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28 Days to Ground Your Power with Mary Magdalene

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28 days to ground your power with mary Magdalene

get solid and safe in your work with the power of sound and voice


Unlock the true and ancient power of your base chakra voice


Stream more power and presence to an audience who is ready and longing to hear you.


Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve, guide and fulfil your gifts.

It is a gift. Grasp this tool and learn to wield it to do what you are born to do, say what you are truly here to say and step into your goddess self without fear or hesitation.

When you ground your voice solidly in your body, you up-level your skills as a feminine leader

When you define your energetic container and hold a sacred space you can more easily inspire and motivate others

When you connect to more of the power inside you can unlock more potential

When you activate the frequency of grounding in your body you can deliver your mission and your message with more impact and the full vibration of your soul light 


If you ground more love in your voice and body, feelings of failure fade away

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28 day MOON Module 
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Wisdom, Power & Ease 


Mary Magdalene 

  • Grounding Initiation with Mary Magdalene

  • Building physical presence in the voice

  • Unsealing your root chakra energy in the throat chakra

  • Becoming a sacred container

  • Discover your 'archetypal power path'

  • Learn how to apply the Five Mysteries of the Goddess to your business and life

  • Speaking up with confidence

  • Feeling safe to step up

  • Overcoming the 4 Voices of Fear

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Ground and heal the energy blocks in your throat centre.

  • Do you get stuck speaking your truth? 

  • Have difficulty believing that you could be good at public speaking?

  • Do you criticise your own voice?

  • Put off doing videos and Facebook 'lives' or beat yourself up after you listen back to them? 

  • Do you feel a 'block' in your throat?

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What you get

Themed Calls to:

  • Meet and ground the Divine Feminine connection within your Body - plus Q & A

  • Develop your voice magic and power

  • Understand the Power of the Root Chakra Voice

  • Unlock the Priestess Voice Skill sets

  • FB lives

  • Daily motivational and inspirational prompts       



  • A Sound Healing Initiation and Activation to build your inner temple, integrate the transformation and open new vibrational connections in the inner landscape of Self.

​Bonus Material:

  • Comprehensive downloadable PDF guides to connect you with the divine feminine archetypes

  • Downloadable PDF guides for feminine empowerment and visibility skills

  • "Grounding" scripts to use in your relationships, self-expression, and business

  • A frequency tool kit

3 x Theme calls

3 hour "Get it Done" in your Business Masterclass