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The Warrior Goddess Voice

Healing Power, Passion & Being Enough!

If you long to use your voice as a powerful call to action for others but hesitate to speak your truth...


If you long to master your intuitive voice but struggle with with confidence and authenticity...

If you are frustrated by needing to reach your ideal clients and create a consistent income but can't seem to get visible...

The truth is you NEED to make your VOICE a vibrational match for these things and it is BLOCKED!

 Your Soul Frequency MUST shine in your Voice to have the success you seek.

This unique curriculum offers tools from the Goddesses and a visionary voice coach to conquer the fears and doubts that hold you back from doing



The Goddess Voice Codes in this curriculum will guide you to fully step into your essence and presence and find your voice.


You will be guided through five powerful journeys to heal and activate strategic frequencies within you for confidence, self-belief, magnificence and fulfilment you long for.


In each Goddess Journey you will experience world class speaking, singing and feminine alignment skill sets that will allow you to practically set up your voice as a tool to catapult your visibility and purpose.

Rewrite Your Voice Story

Your voice reveals your vibration at a soul level.

Open the door to the Goddess Voice Codes to give yourself the power to release limiting beliefs so that you can speak and receive the life that awaits you. Let go of your old patterns so that you don’t recreate restricted self-expression dynamics from the past.


Chakra Voice Code #1: Arianrhod: Soul Keeper of Atlantis. Tune to your Purpose


Arianrhod’s Goddess Voice Code activates and aligns your voice with your soul. Your gifts have been set aside since ancient times for THIS LIFETIME. Arianrhod opens a pathway for your gifts and abundant inner soul resources to become part of your conversations and manifestations. She prepares your human self to be a more powerful container for your soul light.

She unlocks the inspiration factor in your communication, so you find yourself motivating and inspiring others to greater heights and success.


Goddess Voice Code #2: Gaia: Foundation: Reset Your Inner Compass to Confidence and Support


Gaia’s Goddess Voice Code will give you the power to move beyond your fears and ground your voice in a safe zone where you can attract your tribe who appreciate you and will happily spend their money with you. She shows you where you are blocked at the root cause level.

Gaia connects and protects you and allows your nervous system to become a conduit for divine energy rather than your human based fears. You will experience your voice as a magical gift of your body as a  temple for your voice rather than something that causes you disappointment and frustration.

Gaia connects you to Deep Belonging, the Infinite Love of Mother Earth and your Song of Creation.

Goddess Voice Code #3: Eve: Surrender and Feel your Creative Abundance


Eve’s Goddess Voice Code will give you the power to raise your feminine creative frequency. With Eve you can create anything you wish, ask for anything you want and say what you need.

The story of Eve is the story every woman must heal within her own being. Eve was a co-creator. She was the beginning. She was light and wisdom. She was the Source. As you are.

Every woman is gifted.

With Eve you resurrect your True Nature, your Source and heal Self- Judgement so you can flow with confidence, joy and personal power. You unlock the permission to be YOU, safeguard your boundaries and build your business to be a strong container, a garden of delight for your wants and needs.

Goddess Voice Code #4: Aphrodite: Connection Magic: The Secret Art of Radiating Confidence

With your magnetic frequency raised you’ll switch on your attractor energy so that you are visible to high quality clients. Aphrodite’s Goddess Voice Code will enable you to become seen and heard as your most radiant, feminine self—without dimming down your power—so that your clients will recognise you as the coach or healer that they are seeking and be inspired by your light. It allows you to easily reconcile selling with authenticity, so they are in balance.

Aphrodite harmonises and balances the masculine and feminine polarities within your voice so you can access both skill sets to bring a super sexy magnetic balance to your messaging

Chakra Voice Code #5: Song Healer Activate Your Expressive Power


Before the Goddess spoke, she sang. To fully express the frequency of the Goddess you must conquer your fear and honour your own innate ability to chant and tone…and sing if you are called.

Every woman can use her voice this way. It is your birthright.


This Voice Code is governed by your inner artist, your expressive light, your soul voice. It will enable you to become freely visible to speak your truth. Your authenticity on all levels manifests here and you become a super manifestor of your visions and intentions, unlocking the bottle neck of repression of your voice so that there is a divine flow of energy between your inner heaven and your inner earth, and your higher and lower chakras co-ordinate and work together. The pressure valve of your non-permission to be who you truly are is released with trust and confidence.

"Be the Goddess that you are.”

Arianrhod, Celtic Goddess of the Silver Star Wheel, inheritor of Atlantean wisdom, will guide us through the long hidden feminine elements of the Zodiac to unlock your purpose.

The Results:


You Heal Old Wounds


These Goddess Voice Codes will give you the power to release old pain and grief so that you can open up to giving and receiving love in all your communication.


You Find your Service


You’ll learn how not to hoard your gifts but share your true service.

In return you experience the generosity of the universe and all beings as you speak your truth from your heart.

These Goddesses prepare your sacred service and your courage to come together, rerouting your intuitive intelligences to be magnified by the strongest magnetic field in your body.


You Rewrite the Story of your Power


They give you the power to navigate the early stages of visibility as your core self and forge the bonds of lasting, lifelong, fulfilling clairvoyance and clear thinking.

You learn to have full access to your soul directives for the bigger picture of your life.


You Become more Intuitive, Imaginative and Inspirational


You can unlock the memories of your ancient clairvoyant abilities and lineages.

The masculine and feminine polarities of your brain speak to one another to bring about union and clarity in your mind, so your imagination is unleashed.


Your Creativity Flows 


If you have ever been restricted in your creative endeavours, connecting your soul purpose, your foundation, your creativity, your confidence and your heart to your voice will unleash a torrent of creative power in your business.



Heal your Lineage of Power

Journey with the Goddesses to re-open the DNA pathways to your heritage of female wisdom and intuition.

Your gifts will have been laying dormant for centuries. Waiting.  Now is the time to:

Heal the Voice of your True Nature

Freya: Goddess of Free Will

Connect your Voice to your Soul with Arianrhod

Arianrhod is The Goddess of the Silver Wheel, who gives safe passage for the soul through the star fields of the Zodiac.

Experience an ancient ritual to consecrate your voice as a vehicle for the divine and for your soul's purpose. Awaken Atlantis. Awaken your gifts.

Grounding with Gaia

Reconnect with

your deep belonging to

Mother Earth.

Know that you are completely loved. Know that you are enough and ground your journey.

EVE: Re-write your Story 

You ARE a Goddess.

Heal your doubt and shame and write the new story of your destiny.

Heal the divine feminine wound and re-experience your light.

Aphrodite: Find your Beauty

Harmonise your inner masculine and feminine and end the war within. Feel the waters of feminine intuition and wisdom. 

Song Healer

You have magic in your voice. Learn how to use it to heal. 

Your true self has a frequency and a vibration. Chanting and toning raise your awareness of this signature vibration and help to heal energy blocks. 


Chanting and toning means you can express your intuition more easily. They follow the same path of flow. All ancient cultures used the voice to heal and change reality. This wisdom disappeared with the Goddess. Discover its power again in YOU.


Chanting and toning means you can express your intuition more easily. They follow the same path of flow. All ancient cultures used the voice to heal and change reality. This wisdom disappeared with the Goddess. Discover its power again in YOU.

If your throat centre is blocked:

  • You get the shakes

  • You don't trust yourself

  • You procrastinate or sabotage your big visibility plans.

  • Your message is muddled, half baked or not in flow.

  • You hide your full potential, your truth and your light.

  • You are not making enough money from your work.

  • I know. I've been there too.

Perhaps you already find your intuitive insights are strong but not always flowing through to your voice.

Perhaps you sense your gifts and abilities but don't quite trust that you have that much magic and wisdom within you.

Perhaps you ask yourself "Who am I to be that powerful?"

Perhaps you long to tone, chant, invoke, heal, find your soul song and create magic with your voice?

Heal your throat centre and you find your unique blueprint for success.

Live Calls

Goddess Energy Immersions

Sound Healings

Group Singing, Toning and Chanting sessions 

Voice Skills

Confidence and Visibility Training 
Goddess Guidance Meditations 



FB Lives

A Supportive FB Group for the Journey

Dominique is a Healing Voice Channel for the Goddesses and Angelic Realms. Her live calls include Voice Activation Meditations with the Goddesses. Her directive is to awaken your inner Goddess qualities and to help you remember your lineage of light and power.


Many of us can trace our ancestry back to times where women were medicine women, herbalists, shamans, priestesses and more. We carry the power of this in our DNA.


The Goddess Voice Academy is a high frequency sanctuary where the Goddess Awakenings are a core part of your experience. Dominique’s internationally celebrated voice brings power and magic to the art of sound healing that is unequalled in its luminosity. Her voice reaches into your soul, mind and body to nurture your transformation. The vibration is the equilibrium that brings balance and accelerates your personal growth and intuitive abilities.

In the GVA you will earn the fundamental Goddess skills of toning, chanting and affirmations (commands of the sacred word once called spells) and how to blend them.

These are life skills that will change your frequency and your confidence irrevocably.

You will be an enchantress of your life.

This is for you if you wish to:

Deliver authority in your communication.

Accelerate the emergence of your gifts and purpose.

Access deeper levels of your intuition and healing ability.

Understand how to raise your feminine frequency 

Speak your truth with ease.

Heal your blocks

Find your Inner Warrior.

Know and use the strength of your voice.

Learn the Goddess Guidance System.

Monthly Astrology calls with Swati Kameswar

Find out more about your Star Sign and how it impacts your communication.

The Warrior  Goddess Voice


The Warrior  Goddess Voice

4x $197

My work is to connect you to the soul signature wisdom encoded in your voice, your unique gifts for leadership, healing and more, personal empowerment, creativity, the steps to overcoming fear blocks, communication skills, embodying your essence and claiming your purpose.

I offer breakthrough strategies that help you understand your voice as a pathway for transformation, motivation, inspiration, success and earnings.

I'm an intuitive coach, song healer, voice expert and award winning professional international singer.  For over 25 years I have performed throughout the world.

My coaching programs build the confidence and authenticity needed to empower your full potential or learn how to authentically serve and

inspire from the stage.

I am a life-long student of yoga, dance, sound healing, mythic history, 

body-language, spiritual healing and Steiner teaching.  I was raised in the

theatre and I am a mum to two boys.

                        I am in service to your divine voice.

Week 1 - 3:          Arianrhod

Week 4 - 6:          Gaia

Week 7 - 9:          Eve

Week 10 - 12:    Aphrodite

Week 1 - 12:       Song Healer Training

12 Weeks
6th January - 29th March

Call Times:​

Mondays: 60 Minute Goddess Theme Healings & Trainings 11 am AEDT

Sound/ Meditation and Transmissions

Thursdays: 60 Minute Song Healer Training 10 am AEDT

Chanting, Toning, Vocal Warm Ups & Q and A

 To Dominique Oyston and the Goddess Voice Academy, which is growing, blossoming, mushrooming into an amazing space of transformational power. It’s a wonderful, fun, dynamic group that’s going places, both individually and collectively. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

 It is so much more than I was expecting - and I get out of it so much more than I'd dared to hope. Dominique integrates many fields of knowledge in her voice work. Her teaching gifts shine in her live calls, and in her kind, encouraging and helpful feedback on the videos we posted in the Facebook group. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Dominique. I’m still very much a beginner, but already some things will never look (or sound) the same.

Alice Bulmer

Alice Bulmer Music

Teresa Fino

Vibrational Medicine Intuitive

To the divine goddess that is Dominique Oyston for her fabulous Goddess Voice Academy which she has lovingly crafted with passion and generosity of spirit. 


Her knowledge is truly deep and I am continually being WOW’ed and confronted each and every week. My voice has been released to be more visible and heard in the world, layer by layer, and it’s getting stronger by the day. I’m thrilled with the results.

I’m feeling a powerful energy rising up within me, propelling me forward, with a powerful voice to match it. 

A deep bow of gratitude to you Dominique for having the courage to heed the call to gather us for this vital work on the planet. 

Heidi Hosking

Awakened Parenting

To the wisest voice Goddess herself, Dominique Oyston!

I am only just getting started on her Goddess Voice Academy and already I am really just amazed at Dominique's wisdom and what I can learn from her (even when I had a gut feeling she'd be good..!).

I've been learning about the maiden voice and the mother voice within my business and so much ancient wisdom about the voice and femininity that is important for us all to know. It's far more than just speaking or singing.

And not to mention the toning which has been so great to have a reason to use my voice and for good reason.


I highly recommend joining the Goddess Voice Academy!!!

The Warrior Goddess Voice


The Warrior  Goddess Voice

4x $197