Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  3
Mod 3 Call 1 - Origins of Sound Healing
Mod 3 Call 2 - Egyptian Toning
Egyptian Toning

'Take your time to connect with these sounds and sound codes.

Integrate them slowly enough to really FEEL your inner relationship to the sounds through your body and energy field and out into the cosmos. Enjoy the Medicine!'

Dolphin Breath

'Dolphins come to the surface to get their air and then they submerge, and they

go about their work of eating, playing and socialising. We on the other hand

suspend our breath on the exhalation side of our breath cycle. This means our breathing tends to be quite shallow.'

Unsealing Your 
Voice Magic

'Your soul signature is anchored in the body. Part of opening up to more of your innate soul gifts contained within this frequency, this soul signature, is to engage in a process to heal your life force body and allow the energy that is connected to your ancient frequency of female power to flow once more through the throat centre.'


We live in an orally suppressed world! This is easy to see when people become drunk. The things they do with their voices are usually very different to normal usage. Even the position of the vocal tract becomes more free and relaxed when we are drunk. Sound Healing encourages us to become more vocally free and expressed without having to drink a bottle of wine.