Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Intuitive Healing

Voice Course

Module  4
Energy/Sound Warm Ups

'Sounding is unique energy work. Singing or making sound with your voice

works at the speed of light. It is vital that your container is responsive and

ready to feel the vibrational shifts that happen.'

Coaching Your Client to Receive Sound

'As many people are unfamiliar with sound as a healing tool, it is important to learn to coach your client on HOW to receive or interact with sound as you move through your sessions. Here are some support guidelines for you.'

Pre-Session Grounding exercises

'Staying grounded in your body during any healing session is very important and needs to be built in as a practice so your body understands this action and can respond in session.'

Pre-Session Vibrational Tuning and Protection

'These It may be used at any time you need empowerment and strengthening.'

The Tibetan Warrior Seed Syllable Sounds

This system of Sound Alignment and Sound Healing is from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

It is incredibly unadulterated and therefore particularly potent.

The fascinating thing about Tibet is that it is an intact Medieval ‘spiritual’ culture.

Tibetan Warrior Sounds: Poems and Practices

'Our fundamental awake nature is not produced or created but is already present. In the same way that the vast expanse of the sky is present but may be obscured by clouds, we too are obscured by habitual patterns

that we mistake for ourselves.'

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