Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  2 - Toning
Module 2 Call 1 - Toning the Chakras
Module 2 Call 2 - Toning the Chakras Diving deeper
Root Chakra Tone and Mantra
Sacral Chakra Tone and Mantra
Solar Plexus Chakra Tone and Mantra
Heart Chakra Tone and Mantra
Throat Chakra Tone and Mantra
Third Eye Chakra Tone and Mantra
Crown Chakra Tone and Mantra
The Four Square Breath
to Toning

'One of the wonderful things about toning is that you don't have to sing a melody. If you aren't yet confident, it's a great place to start. Toning is simple. In this document you'll be given information on what toning is and how to begin practicing'

The Voice through the Chakras

'There are some common emotional, energetic themes associated with each

energy centre. The voice is highly responsive to, and a major conductor of energy and emotion, so this knowledge serves speaking and sounding brilliantly.'

Sound as a Healing Technology

'SOUND, LIGHT and LOVE are the mighty Creative Trinity that shape universal creation itself. We are familiar with the power of love to change things. Light is very popular at the moment. But what about sound?
It is like the great ancient secret third.'

The Four Square

'This is not a breathing technique that connects the voice, but it does give you room to experience relaxing the tongue, jaw and throat and tuning in to the sensation of action in the solar plexus.

Speaking and sounding are always enhanced by more awareness of an activated diaphragm and a relaxed vocal tract..'

I'm Safe Exercise
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