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Welcome Change-Makers to Chakra Voice.


You are here because you sense your voice is the key to lasting change and freedom. 


You know that change at an energetic level will make this so much easier and potent.

And you want strategic change that specifically impacts your voice.


Imagine taking your voice into each energy centre to anchor, ground and earth into that centre and have the benefits of that energy flow through into what you are expressing at ALL times.


Imagine being able to TAP INTO and DIRECT EVERYTHING that sits in your subconscious and unconscious that flows through your voice, to achieve success, call in your dream clients and properly monetise your business.


Imagine your communication being magnetic and easy.

Imagine showing up without the fear and the blocks in your throat. At last!


Imagine feeling energy move through you so you open and step forward instead of contract and retreat.


What flows through your voice is not just words. 

What comes through your voice comes from all parts of your body and being.

An Energetic Answer to Being Seen and Heard


Chakra Voice ensures the resonance and vibration produced through your words is in alignment with the energy of your unique chakra system and your core power and essence.


Chakra Voice helps give an extra depth to the words and communication that flow through your voice.


Chakra Voice gives you the tools to gain the full confidence of having your voice work for you and be 100% aligned and truthful in what you say.

When you align to the ACTUAL truth then you start to get the responses you are hoping for in your communication.


You are probably using 10% of what your voice could be and do.

Uncover your greater capacity to bring it into an alignment that actually serves your truth to create the life you really want.

Your voice starts to serve more powerfully without even having to change your words when you connect to the Chakra Voice Codes.

There is so much more to you that can tap into to direct your power and presence through your voice.

You do not need to let ancient fears stop you.

You can connect to the voice codes in the chakra system to make it easy.




Voice Codes

For Conscious Women to up level their Frequency, Intuition and Manifesting to Speak with Confidence and Create Extraordinary Presence and Impact