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Master your
and vision training
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Welcome to The Goddess Voice Academy  

Master your Message Training 


Are you ready to fully align your message with your purpose?

Do you long to use your voice as a powerful call to action for others but hesitate to speak your truth?


Do you feel the call to master your intuitive voice with confidence and authenticity?

Are you ready to reach your ideal clients and make some money from your message?

Unlock the true and ancient intuitive power of your voice

with the Goddesses


You are intuitive, skilled in your field and gifted BUT wish you had more dynamic power to express this intuition in your business. If your voice is not used to streaming the full power of your sacred self to an audience who is ready and longing to hear you - then this training is for you.


Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve, guide and fulfil your gifts. It's a gift. Grasp this tool and learn to wield it to do what you are born to do, say what you are truly here to say and step into your goddess self without fear or hesitation.


Activate the hidden power inside YOU, throw the lid off your potential, and step into your divinely aligned self. Become fully balanced in the masculine and feminine powers of authoritative and connected communication.


Deliver your mission and your message with impact and the full vibration of your soul light moving through everything you say and do.

If you learn to truly love your voice and love with your voice, any sense of failure will cease.




Goddess Vision & Voice Codes

for 2019

For Conscious Women to up level their Frequency, Intuition and

Manifesting to Speak with Confidence and Create

Extraordinary Presence and Impact


The Goddess Message & Vision Mastery Codes for 2019

Master your Message, Vision & Voice: Rewrite Your Business Story

Open the door to the Healing Goddess Voice Codes of Messaging, Purpose, Intuition, Inspiration and Vision. Give yourself the power to release limiting beliefs so that you can open up to receive the life that awaits you and let go of your old patterns so that you don’t recreate restricted self-expression dynamics from the past.

Maximise an income based on your most powerful and soul aligned gifts and abilities and message them clearly and confidently.


Goddess Voice Code #1: Meeting your Inner Priestess Guide with Gwendolen High Priestess of Avalon

This Goddess Voice Code is the Intuition Igniter. You will learn the art of connecting with spiritual guidance to create a powerful and safe conduit for light and higher wisdom to inform your messaging and planning. Radically up level your intuitive pathways in body, mind and soul. Meet the High Priestess of Avalon Gwendolen to show you how to navigate your inner landscape and birth more of your Goddess self in your life and business.


Goddess Voice Code #2: Reset Your Inner Vision with Isis Goddess of insight 

Gain the power to reset your visibility as your core self and forge the bonds of lasting, lifelong, fulfilling clairvoyance and clear thinking. You access your command centre for the bigger picture of your life and unlock the memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages. The masculine and feminine polarities of your brain speak to one another to bring about union and clarity in your mind, so your imagination is unleashed.

If you have ever been restricted in your creative endeavours, connecting your vision to your voice will unleash a torrent of creative power in your business.


​Goddess Healing Voice Code #3: Message your Purpose with Isis

The Goddess Voice Code fully aligns your purpose with divine Will. It opens a pathway for divine intelligence to become part of your conversations and manifestations. It connects and protects you and allows your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears. You discover how to easily hear the voice of your purpose guiding you on a daily basis in all your decision making.


Goddess Voice Code #4: Empower your Creative Expression with Saraswati Goddess of the Arts

Be inspired by your true self, your inner artist, your expressive light and your soul voice. This Healing Code will enable you to become freely visible to speak your truth. Your authenticity on all levels manifests here and you become a super manifestor of your visions and intentions, unlocking the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower chakras co-ordinate and work together. The pressure valve of your non-permission to be who you truly are is released with trust and confidence.