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During the 12 Days of Christmas you'll experience a daily transformational Sound Healing from the different Mystery streams of the world.
It's my annual Christmas gift to you.

This is your access page for the replays.


Day 1

Day 2

You can use these healings to: 

Ground you

Soothe your stress

Get focus and clarity

Clear blocks

Tune you to the songs of the angels

Feel more deeply

Balance your physical and mental bodies

A Journey of Awakening your Light


The 12 Sound Healing Days of Christmas is a contemplative restorative, alignment journey with guided sound healings to bring through the light in your voice and your being.

Access More of your Potential


Tune in to this journey to spend time meditating upon what you truly desire and honouring the invisible worlds as the wheel of the year turns.

These will be held on zoom which is less likely to cut out (as fb lives have a tendency to do).

Join any or all of them.

When you sign up on the form you’ll receive a daily email with the zoom link, times, and details and extra content about the goddesses.

I hope these sound healings can help you prepare for a Happy Christmas dear one!

12 Days of Christmas 2022 Sound Healing Schedule
20th December 2020 Introduction and Welcome

6 pm AEDT      21st December – Solstice – Awakening your Light

12 pm AEDT    22nd December - The Song of the Earth

12 pm AEDT    23rd December – Mother Mary – Purity and Wisdom

6 pm AEDT     24th December – Christmas Eve – The Song of Creation

25th December (REST DAY)

10 am AEDT   26th December – Tethys - Healing with the Ocean Mother

10 am AEDT   27th December – Strength with Green Tara

6 pm AEDT     28th December – Harmony in the Elements with Aphrodite

6 pm AEDT    29th December – Calling in Sacred Union with Mary Magdalene

10 am AEDT  30th December – Creating your Vision

10 am (TBC)  31st December - (NYE) portal meditation with Arianrhod, Celtic Star Goddess who takes us to her castle of stars to step us through the soul portal from 2022 to 202


10 am AEDT  1st January 2021 - Planting the Seeds of Rebirth with the Tree of Life and the Fertility Goddesses

Wednesday 4th January: Recordings and replays

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