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The Goddess Confidence Journey
Nine Gateways to Feminine Power

For Conscious Women to up level their Frequency, Intuition and

Manifesting, to Heal and Speak with Confidence, and Create

Extraordinary Presence and Impact


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Welcome to The 2022 Goddess Voice Academy Membership

Work with the Nine Ancient Feminine Wisdom Gateways of the Voice to elevate your life and business 


Reconnect your voice to your power

You are a heart centred healer, coach, teacher, creator, or warrior archetype, who has experienced loss or wounding in your early life, and you have lost your connection to your voice.

This is because the voice acts as a GATEWAY for INITIATION or RITE of PASSAGE in healing and alchemy.

When you work on finding your voice, you will gain access to the next level of your power.

To express the wisdom within you clearly and powerfully and step into the next level in your potential...

View your voice as a pathway to power


See your voice as the gateway to this level of initiation into more of yourself


Acknowledge empowering your voice a rite of passage as a spiritual woman reclaiming her truth


The healing, enchanting and wise guide voice was fundamental to the power of women in ancient times

It still is


$697 AUD


10 x $77

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Share more of your soul gifts, abilities and wisdom

When you put your full light and power behind your gifts, with an embodied, authentic voice you become inspirational.

This membership offers the key elements that have provided global success in my career and allowed me to shine with my full potential.

I call these Gates of Initiation "Tones" because they can be accessed through frequency.

Express your light confidently

​Expressing your light is a powerful call to action for others.

Greater confidence leads to hearing the voice of your intuition more easily, being naturally more magnetic, having more fun, greater resilience, increased motivation which makes it easier to make more money in your business.

Join us to speak your truth

Find a love relationship - it happens!

Reach more of your ideal clients

Give more to the world and receive in return

Be a Goddess voice for the modern world

The Goddess is a symbol of female power in action.

In the 2022 membership you participate in monthly modules with the goddesses to embody more confidence, vocal power, ancient wisdom, and expand the gifts of your soul.

The Goddess Confidence Codes