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Master your Message and Vision Training 


Are you ready to fully spiritually align your message with your purpose?

Do you long to use your voice as a powerful call to action for others but need to focus your communication effectively?


Do you feel the call to finally master your confidence and still express authentically?


Are you ready to embrace your own power, presence, gifts and memories as an oracle, healer or priestess and use them to up level your service in your business?


Are you ready to reach your ideal clients and make some money from your message?

Unlock the true and ancient intuitive power of your voice with the Goddesses


You are highly intuitive, skilled in your field and gifted BUT you lack the dynamic confidence to express this intuition as part of your innate leadership. Your voice is not used to streaming the full power of your sacred self to an audience who is ready and longing to hear you.


Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve, guide and fulfil your gifts. It is a gift. Grasp this tool and learn to wield it to do what you are born to do, say what you are truly here to say and step into your goddess self without fear or hesitation.



Up-level your skills in the new paradigm of feminine leadership: define your energetic container and hold a sacred space to inspire and motivate others as you really see them. 


Activate the hidden power inside YOU, throw the lid off your potential, and step into your divinely aligned self. Become fully balanced in the masculine and feminine powers of authoritative and connected communication.


Deliver your mission and your message with impact and the full vibration of your soul light moving through everything you say and do.



If you learn to truly love your voice and love with your voice any sense of failure will cease.

With Special Guest MasterClasses from:

Lizzie Moult - Speaker, Podcast Host, Business Strategist & Coach

 Lizzie will take you through how to launch (with love) your next workshop,

and create hype prior to your event.

Trina Lucas - Clairvoyant, Psychic Healer, Mentor

Trina will introduce you to your guides and teach you how to communicate

with them to support our work

Picture This:

  • Three months of intense and joyful supported action.

  • Learning and applying advanced performance and creation strategies.

  • Building a success plan for your speech or workshop… AND integrating that with your existing  programs

  • Learning and practising advanced creation and 'manifesting'/'bringing into being',  techniques 

  • All in an easy online format

  • Masterminding, Mapping, Implementing – with a small, select group of  heart-centred women


Walk away with your speech/workshop/service mapped, aligned, created, ready to go.

Complete with pitch, interview questions and story to sell it so you can  be on your way to a successful product launch.

This Mastermind is for you if:

You wish to create signature material for a speech or workshop.

You have a partially formulated idea of what this is but haven’t been able to ‘birth’ it yet.

You want to build and fully action this creative product or service as part of your business marketing funnel in a 100% soul aligned and radiant way.

You want to be able to confidently, clearly and dynamically share the message of this service/product with your voice. 


  •  Fortnightly 1:1 consultations

  • Alternate Fortnight - Group calls

  • Bonus Launch Your Workshop - Guest Expert Masterclass

  • Pre-event preparation workshop

  • 6 x 1:1  x 60 min sessions

  • 9 x 90 min Group calls

  • 2 x LIVE channeled healing calls.

  • 3 x potent alignment mediations: align your temple, align your finances, align your xxx

  • Bonus ‘Working with Guidance/Meet your Guides’ Guest Expert Masterclass - Trina Lucas

  • Meet your Spirit Guide to mentor your brand and guide your through aligning your program to your spiritual purpose at this point in time
    Sales Pages that Sell - Guest Expert Masterclass

  • Money Mindset Skills - Guest Expert Masterclass

The Program

Pre Mastermind Preparation


  • Attunement and alignment 

  • Opening up the creative space

  • Clear the Fear

  • Setting Intentions

  • Mapping the big picture

  • Sorting pre-requisites

  • Funnel map

  • Tuning to guidance

  • Vibrational strategy

  • Course ideas

  • Selecting first course/ideas

  • Getting magnetic

Month 1

  • 90 minute group session creative writing sprint session

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Consolidating the Creative Process

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • Visual strategy

  • Mapping the numbers

  • Marketing budget

  • Write the copy, Map the vids, Prepare the first launch

  • Start recording, get copy reviewed and refined, prepare launch materials

Month 2

  • 90 minute group session sprints

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Voice marketing strategy

  • Finalise ALL the copy, Finalise ALL the vids, Consolidate launch elements

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • Continue recording, get copy reviewed and refined, prepare launch materials

Month 3

  • 90 minute group session sprints

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Recording, get copy reviewed and refined, prepare launch materials

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • Prepare pitch, story and selling strategy

  • Readiness Magic.

  • Prioritising and preparing for outsourcing / tasking team

 Your Mastermind Mentor  Dominique Oyston

Dominique Oyston's work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.


She offers breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation inspiration and earnings.

She's an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and professional international singer.  For over 25 years Dominique performed throughout the world. Her coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential and learn how to authentically serve and inspire from the stage and on camera.

Dominique also studied music, yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, body language, spiritual healing, Steiner teaching and was raised in the theatre. (Her father was an acclaimed International Theatre and Film Director)


Pay in Full Bonus!

Access to the Confident Woman Speaker program

Value ($997)

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Bonus 1

Guest Masterclasses

About Your Bonus Mastermind Team
Lizzie Moult
Trina Lucas


Lizzie lives off-grid in the rainforest and is devoted to helping other entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential and achieve their own dreams.

She is dedicated to awakening the wild side of women in business to stand in their power, to confidently be more visible while making a big IMPACT.

Lizzie's expertise is showing you how to communicate authentically while being a complete badass at running your business with a soulful strategy, leaving you feeling powerful and in full alignment of your vision.


Trina can enable you to incorporate your unique spirit healing capacity into your personal health and well being practices and/or professional skill set. You may be feeling blocked, stuck on repeat with an outdated pattern, cut off from your intuition and greater self, unbalanced, or off track. Share in Trina’s wealth of knowledge and experience of working consciously with spirit daily for decades. Trina’s spirit healing team have spent years teaching her an incredible framework to safely hold and interpret accurately, with discernment, spiritual healing experiences.

Donna Morgan Testimonial
Donna Morgan Testimonial

Donna Morgan - Oracle coach at 'Essence of You'

In a matter of weeks Donna went from zero business and product to lining up her lucrative 1:1 Oracle Coaching services, her 7-Week program 'Essence of You' and a range of elixirs and essences - birthing a complete soul-aligned business strategy and funnel.

"Dominique I can honestly say I would not be here without this journey. Thank you" 

Dominique Oyston, you big hearted goddess are my inspiration. You see me in ways where no other mentor has. My masks of indecision and the personas of who I thought I had to be are no more.


My purpose and mission is crystal clear like never before and I can see the future. Looks like my voice even wants me to sing - who knew!! Thank you for holding such amazing space for our group!! 

Irini Kalis CEO The Kefi Chick       

Irini Testimonial
Irini Kalis Testimonial

I have had the divine luck to be working with Dominique in her potent Mastermind program to bring our Signature Soul creations into the light. It is something incredibly special. 

It has been a journey of highs and lows, laughter and tears, and of profound gifts and insights. This is a program that takes you within, turns you inside out and shows you what you are really made of. Dominique is there right beside you all the way, shining her light, helping you navigate the birthing chaos of your wondrous creation. At the end of our time together I have created the first iteration of my signature program, plus another supporting program, I'm working through my messaging and I have developed a much clearer understanding of what my role is.

If you have a yearning to step up, to fulfil your potential, to make a bigger impact, then I highly recommend this program.

If you know it's time to bring forth the deepest truth of your being, shape it into something that can take on a life of its own, and to set it free into the world then you need to create your Signature Soul Program with Dominique.

Do it now! You won't regret it.


Linda Emslie

Communication Specialist, Transformation and Wellbeing Mentor at  

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