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Awaken the Quiet Power of your Voice

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THIS IS FOR YOU IF -  you are irresistibly called to share you message and your gifts but are struggling with your natural quietness and stillness to charge up your voice and visibility to get the results you need in your business or life.

This training offers  the magical skill sets that awakening Intuitives, Introverts, Seekers and Creatives need to be powerful with their voice, create the authority platform they are born for, reach their ideal clients and create a consistent income.

To get the best results in your communication your VOICE must be a vibrational match for your true nature.

 Your personality and 'soul frequency' MUST shine through to have the success you seek.

This unique curriculum offers tools from a visionary voice coach to conquer the fears and doubts that are unique to you as an Intuitive Wise Woman that hold you back from doing


It's very simple.

Introverts have a unique blueprint for SUCCESS.

Join to discover the communication tools to make this EASIER.


Combine healing with professional speaking, singing skill sets designed for women, that will allow you to practically set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose that are UNIQUE for the Intuitive Introvert requirements for expression and that gets results.


What you struggle with as an Intuitive whose voice is not connected.

  • You would rather write than speak

  • You would rather spend the day in silence rather than market your products and services on fb lives

  • You would rather talk to one person who gets you than to an invisible audience of 'do they even care'?

  • When you step up to the camera, your brain, your mouth and your body don't co-operate with a desired performance benchmark to get results

  • Just because you don't talk as much doesn't mean that you have nothing of value to say but does anyone know that?

  • If you are not solidly connected with the deeper meaning of your topic you get jumbled and feel shallow and inadequate adn end up backing away and feeling less than

  • You are not making enough money from your work.

  • You fantasize about saying the right thing at the right time and being the 'one' with the answers

  • You ask yourself "How do I get my power out?"

  • You long for your voice to be magical - perhaps to tone, chant, invoke, heal, find your soul song and wow your listeners.

the Modules

Each Module introduces you to the qualities and vibrational power of a Goddess as a "Voice Code".

Rediscover your Intuitive Deep Nature that feels so introverted.

Connect your Voice to an Inner Power Source to

 Speak Up and Out and get going into the Riches that await you.


You don't need to stay stuck with feeling that marketing is not for you.

 You don't have to try and keep up with the extrovert style.


Even if you're only a little bit Introvert - it's important to acknowledge the magnetic resonance of the heart and work with it.


Intuitive Introvert Creative strategies for the Unblocking the Voice are clear and so EASY.


They suit your energetic identity and get you out into the world with joy!


module #1 deep intuition

with Arianrhod: Soul Keeper. Tune to your wisdom, intuitive introvert gifts & Purpose


Arianrhod, the Introvert Celtic Goddess of the Silver Wheel, teacher of  wizards, heroes and leaders, guides you to clearly see the unique soul design of YOUR communication.

This Voice Code activates and aligns your voice with your purpose and natural gifts, set aside since ancient times for THIS LIFETIME.

Discover the pathway for your soul resources to become part of your conversations.

Unlock the inspiration factor in your communication.

Learn the INTROVERT KEY to motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.