Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  5
Module 5 Call 1 - Approaching the Session
Module 5 Call 2 -
The Body Sounds:
Internal Organs

'The more you know about the body, the easier it becomes to connect to the sounds that wish to come through for the body. Understanding anatomy makes you a better Sound Healer. It also makes it easier to interpret the symbols that come through in a Sound Healing session.'

Sounds and Tools

'Once you have confirmed an intention with your client during the coaching, you know the intention, therefore you can let your subconscious take over and surrender.'

One Sound Technique

'The One Sound technique is perfect for most of your sound healing sessions with the body.

The idea of the One Sound technique is to travel through various layers of blocked and

murky energy in order to come to a ‘One Sound’ soundscape.'

Primary Sounds for Sound Healing

'In Sound Healing you can broadly categorise all sounds according to their usage as healing energies. Here are some categories to help you to focus your work.'

The Endocrine System and Sounds

'The endocrine or glandular system carries a highly tuned and very fine vibrational resonance that sings throughout each individual gland and the system as a whole.'

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