Hello and Welcome! I'm Dominique Oyston and I'm a Song Healer, voice and performance expert and transformational coach.

I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power, to ignite their unique voice, anchor inner authority and express their most beautiful truth. I stand as a thought leader, with so many women, on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening. Our voices are needed.

I combine the magical with the tangible in business, the inspirational performance with the truth, the artistry with the wisdom.

Women are seeking to embody their voices; they are seeking to be free and unique. We are rising.
My work is at the forefront of that that wave to literally support the emerging voice of the Feminine in the deepest way possible.

I am a weaver and teacher of voice mysteries. I can show you how to make magic, speaking, sounding or singing and I have elite technical training in my field.
As a professional opera singer, I've travelled internationally for 25 years in 30 countries.

I have trained as a Yoga teacher, Steiner teacher, Sound Healer, spiritual healer, dancer, actress, energy worker and advanced Angel Intuitive. I am mother of 2 boys and my mothering underpins all my work somehow.

My expertise lies in the areas of feminine empowerment, all things voice, story telling to magnify your business outcomes, keynote speaking and performance magic, sound healing, ancient Mystery School Wisdom, archetypes and creative visioning.

The Empath Entrepreneur longs to fully express the power of her voice.

It is there within her calling to be set free and mastered but she struggles with confidence and visibility.


The GVA curriculum offers tools of the long suppressed Goddess Voices to conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back from doing



The Goddess was always secure and purposeful, resplendent in her authority

and light.

The Goddess Voice Codes, re-awakened in this curriculum, will guide you to fully step into the Goddess essence and presence within your own nature.


In 2020 take three powerful journeys with the Divine Feminine to renew strategic Goddess frequencies within you to achieve the confidence, self-belief, magnificence and fulfilment you long for.


In each Goddess Journey you will experience world class speaking, singing and feminine alignment skill sets that will allow you to practically set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.

If your throat centre is blocked:

  • You get the shakes

  • You don't trust yourself

  • You procrastinate or sabotage your big visibility plans.

  • Your message is muddled, half baked or not in flow.

  • You hide your full potential, your truth and your light.

  • You are not making enough money from your work.

  • I know. I've been there too.

Perhaps you already find your intuitive insights are strong but not always flowing through to your voice.

Perhaps you sense your gifts and abilities but don't quite trust that you have that much magic and wisdom within you.

Perhaps you ask yourself "Who am I to be that powerful?"

Perhaps you long to tone, chant, invoke, heal, find your soul song and create magic with your voice?

Heal your throat centre and you find your unique blueprint for success.

“To shine you must love your light. To inspire with your truth you must love your voice. Be the Goddess that you are.”

Journey with Arianrhod, Celtic Goddess of the Silver Wheel through the Zodiac to unlock the Goddess qualities within your own nature and empower your purpose.

Healing your Feminine Lineage

Draw into yourself a new Impulse for Self Realisation with the Goddesses of the Spiritual Senses

Build your Inner Temple and Embrace your Heart's Desire 

with the Goddesses of Love and Self-Love

January: Capricorn - Gaia  "I am Enough: Belonging and Mother Love"

The Spiritual Impulse of your Life Force

February: Aquarius –  Eve   "Healing the Divine Feminine Wound"

The Spiritual Impulse to rebirth the True Feminine Self

March: Pisces - Yemaya - The Waters of Feminine Intuition and Wisdom"

The Spiritual Impulse of Love in Form

April: Aries – Freya   "Freedom!"           

 The Spiritual power of the Will - You are free to Choose

Unleash your Power and Purpose 

Unblock your Soul Expression with the Goddesses of the Soul Senses

Healing through Power and Voice

A new Warrior Goddesses Training

May: Taurus - Hathor  "Embodiment of the Creative Forces of the Feminine"       

Feminine Body Magic as the House of the Soul

June: Gemini –  Athena   "Soul Wisdom through the Warrior Mind"

 Expanding your Feminine Intelligence through Listening

July: CancerArtemis   "Into the Heart of the Human Heart"

Hunting for Compassion, Power, Grounding and Wisdom     

August: Leo – Sekhmet       "Unlock your Roar of Truth"           

Become Impassioned for your Self: Healing the limitations of your Ego

The Feminine Guidance System

The Five Mysteries of the Goddess with the Goddesses of the Physical Senses

Let the Divine Feminine Principle guide you to a Goddess Life 

Create the Unique Architecture of your Life with the Goddesses of Sovereignty

September: Virgo - "The Divine Feminine Guidance System

Astraea - "Seeing your way with Instinct, Intuition and Imagination" 

Discover the Spiritual and Earthly Architecture of Feminine Guidance

Lakshmi - "Surrendering to Feminine Sovereignty" 

All women are the embodiment of Lakshmi - Experience the Divine Wealth of the Feminine

October: Libra –  Maat   "Understanding the Ethical Principle: Guided by the Heart"

The Five Mysteries of the Goddess: The Cradle of Life

November: ScorpioKali   "Cut through your Illusions"

Embrace your Relationship with the Shadow 

December: Finale with Sagittarius – White Buffalo Calf Woman  "Finding  your Direction"           

Walking with the Earthly Feminine Medicine Wheel for Guidance, Healing and Transformation 

The frequencies of the Goddess guide you to embody your own inner Mystery as a woman of purpose and gifts. They fill you, move you into confident expression and guide you on the forgotten path of Feminine Power.

The Goddess Voice Academy

2020 Membership


The Goddess Voice Academy



6 x $247

Dominique is a Healing Voice Channel for the Goddesses and Angelic Realms. Her live calls include Voice Activation Meditations with the Goddesses. Her directive is to awaken your inner Goddess qualities and to help you remember your lineage of light and power.


Many of us can trace our ancestry back to times where women were medicine women, herbalists, shamans, priestesses and more. We carry the power of this in our DNA.


The Goddess Voice Academy is a high frequency sanctuary where the Goddess Awakenings are a core part of your experience. Dominique’s internationally celebrated voice brings power and magic to the art of sound healing that is unequalled in its luminosity. Her voice reaches into your soul, mind and body to nurture your transformation. The vibration is the equilibrium that brings balance and accelerates your personal growth and intuitive abilities.

In the GVA you will earn the fundamental Goddess skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them.

These are life skills that will change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You will be an enchantress of your life.

You have a gift within your voice.

Do not compare it with others but find and

set free the unique magic it holds.


Your voice is beautiful. 

Your voice is the right voice to fulfil your


It holds the secret to your power

and authenticity.

Find the Goddess within to reveal the magnetic flow of your presence and

share it with the world.

This is for you if you wish to:

Free your voice to express authority, intelligence and spontaneity.

Accelerate the emergence of your gifts and abilities.

Radically open up your intuition.

Train your feminine power skills sets.

Freely express who you truly are.

Speak your deepest truths. 

Empower the body language of your voice.

Know more about the feminine powers in your voice.

Walk through the Five Mysteries of the Goddess.

Goddess Workshops to open up your gifts


Group Singing, Toning and Chanting session 


Speaking confidence and Visibility Training 

Goddess Guidance Meditations 



FB Lives

A Magical Support Community

Speaking Skills
  • Signature Messaging

  • Confidence

  • Visibility

  • Storytelling

  • Presence and Power

  • Breath Magic

  • Vocal clinic 

  • Connection  

  • Speaking your Truth

Empowering the Feminine 
  • ​Reclaiming the Feminine

  • Soul Speaking

  • The Mystery Streams

  • Energy Foundations

  • Unveiling your Purpose

  • Authentic Expression

  • The Goddess Archetypes 

  • Ancient Wisdom

  • Facing your fears

Sound Healing
  • Toning

  • Mantras

  • Elemental Voice

  • Invocation

  • Singing Lessons

  •  Chanting

  • Vocal Yoga

  • Plant Healing

  • Healing Frequencies

Teresa Fino

Vibrational Medicine Intuitive

To the divine goddess that is Dominique Oyston for her fabulous Goddess Voice Academy which she has lovingly crafted with passion and generosity of spirit. 


Her knowledge is truly deep and I am continually being WOW’ed and confronted each and every week. My voice has been released to be more visible and heard in the world, layer by layer, and it’s getting stronger by the day. I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m feeling a powerful energy rising up within me, propelling me forward, with a powerful voice to match it. 

A deep bow of gratitude to you Dominique for having the courage to heed the call to gather us for this vital work on the planet. 

 To Dominique Oyston and the Goddess Voice Academy, which is growing, blossoming, mushrooming into an amazing space of transformational power. It’s a wonderful, fun, dynamic group that’s going places, both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

 It is so much more than I was expecting - and I get out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted in the Facebook group. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique. I’m still very much a beginner, but already some things will never look (or sound) the same.

Heidi Hosking

Awakened Parenting

To the wisest voice Goddess herself, Dominique Oyston!

I am only just getting started on her Goddess Voice Academy and already I am really just amazed at Dominique's wisdom and what I can learn from her (even when I had a gut feeling she'd be good..!).

I've been learning about the maiden voice and the mother voice within my business and so much ancient wisdom about the voice and femininity that is important for us all to know. It's far more than just speaking or singing.

And not to mention the toning which has been so great to have a reason to use my voice and for good reason.


I highly recommend joining the Goddess Voice Academy!!!

Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer Music

I see you deep woman.


You are full of passion, hope and longing but your throat centre is being blocked somehow-

Perhaps physical weakness is constricting you and you find your voice is too soft, tight or breathy…

Perhaps you were put down or shamed as a child…

Perhaps there is a past life feminine wound calling to be healed….


It's so important to have a safe space and an experienced mentor to support you as you uncover your unique voice.

                             A healing space allows you to:

  • Restore the wholeness of your voice

  • Uncover your own prescription and voice medicine​

  • Hear and tune in to the voice of your own soul light

  • Speak more confidently and clearly than ever before

  • Trust yourself and your inner power

  • Practice with abundant support and encouragement

  • Embody your potential


Monthly Call Times:​

1st Monday of each Month 60 Minute Training 11 am AEST

2nd Monday: Sound/ Meditation and Transmission call 11 am AEST

3rd Monday: Goddess Theme/Healing/Training and Q and A 11 am AEST

4th Monday: Group Singing Lesson 11 am AEST

My work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation, inspiration, success and earnings.

I'm an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and award winning professional international singer.  For over 25 years I have performed throughout the world.

My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and

inspire from the stage.

I am a life-long student of yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, 

body-language, spiritual healing and Steiner teaching.  I was raised in the

theatre and I am a mum to two boys.

                        I am in service to your divine voice.

The Goddess Voice Academy

2020 Membership


The Goddess Voice Academy



6 x $247

The Goddess Voice Academy is a school to liberate the Feminine.

A wave of women are seeking to heal their voice, express their truth and anchor into their power.​

The female body has been shamed, her intuition cauterised, her circles banished, her healing powers usurped by men, her right to choose her mate taken away from her, her divinity toppled, and her VOICE has been silenced…for over 3, 000 years.


We know longer know or recognise our soul language.

It is deeply female.

We feel no ownership or authority within the female qualities of our own voice. We have been severed from this mirror and outlet for the totality of what we think feel, understand and imagine.


The Goddess Voice Academy program is rare in the world at this point in time.

It is  revealing the Mystery and pursuing the ultimate freeing of THE GODDESS VOICE – the Voice of the Divine Feminine.

"I gained so much from you. THANK YOU!

Dear Dominique, a sincere thank you for holding the space for me to fully emerge as a sound healer. Your course has opened me up to the gifts that reside within me and taught me how to release my ability to heal with my voice with grace, love and joy! You hold the space and set a wonderful example of living in the true space of healing. You are true Sound Goddess & Priestess and inspiration to me. Thank you for coming forth and ushering me onto a new level healing as a client and practitioner.

I am truly grateful to you! Much Love"

Elizabeth Knudson Healer Soul Song Ascending

Melanie Midegs

Business Creator at Chakra Philosophy

Dominique Oyston is AMAZING!! The couple of techniques that she has shown me and the explanation of why this was happening for me has been so powerful.


Dominique... I'm still practising my voice techniques! I can't recommend her highly enough if this is something that you want to work on and become more comfortable with!

Tina Koch


Working with Dominique is not like ‘work’.  It’s like having a fairy godmother who logs into zoom  and helps make your dreams come true. Dominique helped me to reclaim those essential parts of myself, and supported me to realign with who I really am, step by step.  The feeling of coming home to myself is indescribable. Life became so much easier as I let go of old ‘shoulds’ and rules & started to really enjoy being myself.

Trish Everrett


She is so amazing, it is like she follows your voice into you soul and points out where you are getting in the way of it and then helped me to see how I could give my voice the same freedom to express my core as my body does when I dance. Magic stuff. If you want to get confidence in how you talk about what you do and speak it in a way that really reaches people, then I wholly recommend Dominique.

The Goddess Voice Academy

2020 Membership


The Goddess Voice Academy



6 x $237
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