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Five Ways to Build Confidence in Your Intuitive Voice

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

By Dominique Oyston.

When was the last time you trusted your gut feelings, with no questions asked?

Understanding intuitive wisdom is a key component of my teaching as I find many women lack confidence in their intuition. You might think that intuition is something that you either have or you don’t have, but having studied it, I can tell you that intuition is something that is built. In the same way you learned how to speak as a child, you need to learn how to speak the language of intuition.

Learning this language takes time and requires persistent and specific practices. Using these practices, allows you to build your awareness and sensitivity to your inner landscape. Then you can focus this towards the outside world, allowing you to experience intuitive knowing.

What is intuition?

Intuition is an ability to know or understand something without conscious reasoning.

Intuition is one of your perceptional abilities, along with feeling, sensing, instinct, imagination and thinking. It is a pathway for developing your spiritual and practical wisdom.

Intuition can come to us through:

  • The energy centres or chakras

  • The energetic or etheric body

  • The soul body

  • The senses

  • The nervous system

  • Abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance

  • The emotional field

  • Imagination or inner pictures

  • Dreams

Your intuition gives you access to everything that Spirit allows you to perceive. Expanding your intuition will enable you to see and experience the many wonders of the world in a more profound and delightful way.

Why is intuition important?

If you are in a position of guidance or leadership, whether it be in your business or your spiritual practice, you need to stand in the spotlight. You need to be authentically seen and heard, which requires a huge amount of confidence.

Confidence becomes easy when you are anchored in your relationship to your soul, your intuition, your value and your expression. Trusting in yourself and your intuition, inspires others to trust in your message and your vision.

Your voice increases your intuition

Did you know that your voice is a natural amplifier of everything you are, including your intuitive nature? Your voice brings your intuition to life, rather than leaving it circulating through your thoughts, without being expressed. It is the most powerful tool you have for creating change and most of us long for our intuitive capacities to change us through personal growth and brilliant communication.

Are you using your voice to activate your intuitive gifts or are you trying to do it all in your mind?

Five steps to building confidence in your intuition with your voice

1. Ground the nervous system

Most of us have self-doubt around ourselves and our voice. When you lack confidence in your voice, it doesn’t feel safe to voice your intuitive knowing. Sensing your fear, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in with its fight/flight or freeze mode, and your intuition becomes blocked. You need to make yourself feel safe before you are able to give voice to what you know your intuition is telling you.

To ground your nervous system, all you need is a good mantra!

Your power words: ‘It is safe for me to be seen and heard as my full spiritual self. I am safe.’

Just as long as you use your voice and say it out loud.

2. Affirm your magical abilities

Forget about the knight in shining armour. You are the magic. You are the heroine of your own life. It’s time to give yourself permission to be that powerful, intuitive self within once more. A magical way to give yourself permission is through affirmations. You could speak your own if one comes to you, or you could use the following:

  • I reclaim my beautiful voice

  • I reclaim my power

  • I reclaim my magic

  • I breathe easily, and I reclaim my space

  • I claim my strength to embrace the shadow and the light

  • I reclaim the power and presence of my own story

  • It is safe for me to express my authentic self

  • It is safe for my voice to be heard

3. Use the power of the breath and the solar plexus

Your breath connects you to the rhythms of the universe. The rhythm of breath is part of cosmic and natural law. It gives your voice life, starting at the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the home of your gut feelings and instincts, and the seat of your personal power. Every time you breathe, you can bring the power and vitality of your intuition through to the throat centre.

To step into your personal power, your voice, and your intuition, you need to clear the energy of the solar plexus. You can do this using the ancient chant, ‘Sa Sekhem Sahu’, the chant of the lioness-headed goddess of ancient Egypt, Sekhmet.

Chanting will revitalise your solar plexus energy, allowing it to fully mirror and resonate your intuitive voice out into the world. Using her chant will teach your instinctive nature to cleanse, purify, heal and support your intuitive power.

4. Heal the spirit of your voice

Many intuitive ‘hits’ or ‘aha’ moments will come through your life force body, called the energetic, pranic or etheric body. This is where your chakras act as receiving stations, picking up on information for your intuition.

Every aspect of the physical body has a counterpart in the etheric, including your larynx. The spirit of your voice flows through this etheric body. Therefore, you can use physical elements to influence and heal the etheric.

To heal the spirit of your voice, you’ll need to use things like nature, water, plants and your breath. Spending time in nature, energises your intuitive pathways. This may be as simple as going for a walk, or you could take it up a notch and chant or breathe with the trees and the plants around you.

5. Unseal the Sacred Lineages of your voice

Finally, dare to unlock the inner heroine of your voice. You are Joan of Arc or Aphrodite. Yours is the voice of the Oracle, the Priestess, the Wild Goddess, the Grail Keeper, the Muse. It is time to set her free from secrecy and silence and liberate her intuitive intelligence through your voice.

Here is the process I use to free the Sacred Lineages of the intuitive voice within.

  1. Set up a little ritual space that you love. It can be inside or outside – wherever you feel focused.

  2. Go through your clearing and protection ritual (imagining White Light is good for this).

  3. Breathe deeply into your belly and close your eyes. Relax the muscles in your tongue, your jaw, your neck, your eyes and your shoulders.

  4. Imagine yourself in an ancient time, in a temple, or out in nature. It might be 10,000 years ago. Here, the oracular presence is strong within you. The goddess presence is strong within you. The priestess presence is strong within you. Stay connected to the Light. Feel yourself expand with the light from your soul.

  5. You’ll begin to hear a sound. As it moves through you, your heart responds. Give voice to this sound from your heart. Even the smallest sound is fine – there is no wrong or right sound. Tune your heart with this sound. Allow it to heal and bring in the light.

  6. Finally, let the sound move out into the future with love. Your voice is taking you forward. It is healing the times of silence. It allows you to become confident and visible as the shining being you truly are.

  7. Finish the practice by affirming to yourself, out loud:

As I use my voice, I bring light. As I use my voice, I bring healing. As I use my voice, I restore my soul. As I use my voice, I create miracles. I am intuitive, and I am free!

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