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The Intuitive Healing Voice Course

The Intuitive Healing Voice Course is a comprehensive training in the ancient Art of Sound Healing with the Voice.

Connect to your lineage of wisdom and intuition to heal yourself and your clients with sound.

If you've you ever wondered about using your voice for healing but didn't know where to start then...

The Modules will guide you to use your voice consciously as a gateway to vibrational healing.
Upon completion of the Modules you will receive a certificate and the confidence to step forward with the physical, intuitive and emotional power of your voice in alignment.

Add this exciting modality to your healing toolkit today.
Begins March 2022


It's time to unlock the intuitive presence and magic  of your sacred voice!

Learn to speak or sound with the elementals, connect to the frequencies of earth, stars and your own signature frequency.

Be guided through SIX POWERFUL IMMERSION LEVELS with weekly inspirational lectures and practical techniques by a highly experienced performer, practitioner and sound channel.
Enjoy an online community with other healers, practitioners, leaders and lightworkers who will support you to succeed in truly expressing the intuitive flow and healing frequencies of your voice.
Vibrational healing with the voice amplifies ALL your healing modalities.
As you tap into the vibrations in your channel you'll learn the fundamental ‘sound healing’ practices that connect you to the frequencies in your voice to empower your healing practice.

This training can exponentially open up your intuitive and healing voice to transform your life and that of your clients.

​Sound Healing is a powerful ally along the road to wisdom.


  • Do you want to lift emotions and thinking?

  • Do you want to heal others more deeply and creatively?

  • Do you want to deepen your knowledge and gifts for sound healing?

  • Would you like a protective shield around your energy field?

  • Are you ready to master this ancient tool for manifesting?

  • Would you like to reach and heal all areas of your physical and energetic self?

This training is for you if:

  • You are starting to use your voice in your practice (or you’d like to)

  • You are ready for the next powerful piece in your healing toolkit

  • You need to develop your skills in sound and voice

  • You are curious to learn healing techniques used in the mystery schools

  • You are seeking to understand the foundations of all Sound Healing practice

  • You're feeling the call to empowerment as a vibrational practitioner

  • You're ready to connect up the pathway between your intuition and your voice 

  • You long to find your unique healing tones

  • You long to connect to your spiritual team and open up your channel

Sound Healing Modules

​Sound Healing Kit 1. Embodying your Voice

  • Vocal Anatomy 101

  • Creating physical confidence

  • How to develop powerful sound healing sounds

  • Introduction to sound and breath

  • Introduction to sound and nervous system

  • Physical authority


Sound Healing Kit 2. The Power of Toning and Breath

  • An introduction to toning

  • Toning the chakras

  • Connecting your voice to the energy body

  • The voice through the chakras

  • How toning heals

  • The power of an Intuitive Voice Map


Sound Healing Kit 3. Unlocking the Inner Sound Healer

  • Sound as a healing technology

  • Clearing & protection practices 

  • Unlocking your throat chakra

  • Becoming a powerful healer

  • Tuning your voice to guidance

  • Activating your own lineage and gifts

  • Unsealing your voice magic

  • The ancient power of the voice

  • Sound Healing in the Mystery Streams


Sound Healing Kit 4. Sounds of Light

  • Chants and mantras

  • Egyptian toning and the endocrine system

  • Connecting to your clients with sound

  • Key warm ups and grounding practices

  • Soundscaping with the voice

  • Starting with clients - process, structure and flow

  • Preparing a healing session


Sound Healing Kit 5. Sounding the Body Systems

  • Diagnosing with sound

  • Sounds for the physical body

  • Sounds for the energy body

  • Sounds for the mental body

  • Sounds for the emotional body

  • The primary sounds for healing

  • Choose your sounds big list

  • The Warrior Seed Syllables

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Sound Healing Kit 6. Sounding with Nature

  • Sounding with nature and the nature spirits

  • Energy healing and nature

  • Activating the elemental voice

  • Leylines and earth chakras

  • The Shamanic voice

  • Meeting your power animals

  • Drum journeying


Sound Healing Kit 7- Extended Practices​