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Welcome change-makers to





Do you need to increase your REACH and the clarity of your MESSAGE ?

Are you an INTUITIVE INTROVERT who struggles to be SEEN and HEARD?

EXPERIENCE the vibrational support and strength of the Warrior Goddesses

in each chakra of your body and business to clear seven blocks deep invisibility and gain the power to step up to your sovereignty.

Super charge your confidence to take action in each of the seven feminine power zones.


DIRECT YOUR WARRIOR GODDESS ENERGY to achieve success, call in your dream clients and properly monetise your business.

 Radiate SEVEN FEMININE QUALITIES to change your relationship to Success.

Combine the Tools of the Warrior Goddess and a Visionary Voice Coach to conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back from doing



The Warrior Goddess Codes guide you through Seven Layers of Deep Feminine Invisibility to unlock your wisdom packages power and light

that sit beneath the blocks.


 Activate the seven strategic frequencies for confidence, self-belief,


and easy visibility.


Experience world class speaking, singing and feminine alignment skill sets.

Set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.

Awaken your Presence and Radiance.

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The Goddesses who will help you get Visible


Goddess Visibility Code #1 Joan of Arc: Radical Visibility - Be seen as a Voice for Change


Joan of Arc is the new Oracle. Her Goddess Visibility Code is to reclaim the Power of your Voice to Inspire. You are here on the earth at this time for a beautiful purpose and you must unlock the power of your voice to achieve that. 

Your voice opens a pathway for divine intelligence to become part of your conversations and manifestations. Joan's outstanding courage protects you and allows your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears as you prepare your human self to be a more powerful container for your soul light.

Unlock the inspiration factor in your communication and find yourself motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.


Goddess Visibility Code #2 Freya: Feel Free and be seen as Magnetic

Let’s start with abundance! Freya clears the path for your sexual power to merge with you head and heart and learn how to have your soul light flow right through your three levels of being. With your magnetic frequency raised you’ll switch on your attractor energy so that you are visible to high quality clients. Freya teaches you that you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to succeed. Her Goddess Visibility Code enables you to be seen and heard as your most radiant, feminine self—without dimming down your power—so that your clients will recognize you as the coach or healer that they are seeking and be inspired by your light. It frees you to bring a super sexy magnetic balance to your messaging.

Goddess Visibility Code #3 Artemis: Be seen as a Light Bearer and a Wisdom Keeper


Artemis’s Goddess Visibility Code will give you the power to understand how wisdom is anchored inside you, so it grows brighter and brighter over time regardless of the changes in your physical body. She shows you how to focus where you place your consciousness to resurrect your True Nature, your Source and heal Self- Judgement so you can create with confidence, joy and personal power. Discover how to go hunting in the shadows for the authentic elements, how to safeguard your boundaries and stay connected to the light of your inner wisdom to become visible as a light bearer for your clients. Unlock the unique truth in your nature with compassion and accuracy.

Goddess Visibility Code #4 Morrigan: Be seen as the Magical Power that is Rising

​ One of the reasons we hide our light is to be seen only when we are in success mode. We fear being found to be a fraud. That is a complete unreality. We all struggle at times. We all fail. You are not a fraud if part of your life is being broken down. You are a Goddess. And the Goddess moves with the cycles of growth and experience and builds her magic. Learn how to build your voice and visibility around the power to be in the darkness of an Initiation phase without apologising or pretending.

Goddess Visibility Code #5 Athena: Be seen as Briliant in your Zone of Genius


Like Artemis, Athena is a Wisdom Keeper but her visibility skill set is to teach you to see and listen to the truth. To be a Truth Speaker is to reveal your inner genius.  So much of what we believe about ourselves is false and so we share falsehoods unknowingly. Athena will help you cut through the illusions and attachments to bring awakening and clarity. She teaches you how to listen with your mind, instinct and intuition together and keep your channels clean of intrusions from the outside world that have shut the uniqueness of your self and your power down. ATHENA – DEEP LISTENING TO THE STRATEGY THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU – FOR YOUR HEROIC JOURNEY

Goddess Visibilty Code #6 Sekhmet: Be seen as a Healing Force

Sekhmet is might and right and healing power in action. This part of the training develops your performance skill sets for big visibility. No hiding once this light is unleashed! Learn how to integrate your voice with your physical power, your life force, your breath and your personal authority. You will learn to utilise the performance power of sacred breath passing through the heart space, awakening and integrating the multidimensional layers of the body to heal as you speak. Visibility requires that you understand your impact upon an audience. Sekhmet holds the keys.

Goddess Visibility Code #7: Nike: Be seen as a Leader - the One who wears the Crown


Nike’s Goddess Visibility Code is to carry yourself intuitively and strategically as a leader and a sovereign being for yourself and others. Ancient feminine ‘magic’ included being able to shape-shift, fly (connect with the Gods in the astral) and foresee the future. Nike can hone your psychic gifts. As a Warrior she gives you battle speed. If you’re to be in a fight you want it to be over as quickly as possible and to be on the winning side. Clairvoyantly, she will show you where the WIN is. Nike is the charioteer and will keep you tuned on an intuitive level to the quickest pathway through the fight against your lower nature. Like Joan of Arc she will guide you forward into new realms of consciousness and award your courage. To conquer one’s human nature and inspire it with divine energy is the mark of divine feminine leadership. The value of a victory comes with the difficulty of a challenge.  Articulate your stories of victory. You have earned your stripes.


If you are joining the co-authored book journey this is where you will finish and deliver your chapter.


Goddess Visibility Code #8: Song Healing with Quan Yin: Let your Heart be Heard

 Each week we will tune in to Quan Yin in a Song Healing call. Before the Goddess spoke, she sang. The singing voice BELONGS to the feminine! Your will grow in range and expression if you add toning and chanting to your practice of expanding your inner light. Quan Yin’s vibration of compassion will support you to conquer any old fears about not being able to use your voice in this way and honour your own innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called. 

Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.

Chanting and toning connect the pathways between the divine voice and the human voice more powerfully that any speaking practice ever will.

This is for you if you need to:

Increase your magnetic presence to be recognisable online

Clarify your gifts and purpose 

Go into the deep levels of your intuition and healing abilities

Raise your feminine frequency to feel more confident

Speak your truth with ease in front of anyone

Remove the biggest blocks in your energy field

Access your own Inner Warrior Goddess nature

Increase the strength  and focus of your voice and message

Learn Intuitive Introvert Creative strategies for  winning in business

Joan of Arc: Heroic voice


Connect your Voice to your Purpose with Joan of Arc

Visibility Layer 1

Joan of Arc was the Divine Oracle of Love and Freedom, who gives safe passage for your voice through the Seven Layers of Feminine Visibility.

Experience her frequency to consecrate your voice as a vehicle for your soul's purpose.

Awaken your gifts.


Visibility Layer 2

Delighting in your Magnetic Fire with Freya

Freya will support you to clear the deep invisibility layer of sexual shame so you can freely access your creative fertility, your magnetism and joy.

She is like sunshine for your soul.


Visibility Layer 5

Deep Listening with Athena

Which inner voices are you listening to that block your wisdom and intuition?

Strategically manage the primal voices of the  inner critic, the saboteur, fear, shame. guilt, the wounded child and the prostitute to think, know and share your truth.