. I’m still very much a beginner, but already some things will never look (or sound) the same.

Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer Music


Teresa Fino

Vibrational Medicine Intuitive

To the divine goddess that is Dominique Oyston for her fabulous Goddess Voice Academy which she has lovingly crafted with passion and generosity of spirit. 


Her knowledge is truly deep and I am continually being WOW’ed and confronted each and every week. My voice has been released to be more visible and heard in the world, layer by layer, and it’s getting stronger by the day. I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m feeling a powerful energy rising up within me, propelling me forward, with a powerful voice to match it. 

A deep bow of gratitude to you Dominique for having the courage to heed the call to gather us for this vital work on the planet. 


Heidi Hosking

Awakened Parenting

To the wisest voice Goddess herself, Dominique Oyston!

I am only just getting started on her Goddess Voice Academy and already I am really just amazed at Dominique's wisdom and what I can learn from her (even when I had a gut feeling she'd be good..!).

I've been learning about the maiden voice and the mother voice within my business and so much ancient wisdom about the voice and femininity that is important for us all to know. It's far more than just speaking or singing.

And not to mention the toning which has been so great to have a reason to use my voice and for good reason.


I highly recommend joining the Goddess Voice Academy!!!

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