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Reconnect to the Magnetising Power of your Heart to Radiate in Relationships, Life & Business.

Speak Up and Speak Out with Hearts Purpose

The secrets to your life purpose are hidden in your heart.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF - you long to speak the truth of your heart and free your purpose.

This training offers magical skill sets to awaken the magnetizing  voice of the heart for Intuitives, Introverts, Seekers and Creatives who need to be powerful with their voice, call forth the authority platform they are born for, reach their ideal clients, and create a consistent income.

To get the best results in your communication your VOICE must be a vibrational match for your true nature.

 Your personality and 'soul frequency' MUST shine through to have the success you seek.

This unique curriculum offers tools from a visionary voice coach to conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back from doing



Discover the heart frequency and soul qualities in your voice that are your power source.


Combine healing with professional speaking, singing skill sets designed for women, that allow you to practically set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose in a safe and loving way.

the Modules

In each Module you are introduced to the qualities and vibrational power of a Goddess as a "Voice Code".

Each Module supports you to understand the Intuitive Deep Nature that feels so introverted,

and why Your Voice needs to connect to an Inner Power Source to

 Speak Up and Out and get going into the Full Potential Life that awaits you.


You don't need to stay stuck with feeling that marketing is not for you.

 You don't have to try and keep up with the extrovert style.


Even if you're only a little bit Introvert - it's important to acknowledge the magnetic resonance of the heart and work with it.


Intuitive Introvert Creative strategies for the Unblocking the Voice are clear and so EASY.


They suit your energetic identity and get you out into the world with joy!


Module #1 hearing the voice of the heart

with green tara: communicating with your heart

Your heart is a vibrational platform for your voice.

Green Tara will help you hear the voice of your heart in a completely new way.

Before reaching out in your business you must have clarity in your own heart. Because it is YOU,  your vibe that is being expressed in your business.

This weekly training alone will change your results forever.


module #3 cellular ignition- into the body

with Eve: heal and Feel your Creativity, Abundance & boundaries


EVE: Re-write your Story!

Heal doubt and shame and write the new story of your destiny. This Goddess Voice Code powers up your creative frequency. With Eve you can create anything you wish, ask

for anything you want and say what you need.

The story of Eve is the story every woman must heal within

her own being. Eve was a co-creator. She was the beginning. She was light and wisdom. She was the Source. As you are. Every woman is gifted.

Resurrect your True Nature, your Source and heal Self- Judgement. Flow with confidence, joy and personal power.

Feel the permission to be YOU, safeguard your boundaries

and build your business to be a strong container, a garden

of delight for your wants and needs.


module #2 the heart footprint in action

with Gaia: Foundation: Reset Your Inner Compass to Confidence and Support


Gaia is self-love in action in all your deeds. Reconnect with your deep belonging to Mother Earth. Feel completely loved exactly as you are. Discover your true strengths.

The tone of the heart supports you to move past fear, speak confidently, maintain your energy and ground your voice in a safe zone where you can attract your tribe who appreciate you and will happily spend their money with you.

Clear your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears.

Learn how to embody your voice and access power and authority in your tone, range and presence


module #4 the heart footprint of feeling

with Aphrodite: magnetic Connection:

The Art of Radiating Confidence

If extroverting wears you out, connect to INTUITIVE 

MAGNETISM to switch on attractor energy so that you

are visible to high quality clients.

This Goddess Voice Code will enable you to become seen

and heard asyour most radiant, feminine self—without

dimming down your power—so that your clients will

recognise you as the coach or healer that they are seeking

and be inspired by your light. 

Sell with authenticity, and in balance with your energy.

A truly powerful voice has masculine and feminine

qualities.  Aphrodite's Code harmonises and balances these

so you can bring a super sexy, strategy to your messaging.


module #5 The heart footprint of the mind

with Arianrhod: Soul Keeper. Tune to your wisdom, intuitive introvert gifts & Purpose


Arianrhod, the Introvert Celtic Goddess of the Silver Wheel, teacher of  wizards, heroes and leaders, guides you to clearly see the unique soul design of YOUR communication.

This Voice Code activates and aligns your voice with your purpose and natural gifts, set aside since ancient times for THIS LIFETIME.

Discover the pathway for your soul resources to become part of your conversations.

Unlock the inspiration factor in your communication.

Learn the INTROVERT KEY to motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.


BONUS TRAINIng: sound healing your heart

All ancient cultures used the voice to heal and change reality. 

Your voice has magic in it. This training will immerse you in learning to use it to heal, transform and manifest your destiny.

Discover its power again in YOU.

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration.

Chanting and toning raise your awareness of this signature vibration and help to heal energy blocks. 


Before the Goddess spoke, she sang. You have an innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called. Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright. Toning speaks so strongly to the Intuitive Introvert nature.


This Voice Code is governed by your inner artist. It empowers your ability to get visible and speak your truth. Sound is a super manifestor. It unlocks the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower selves co-ordinate and work together. You can feel your intuition becoming streamlined and focused.


My programs connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer revolutionary breakthrough strategies that help women understand their voice as a pathway for transformation, self-discovery, success and financial abundance.

I'm an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and award winning professional international singer with a 25 year career on the world stage.

My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and inspire from the stage.

I am a life-long student of yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, body-language, spiritual healing and Steiner teaching.  I was raised in the theatre and I am a mum to two boys.

                        I am in service to your divine voice.

Misty Slopes
This is for you if you wish to:

Deliver authority in your communication.

Accelerate the emergence of your gifts and purpose.

Access deeper levels of your intuition and healing ability.

Connect your voice to your heart.

Speak your truth with ease.

Heal emotional blocks that keep you silent

Become more nagnetic.

Get your voice moving

Learn a magical Goddess Guidance System.


What you struggle with when your heart voice is not connected.

  • You long for your voice to be magical - perhaps to tone, chant, invoke, heal, find your soul song and wow your listeners

  • You would rather spend the day in silence rather than market your products and services on fb lives

  • You would rather talk to one person who gets you than to an invisible audience of 'do they even care'?

  • When you step up to the camera, your brain, your mouth and your body don't co-operate with a desired performance benchmark to get results

  • If you are not solidly connected with the deeper meaning of your topic you get jumbled and feel shallow and inadequate and end up backing away and feeling less than

  • You are not making enough money from your work

  • You fantasize about saying the right thing at the right time and being the 'one' with the answers

  • You ask yourself "How do I get my power out?"

You have a unique blueprint for SUCCESS.

Heart communication tools make this EASIER to access.


Live Calls

Goddess Energy Immersions

Sound Healings

Group Singing, Toning and Chanting sessions 

Voice Skills

Confidence and Visibility Training 
Goddess Guidance Meditations 



FB Lives

A Supportive FB Group for the Journey


The Results


Heal Old Invisibility Wounds


These Goddess Voice Codes will give you the power to release old pain and grief so that you can open up to giving and receiving love in all your communication.


Find your Service


You’ll learn how not to hoard your gifts but share your true service.

In return you experience the generosity of the universe and all beings as you speak your truth from your heart.

These Goddesses prepare your sacred service and your courage to come together, rerouting your intuitive intelligences to be magnified by the strongest magnetic field in your body.


Rewrite the Story of your Power


They give you the power to navigate the early stages of visibility as your core self and forge the bonds of lasting, lifelong, fulfilling clairvoyance and clear thinking.

You learn to have full access to your soul directives for the bigger picture of your life.


Share your Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration


You can unlock the memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages.

The masculine and feminine polarities of your brain speak to one another to bring about union and clarity in your mind, so your imagination is unleashed.


Achieve Consistent Creative Flow


If you have ever been restricted in your creative endeavours, connecting your soul purpose, your foundation, your creativity, your confidence and your heart to your voice will unleash a torrent of creative power in your business.


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Magnetic Goddess Voice
The Intuitive Heart



$ 997 AUD
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Magnetic Goddess Voice
The Intuitive Heart


3 X $197

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In the GVA you will earn the fundamental Goddess skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them.

These are life skills that will change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You will be an enchantress of your life.

9 Weeks of Transformational Training

Week 1 :            Green Tara

Week 2 & 3:     Eve

Week 4:             Gaia

Week 5 & 6:    Aphrodite

Week 7:            Arianrhod

Week 8:           The Goddess Circle of the Heart

Week 1 - 8:     Heart Sound Healer/Enchantress Training

Week 9:            Taking your Heart to the World