Welcome to the 2022

Signature Visibility &

Book Writing Mastermind


Use RESONANCE, FREQUENCY, SOUND HEALING, GODDESSES and MASTERMINDING to increase the potential in your ANCIENT WISDOM GIFTS and to unlock any blocks to sharing your STORY and your MESSAGE with your PURPOSE.

Unlock your voice as a powerful call to action for others and focus your communication effectively.


Master your confidence and authenticity.


Embrace your power, presence, gifts and memories as an oracle, healer or priestess and use them to up level your service in your business.


Get ready to reach your ideal clients and make some money from your message.

Your voice is your primary communication tool to serve, guide and fulfill your gifts.

The Soul Signature Author Mastermind is a key step doing what you are born to do, saying what you are truly here to say and stepping into your goddess self without fear or hesitation.

 This Mastermind is for you IF:

  • You are highly intuitive, skilled in your field and gifted but you lack the dynamic confidence to express this intuition as part of your innate leadership.

  • Your voice is not used to streaming the full power of your sacred self to an audience who is ready and longing to hear you. 

  • You need to activate the hidden power inside YOU, throw the lid off your potential, and step into your divinely aligned self. 

  • You struggle to be fully balanced in the masculine and feminine powers of authoritative and connected communication. 

  • It is time to deliver your mission and your message with impact and the full vibration of your soul light moving through everything you say and do.



Write your story, love your voice, clear your deep invisibility blocks and any sense of failure will cease.

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Picture This:

  • 4 months of intense and joyful supported action.

  • Learning and applying advanced performance and creation strategies.

  • Strategically building a success plan for your book chapter and speech… AND integrating that with your existing  programs

  • Learning and practising advanced creation and 'manifesting'/'bringing into being',  techniques 

  • All in an easy online format

  • Masterminding, mapping, implementing – with a small, select group of  heart-centred women


Walk away with your book chapter and visibility platform mapped, aligned, created, ready to go.

Complete with pitch, interview questions and story to sell it so you can  be on your way to a successful product launch.

This Mastermind is for you if:

You wish to create signature material for a speech or workshop.

You have a partially formulated idea of what this is but haven’t been able to ‘birth’ it yet.

You want to build and fully action this creative product or service as part of your business marketing funnel in a 100% soul aligned and radiant way.

You want to be able to confidently, clearly and dynamically share the message of this service/product with your voice. 

A best selling book can lead the way!

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Dominique will be the book leader for your multi author book "Awakening Aphrodite: Embodying the Gifts of your Soul".


Be supported through your journey to confidently write your chapter and receive a super discount on your publishing fee.


Receive the multi-author training needed to create your chapter.


What's included in the Publishers Fee


  • Guidance on how to write your chapter and bio (Value $799)

  •  A clear theme to make it easy for you to write your 3,000 word chapter and professional bio. We also provide guidance on how to intuitively write within a structured outline.

  • Editing your chapter (Value $1,000)

  • Once your chapter and bio are complete, you simply email them to our editing team and they take it from there. You can receive feedback and a second look at your chapter to ensure it’s polished and ready to be seen by the world.

  • Formatting (Value $500)

  • Allow us to handle all formatting of both the Kindle and paperback editions of the book.

  • Cover design (Value $500)

  • We take pride in hiring the best designers for absolutely gorgeous covers.

  • Publish on Amazon (Value $300)

  • The team takes care of the details on Amazon and informs you of the release date so you can be prepared to share it with your audience.

  • Marketing team (Value $5,000)

  • The marketing team provides clear instructions on how we create an international launch and promotion.

  • Bonus training on how to get the most out of your book (Value $499)

  • You have access to bonus training on how to make the most of your book before and after it’s released.

  • Private group (Value $299)

  • Use this group to ask questions and network and collaborate with other authors

  • Become a best-selling author (Priceless)

  • Last but not least, you will become a best-selling author and have the graphics to add to your website and social media accounts.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $8,897

Mastermind Inclusions

  •  Monthly Specialty Mapping sessions

  • Support Material:
  • Recordings

  • Voice Skills

  • Goddess Energy Immersions

  • Confidence and Visibility Training 

  • Goddess Guidance Meditations 

  • PDF's and Workbooks

  • FB Lives

  • A Supportive FB Group for the Journey

  • 3 x Live Theme Calls on Zoom - 75 minute

  • 1 x Introduction training call

  • 12 x Weekly 75 min calls on Zoom

  • Potent Abundance Alignment Sound Healing meditations: eg Align your temple, Align your finances, Align your message

  • Bonus Recorded Guest Expert Trainings:

  • ‘Working with Guidance' Masterclass

  • 'Launch Your Workshop' - Masterclass

  • 'Sales Pages that Sell' - Masterclass

  • 'Money Mindset Skills' - Masterclass

  • Exclusive Mastermind FB group

  • Previous Mastermind training library

The Program


  • Attunement and alignment 

  • Opening up the creative space

  • Clear the Fear

  • Setting Intentions

  • Mapping the big picture

  • Sorting pre-requisites

  • Visibility Set up

  • Tuning to guidance

  • Vibrational strategy

  • Book ideas

  • Selecting first story idea and related authority platform material

  • Getting magnetic


Module 2 - Authority

  • 90 minute group session creative writing sprint session

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Consolidating the creative process

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • Visibility strategies

  • FB group support


Module 3 - Soul Aligned Success

  • 90 minute group session

  • 1:1 clearing the debris, strategy, get it built session

  • Voice marketing strategy

  • Guest expert Masterclass

  • FB group support

  • Prepare pitch, story and selling strategy

  • Readiness magic

  • Continuing visibility strategies

  • 'The Power to Perform' Training




      Each month you'll be able to join an "Action Taker Money Maker" Masterclass to create a Signature Element of your Business

For example on a V.I.P. Day you'll be guided to:​

  • Discover new ideas to solve old problems

  • Receive a diagnosis and much needed voice medicine​

  • Work out a speech structure

  • Speak more confidently and clearly than ever before

  • Discover key archetypes for creating

  • Practice with abundant support and encouragement

  • Map out your business voice

  • Create your signature program

  • Ask me anything about your voice in the nine levels of transformation

  • Catch up on your learning and get clear on your best place of focus for success

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9 x V.I.P. Workshop Days (3 1/2 Hour Workshop)

  1. "Discover Your Purpose"

  2. "Create Your E- Course" 

  3. "Create Your Signature Course" 

  4. "Discover Your Zone of Genius"

  5. "Signature Storytelling for Intuitives" 101

  6. "Signature Storytelling for Intuitives" Advanced

  7. "The Intuitive Voice Map - Discover your Clair"

  8. "Abundance Journaling"

  9. "Turn Your Passion for Service into a Profitable Business"

Single Payment

$3497 AUD

Part Payments

6 x $597 AUD


Monthly Goddess Immersion and Training
Leap over blocks and change your relationship with your soul gifts.


Bonus 1