Igniting your Inner Heroine with JOAN OF ARC

  • Unlocking your heroic voice

  • courage

  • commitment 

  • the sacred light of your inner voice

Root Chakra Goddess Voice: Birthing your Power with  MARY MAGDALENE & GAIA 

  • Calling your tribe

  • Life Force Voice / Money Voice

  • Speaking with the Earth

  • Confident Body Language

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen Chalice Priestess of Avalon

Sacral Chakra Goddess Voice:  Womb Speaking with APHRODITE & OSTARA

  • Presence Voice

  • Emotional Connection Voice

  • Confident Body language

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen 

Solar Plexus Goddess Voice:  Warrior Goddess Authority with SEKHMET & ATHENA

  • Expressing your personal power

  • Setting boundaries

  • The  Sound of the Warrior Goddess Voice

  • Empowering your Breath  

Heart Chakra Goddess Voice: Listening and Speaking with Love with Green TARA

  • Mother Voice

  • Soul Speaking and Singing

  • Heart Voice

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen

Throat Chakra Goddess Voice: Sharing your Sacred Word with SARASWATI

  • Truth Speaking

  • The HEALING Word and Voice

  • Sacred Communication 

  • Confident Body Language

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen 

3rd Eye Goddess Voice:  Intuitive Vision and Message with ARIANRHOD 

  • Intuitive Speaking

  • The New Oracle/SoulSeeing

  • Message Clarity

  • Confident Body Language

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen  

Crown Chakra Goddess Voice:  How to Inspire with BRIGID 

  • Inspirational and motivational speaking

  • Being a Light for the World

  • Confident Body Language

  • Voice Magic with Gwendolen 

Stepping in to your TOWER OF LIGHT with SOPHIA

  • Circle Voice

  • Presenting

  • Holding Space

  • Initiation and Wisdom

  • Unlocking your gifts

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