Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  7

'The Elements are living, conscious, sentient beings. In ancient times, alchemists used the elements in order to understand how situations transform: Earth, Water, Air and Fire..'

The Elemental Voice

Your voice is like any other instrument or tool. It needs to be kept in good condition to get the best out of it. As this instrument is within our own body, we can be a bit neglectful of this.

In this document I’m going to give you some tips on: 

  1. Keeping your voice healthy and 

  2. Combating vocal fatigue 

  3. Basic Warm Ups

Vocal Health
Solfeggio Frequencies and Well -Being

'Rhythm and frequency in particular affect the brain. Solfeggio frequencies are based on sacred geometry and the mathematical ratios that exist in sound. There are 6 solfeggio frequencies hat are supposed to correspond to the chakras. When sung in harmony, they balance the frequencies in the body.'