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Dominique Oyston
singer   speaker    creator    entrepreneur

Dominique Oyston is a trailblazing Australian soprano, voice visionary, and Founder of The Goddess Voice Academy™ . I'm an inDouble click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.

a platform designed to re-introduce the spiritual, energetic, creative, and awakening feminine forces of the voice to modern speakers, leaders, and conscious entrepreneurs.

Dominique’s dynamic 25 year stage career, magical voice, and powerful intuitive channel plus 30 years study of mythology, spirituality, and healing have led her to create a unique body of work and make her a world class teacher of how to rebirth personal power through the voice.

Dominique speaks, sings, and heals from the stage on summits, podcasts, and conferences. In her programs she guides clients to fully embody their goddess nature and gifts and turn their mission into a luminous message that resonates powerfully to create ripples of change.

Book Dominique for your next event or summit.

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My Story

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Born into a well known theatrical family, performing is in Dominique's blood...and with grandmother Shelia Florance playing the iconic TV character "Lizzie" in Prisoner - just a dash of Maverick spark.

In fact, 2 powerful matriachal grandmothers and a author/historian mother have passed on a lineage of female wisdom and presence,

After offering workshops and teaching, Dominique founded The Goddess Voice Academy®

Dominique is an agent for change. Her teachings on the Lost Voices of the Divine Feminine are creating a ripple of inspiration through the world of women entrepreneurship.

She is an inspirational and warm speaker and storyteller and her addition of song in her keynotes and guest conversations

Frequency is at the core of existence. It’s important for humanity to learn the language of vibration. The entire cosmos and all nature are constructed through frequency, vibration, and sound. It is about the feminine within all of us at the level of frequency and light, the frequency of the goddess within.

Singing and Performing

a lifelong investigation of the relationship between the voice and spirituality and the transformational power of the healing voice. She say "The world around me has always felt alive with some sort of spiritual force. I call it enchantment. I have always been told that my voice heals, and I’ve learned to use this consciously"

Dominique has sung around the world for companies such as ANZ, CBA, NAB, BHP, at many leading innovation, education, entrepreneurship and technology conferences

CPA, Rotary, various Governments, Universities and schools.


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She is the co-author in 3 Amazon bestselling multi-author books published by AMA publishing.

Dominique features on four albums with the acclaimed singing group Pot-Pourri and has released a solo album "Art Songs". She sings in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Italian, Russian.
Some trivia facts about me:
•    I facilitate a fabulous Facebook Group – Divine Feminine Archetype Explorers 
•    I've created about 20 programs for GVA in the last 7 years...some of them are having a nap!
•    I have a background in acting and opera.
Language, arts, metaphysics and social justice kind of belong together in my book
•    I'm a Scorpio and a Projector, if you're into Human Centred Design. The short version is I'm somewhat mysterious, obsessed with transformation, relentlessly creative and passionate.
•    I have sung (personally) for most of the Premiers and Prime Ministers of this country (within my lifetime) and spent 10 years living the high life, traveling to oodles of different countries with an award winning corporate performance act Pot Pourri.

•    Life is always on the up and up as far as I'm concerned – and a joyous soul adventure to be fully embraced.
•    I was born in swinging London when the Beatles were loving everyone yeah, yeah, yeah.  I lived next to the Natural History Museum where the world of history, mystery and dinosaurs amazed me daily. 
•    I walked to the canal with my dad and mum singing to the ducks every day and through beech wood and fairy paths, ancient stone circles and Roman roads. I was raised with Shakespeare and Joseph Campbell and danced to Tchaikovsky non stop.
•    I am here to change the world. I really am. I know you are too.
•    I love Nature with all my heart. Children and animals being loved stories make me cry…instantly.

I LOVE dancing...and have home discos with my kids.

It's nice to e-meet you. I know this is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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