Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  6
Nature and the Elementals
Meet and greet your Power Animals
The Shaman's Drum

'The Shaman is the ‘dreamer’. Not in our Western sense but actual dreams. Dreams full of symbols, messages, conversations, beings and feelings.

The Shaman uses their dreams, visions, the powers of the Earth, their personal power and the Great Creator’s power to heal..'

Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning forks and Chimes

'Music is a core aspect of Sound Healing practice. Practitioners can use their voice and an instrument as vibrational healing tools.'

Power Animal Practices

'The animal matrix allows us to give voice to our more instinctual nature.

We travel into our empathy for the gifts of our animal friends and our own instinctive nature and inner laws. In traditional shamanic medicine, animal teachings help us to connect with the primal self and with wisdom beyond the intellect.'


'We have the dual task of relating to our spiritual home and bringing through the frequencies of our spiritual home and relating to the earth realm and connecting to the other inhabitants of the planet we live on.'