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Goddess voice

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Are you ready for a Performance Epiphany?

Discover the true nature of your voice...

Embody your natural clairvoyance and SPEAK IT CONFIDENTLY!

If you long to use your voice as a powerful call to action for others but hesitate to speak your truth...


If you long to master your intuitive voice but struggle with with confidence and authenticity...

If you are frustrated by needing to reach your ideal clients and create a consistent income but can't seem to get visible...

Are you calling upon the Earth herself to tune your voice and message?

Earth is shifting to a new vibration and if you accommodate this frequency, your voice and your message can ring loud and clear and you can feel confident in delivering it to others.

The time has come to make your VOICE a vibrational match for these things and UNBLOCK the pathway to self-expression and success!

 Stop wasting time trying to create and market without tuning into and aligning with the Earth and offering her reverence.

In this program the goddesses are offering a five step system to work with the power of the elements in your voice and nature to speak confidently and powerfully.

This unique curriculum offers tools from the Goddesses and a visionary voice coach to conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back from doing


Are you ready to be part of the change?

This program is especially beneficial for INTUITIVE INTROVERTS who do not naturally speak up and out.

You are full of wisdom, skills and experience but  you may need to get your voice ready to leap forward into the future.

If your nature is creative, intuitive and introvert then it is vital for you to find the inner power and natural cycles of your voice to have it shine.


"Be the Goddess that you are.”

Stop wasting your energy trying to be heard without knowing how a goddess does this. Discover ancient wisdom, and modern performance skills to guide you through long hidden feminine secrets of expression to unlock your purpose.

The Earth Reverence Voice Codes in this curriculum will guide you to fully step into your essence and presence and find your voice.


You will be guided through five powerful journeys to heal and activate strategic frequencies within you for confidence, self-belief, magnificence and fulfilment you long for.


In each Goddess Journey you will experience world class speaking, singing and feminine alignment skill sets that will allow you to practically set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.


Heal your Lineage of Power

Journey with the Goddesses to re-open the DNA pathways to your heritage of female wisdom and intuition.

Your gifts will have been laying dormant for centuries. Waiting.  Now is the time to

Heal the Voice of your True Nature.


Reconnect your Voice to the Earth

Meet the Elemental Goddesses who will guide you on this journey to reconnect your voice to its power.

Their teaching is a rebirth of an ancient ritual to consecrate your voice as a vehicle for the divine and for your soul's purpose.

Awaken the elemental energies of your voice.

Awaken your gifts.


Persephone: Cycle of confidence

Ancient feminine wisdom teaches that confidence and visibility are cyclic and rhythmic. They are not meant to be pushed like a slave to relentlessly perform.

Learn how to shine your light when it is right and needed and in alignment with the earth and spirit frequencies and your soul.


Pele: Create your life

 You have primal creative forces in your voice at your disposal if you choose to ground and listen and learn to let them run as fire through your body. 

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration. Experience the epic power of your own frequency and set if free.


Tethys: Emotional power

Learn how to be the goddess of your emotions and use them like tidal waves or gentle swells with your audience.

You cannot feel truly safe or grow into your full self without understanding your feelings and moving them through your message.


Song Healer: Nature Intuitive

Chanting and toning means you can align your intuition more easily. They follow the same path of flow. All ancient cultures used the voice to heal and connect with the Earth. 

This wisdom disappeared with the Goddess.

Discover its power again in YOU.


Aphrodite: Find your beauty

You have magic in your voice and presence. Learn how to contain it and sparkle with purpose.

Harmonise all the elements within you like music. Radiate with your  feminine intuition and wisdom. 


Brigid: See your value

Stand in your power with this Sovereign Queen of the Land,  the Alchemical Triple Goddess  of the 4 fires and the purifying waters.

Brigid's fires have served the world for aeons. Let your spiritual fire , your earth nature and your voice serve also.


The 'Reconnect Your Goddess Voice' Journey

Your voice reveals who you are at the deepest levels and success comes with mastering your voice.

When you speak people recognise if you are shy or confident, clear or ungrounded.

They know if they want to work with you or not. The more wore you do on your voice, the easier it is for them to hear you and to say yes to working with you.

Goddess energies open up specific exciting and necessary qualities in your voice and message that make it easier to be seen and heard in the way you love.


Goddess Voice Code #1: Persephone: Discover the Feminine Cycle of Confidence


Persephone's Goddess Voice Code aligns your voice with the natural  rhythms of your physical body and the cycle of confidence. Persephone opens a pathway for your gifts and abundant natural resources (often unrecognised or blocked) to become part of your conversations in natural rhythm.

Confident expression is NOT a static state. It moves, shifts and goes through cycles. We are meant to feel this as a deeper intelligence and move with the natural ebb and flow of light and darkness, inwards and outward expression.

This wisdom has been completely forgotten for the voice and speaking up. Everything has its time and place including your message. If you are not tapping into goddess wisdom to express in perfect timing then you are wasting your energy and you are out of sync with your nature. This is especially true for women whose bodies are governed by the moon.

Persephone's code reveals the incredible freedom of working with the cycles of confidence for your voice and message.


Goddess Voice Code #2: Tethys: Embrace Depth: the Power of Emotional Connection


You have to be connected to your feelings and your story to capture the hearts and minds of an audience. As a performer with 25 years on stage I can tell you -don't even bother if you aren't weaving feeling through your expression and message. Tethys’s Goddess Voice Code shows you how to express the power of your emotions safely and wisely so you look and sound magnificent. Tethys shows you how you soul uses feelings as a sensing tool for your intuition.

This Voice Code shows you how to ground your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears. You will experience your voice as a magical gift of your body as a  temple for your voice rather than something that causes you disappointment and frustration.

Tethys connects you to Deep Belonging, the Infinite Love of Mother Earth and your Song of Creation.

This goddess of the ocean is so powerful. Just as your own emotions and feelings are so powerful when you use them to connect in your voice.

Goddess Voice Code #3: Aphrodite: Magnetise: the Art of Radiating Confidence

Aphrodite's Voice Code is the Song of Harmony. She shows you how to harmonise and bring together all the elements so they sing together in a symphony of light.  Aphrodite is all sparkle and magnetic light.  With your magnetic frequency raised you’ll switch on your attractor energy so that you are visible to high quality clients. When you do this in harmony with your own Intuitive nature instead of pushing through visibility flows. There is no visibility without reconciling your body issues. Aphrodite teaches you to love, love yourself and rejoice in the harmony of body, mind, heart and spirit that you are.

Aphrodite’s Goddess Voice Code will enable you to become seen and heard as your most radiant, feminine self—without dimming down your power—so that your clients will recognise you as the coach or healer that they are seeking.

Aphrodite harmonises and balances the masculine and feminine polarities within your voice so you can access both skill sets to bring a super sexy magnetic balance to your messaging


Goddess Voice Code #4: Pele: Get Grounded: The Energy to Create and Perform

Pele is primal creative fire. Every woman on Earth is connected to this power.  Pele will show you how to raise your feminine creative frequency without burning out. With Pele you can create anything you wish, ask for anything you want and say what you need. But you have to work with your fire energy and channel it. There are specific ways to do this. Pele grounds you into the earth so you are rock solid and shows you how to create at the ground level.  Volcanoes create landscapes. You are here to co-create your life.

Fire also unlocks the inspiration factor in your communication, so you find yourself motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success. You are here to create. You may as well do it in style and in a way that warms and lights up the world.

Goddess Voice Code #5: Brigid: Awakening: See your Way and Inspire

Brigid was a Seer, one of the most powerful Intuitives the Celtic Mysteries have known.

The Goddess Voice Code of Brigid teaches you to see the story that every woman must heal within her own being: to be the queen she is, to be the intuitive she is, to be the light she is, to be the speaker of earth wisdom she is, to be the womb of creation and to return her voice to the world after thousands of years of being hidden. No wonder we struggle to speak up. 

Brigid's light has burned through the centuries. She will show you how to endure and how to shape-shift and stay relevant regardless of the change of environment or consciousness. Every woman is gifted. But we have to go exploring in the inner darkness of our being to find those gifts. That is where we forge our strength - in seeking to see more deeply. With Brigid you resurrect your nature  to heal and flow with confidence, joy and personal power. You unlock the permission to be YOU, safeguard your boundaries and build your business to be a strong container, a magical river for your wants and needs. You see yourself as the priestess, lover, healer, teacher and queen you truly are.

Goddess Voice Code #6: Song Healing to activate Your Expressive Power


Before the Goddess spoke, she sang. To fully express the frequency of the Goddess you must conquer your fear and honour your own innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called.

Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.


This Voice Code is governed by your inner artist, your expressive light, your soul voice. It will enable you to become freely visible to speak your truth. Your authenticity on all levels manifests here and you become a super manifestor of your visions and intentions, unlocking the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower chakras co-ordinate and work together. The pressure valve of your non-permission to be who you truly are is released with trust and confidence.

Join the Journey to discover the Elemental Feminine Power of your Voice. 


If your throat centre is blocked:

  • You get the shakes

  • You don't trust yourself

  • You procrastinate or sabotage your big visibility plans.

  • Your message is muddled, half baked or not in flow.

  • You hide your full potential, your truth and your light.

  • You are not making enough money from your work.

  • I know. I've been there too.

Perhaps you already find your intuitive insights are strong but not always flowing through to your voice.

Perhaps you sense your gifts and abilities but don't quite trust that you have that much magic and wisdom within you.

Perhaps you ask yourself "Who am I to be that powerful?"

Perhaps you long to tone, chant, invoke, heal, find your soul song and create magic with your voice?

Heal your throat centre and you find your unique blueprint for success.


Benefits of Reconnecting your Voice to the Earth


You Heal Old Wounds


These Go